Ben McAdoo motivates Giants with tale of the Hugh Hefner of lions

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The NFL doesn’t need erectile dysfunction commercials this season.

They just need Giants coach Ben McAdoo to recount his version of what was apparently quite a “Wild Kingdom.”

According to Steve Serby of the New York Post, the Giants coach decided to motivate his veteran players yesterday by telling them the story of Frasier, a randy old lion who may have gotten into the Viagra.

Give it a second (and wipe the coffee off your screen), and it begins to make (a little, although twisted kind of) sense.

As the story goes, Frasier the Lion was something of a celebrity, once described by Life Magazine as the “reigning sex simba” after he fathered 33 cubs in 16 months at a time when he was expected to retire.

“A lion in a Mexican circus, I believe it was the ’70s — ’72 maybe — and he was a little long in the tooth, and it was showing, and they felt he was washed up and they sent him north to California [Lion Country Safari], and the next thing you know, he was eating vitamins,” McAdoo said. “The lionesses were bringing him meat and wouldn’t eat until he was done eating. And was a lion that showed that he still had value, he still had worth. It just took him a little more time and effort to get himself ready.”

Oh. Of course.

I mean, I guess if you’re really open-minded, you could see the parallel to the Giants, considering 36-year-old quarterback Eli Manning is going to be on a pitch count during training camp.

Manning should probably keep an eye on the team’s trainers this summer, especially if they start offering him rare steaks and vitamins. Especially if those vitamins happen to be blue.

25 responses to “Ben McAdoo motivates Giants with tale of the Hugh Hefner of lions

  1. After reading this twisted analogy connecting the dots to Eli Bob McAdoo obviously has serious mental issues. Does he want Manning’s teammates to bring him lunch and wait until he’s finished eating lunch until they start? To think this guy gets paid 5m a year to sell his players on Fraiser the circus lion. And I thought Jerry Jones was crazy, go know.

  2. How does McAdoo even know about Frasier the lion? The only possible player this could apply too is Eli, but the fact that McAdoo is making this comment shows that Eli is sucking buttocks in camp. This is awesome because of how ridiculous it is. As a player, what do you even say to that? If your Eli what do you say to your teammates after that? “Sorry I can’t throw the long ball anymore guys, but I plan to keep playing and get a lot of women pregnant.”

  3. So, is McAdoo encouraging Giants’ players to go father 33 babies in 16 months? I want to eat what that lion was eating!

  4. A lion in a Mexican circus ..was a little long in the tooth, and it was showing ..they felt he was washed up ..they sent him north ..and the next thing you know, he was eating vitamins ..fathered 33 cubs in 16 months at a time when he was expected to retire.
    Dude, that wasn’t Fraser the Lion, you’re getting confused with Adrian Peterson the Child Beater. And they sent him south – though you’re right about it being to a Mexican circus.

  5. Who needs lion stories?
    Don’t Adrian Peterson and Cromartie have 33 kids between them?

  6. After Eli’s inauspicious beginning where he refused to sign with the Chargers I have always thought him to be a spoiled brat. He has shown the same crap on the field when he makes a mistake and then looks around at his teammates trying to find someone else to blame it on. That lion is dead meat!

  7. Not a good lesson, some might take it literally. Too many players have illegitimate kids spread across the country.

  8. Wow the series “The Leftovers” Just had the whole story of that explained on one of their final shows. Now MAcadoodle is trying to act like he is remembering a great story that helps his team in no way. He is a creepy coach all the way down to that creepy mustache.

  9. at last, an NFL story male fans–come to think of it, female fans, too, can grasp totally and incorporate themselves fully into;

    they needn’t find Master Luke now we’ve truly discovered how the Force runs in us and through us such that we can become one with the light sabre we fashion ourselves now we know how we will, ahem, rise as new Jedi to defeat the Dark Side of the Force(d Retirement);

    it would be very interesting to see the results of his scans and analysis should Frazier decide to donate his brain for study;

    somebody is sure to buy up boxes of vitamins, slap the likeness of Frazier on the sides of them and hire a retired NBA HOFer or son or daughter of a late heavyweight boxing champion to shill for them;

    i suppose after 33 rpms in so short but glorious time one could call them Frasier’s LPs, but alas, i digress;

  10. jjackwagon says:
    Jul 28, 2017 8:34 AM
    Hugh Hefner played for the Lions? What year was that? What position did he play?

    Tight End 😉

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