Damontre Moore suspended two games

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The Cowboys are waiting for word on possible discipline for running back Ezekiel Elliott, but they’re padding their lead in suspensions since 2014 even if Elliott avoids the long arm of the league office.

The NFL announced on Friday that defensive end Damontre Moore has been suspended two games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. He will be able to play in the preseason and practice with the team until the week leading up to the season opener.

Moore was arrested for DWI while with the Seahawks last December to trigger the suspension. He signed with the Cowboys this offseason and coach Jason Garrett said that he feels Moore, who had issues with teammates while with the Giants, has matured over the course of his career.

Defensive end David Irving will miss the first four games of the year due to a suspension and defensive end Randy Gregory is suspended for at least one year. Cornerback Nolan Carroll was arrested for DWI this offseason and may also land on the suspended list as a result.

10 responses to “Damontre Moore suspended two games

  1. You know, it doesn’t really count as a “Dallas suspension” if the action occurred while the player was on ANOTHER team. Just as with Greg Hardy, the reason Dallas is getting these players for less than their seeming football market value is because it is known that there is a likely suspension in the future of these players. In other words, Dallas signed more likely expecting that he would be roughly a 14 game player, and Moore’s signing leverage was affected by that expectation as well. This is completely different from a player being involved in a suspendable action while on a team; that is a potential sign of a problem with team culture.

  2. Total idiot and selfish player. What were the Dallas writers raving
    about? How this guy has seen the light and turned over a new leaf.
    …..well I do agree he apparently has been turning over a few leaves.
    or perhaps buds.

  3. The first poster’s whole concept of his post is flawed.

    The article lists numerous players that are currently Cowboys that are either already suspended or facing suspension and then they knowingly sign another player that will be suspended…and you think Moore’s issue was a team culture issue? What was the problem in New York? Too many people actually following the law?

    Hello, this is like out of the frying pan and into the fire. You mean to tell me that the Cowboys current situation shows good team culture?

  4. Hopefully, Moore realizes this is his last chance.

    He was cut by the Giants for getting into a dumb fight with a teammate over not getting Beats headphones–and that wasn’t his first locker room issue.

    Then bounced around to a few other teams before the Cowboys. And now this suspension. He hasn’t had a 15 sack season to get himself more leeway on stuff on like this.

  5. Hey Florio, maybe it’s time to bring back Turd Watch, but instead of monitoring the entire NFL, you can just follow the Cowboys. They’ll give you enough content.

  6. I’m sure Jerruh can’t wait to sign Rae Carruth once he gets out of prison. He’d fit right in with half the guys on the Cowboys.

  7. Saying they get the guys cheap knowing they’d be suspended doesn’t make the Cowboys look better but worse.

    It’s one thing to be with someone and she cheats/robs you blind. It’s quite another to decide to be with someone when you KNOW AND EXPECT them to cheat/rob you blind.

    Who’s the idiot – guy one who makes a mistake in judgement of character or guy 2 who KNOWINGLY chooses the one with poor character.

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