Adolphus Washington: I learned from my mistake

Getty Images

Bills defensive tackle Adolphus Washington spoke to reporters at the team’s training camp on Thursday and his recent arrest for improperly carrying a concealed weapon was the favored topic.

Washington is accused of reaching for and displaying a gun in front of police officers in the parking lot of a water park in Ohio and a video of the incident features an officer telling Washington that he’s lucky the situation didn’t escalate once he brandished the weapon. On Thursday, Washington said he was thankful things did not go that way and that he has “learned from my mistakes.”

“Probably just the environment that I go in,” Washington said, via the Buffalo News. “I’m young. Don’t make mistakes, just gotta learn from it.”

Bills coach Sean McDermott and General Manager Brandon Beane also expressed relief that no one was hurt during the incident and disappointment in Washington’s arrest, although they said the player has done a good job of communicating with them about what happened.

Washington pleaded not guilty to the charge and his attorney said he does not believe Washington committed any crime, something that Washington did not address while talking to the media.