Even after adding camp arm, Ravens could still sign Kaepernick


On Thursday, Ravens coach John Harbaugh suggested that the team could sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick. And then the Ravens signed a player no one has heard from a team no one has heard of in a league no one has heard of.

On Friday, the brother of Kaepernick’s former coach in San Francisco confirmed that the door remains open for the free agent.

It has to do with our need,” Harbaugh said Friday, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com. “Joe [Flacco] is day-to-day. Do we really need to make that move or not? That’s the decision that really has to be made. I think there are a lot of layers to it, just from a football standpoint.”

Although many would say Kaepernick would be an instant upgrade over backup Ryan Mallett, Harbaugh seems to be committed to the one-time (for not a very long time) Texans starter.

“We like Ryan Mallett as the backup quarterback and he fits the offense,” Harbaugh said. “You just got to figure all that stuff out and see what’s best for your team. . . . [Kaepernick’s] body of work speaks for itself. From what I understand, he tells me he’s in first-rate shape and he’s been throwing. We’ll see how it plays out.”

It’s safe to assume that Kaepernick wasn’t offered the “camp arm” gig because he wouldn’t have accepted a minimum-salary deal and bottom-of-roster status. But it’s unclear whether the offer was made, and whether it would have been accepted.

13 responses to “Even after adding camp arm, Ravens could still sign Kaepernick

  1. Funny how you’re not upset over RG3 barely getting a sniff, either. You didn’t say anything about him before the Chargers worked him out, Florio.

    Gee, I wonder why….

  2. The Ravens didn’t sign Kaepernick because they didn’t want a QB controversy. Kaep would lead this team to more wins than “Elite” Joe.

  3. Wow – what on earth is with the obsession? Training camps are open – there is PLENTY to write about, other than this same dead topic…

  4. I will offer a quote from Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park:

    “…they were too worried about whether they could they didn’t stop to ask themselves if they should.”

    Sure, the Ravens COULD sign Kneelpernick but SHOULD they?

    A million times no. They’ve been talking to him all summer and a deal hasn’t been done yet. That makes it seem to be Kaep isn’t interested in being a back up for back up money. He doesn’t fit the system. He’s not all that good. He lost his job to Blaine Gabbert.

  5. Kaepernick has as much chance of making an NFL roster as Donald Trump has of becoming president.

  6. If an NFL team signs an arena league QB is your career over?

    And if so will a certain website dedicated to NFL news stop reporting about said QB?

  7. Kap going to the Ravens:
    Great news!! I am going to watch every game. I was thinking about shunning football for the rest of my life. NOW, I’m back Babe. And I’m right there with you Kap.

  8. No one willing to address the fact that black players in the league are deliberately undermining white QBs (on their own team or another team) to make Squid look better. Also giving Squid all the help they can without being too obvious about it.

    It’s a serious problem, and the main reason that the 49ers turfed the coaching staff and all their QBs last season. Jed York knew what was happening, a lot of other people around the league as well.

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