Mychal Kendricks asked for a trade early this year

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There were reports over the course of the offseason that the Eagles might trade linebacker Mychal Kendricks, but nothing ever came of it and Kendricks is in camp with the team this summer.

On Friday, Kendricks said that the initial push to look into a trade came from him. Kendricks asked the team to move him or, failing that, release him after seeing his playing time drop after the change in coaches from Chip Kelly to Doug Pederson. Kendricks said the team had a different plan, however.

“I asked for a trade, for sure,” Kendricks said, via “Their response was, ‘You’re young and you’re talented and we’re not into that.’ I took it like that. … It’s as simple as that. It’s cut and dry. That’s the business. It’s just like that you that. You tell them what you want, they either do it or they don’t, and you’re in the contract you signed. And that’s it.”

Kendricks signed a five-year deal with the team in 2015 and said he’d “plead the fifth” when asked if he regrets doing that given what’s happened to his role after the change of coaches and defensive schemes. He added that he’s not unhappy to be in Philadelphia because he respects “these guys and the guys I work with every day.”

Still, it sounds like Kendricks wouldn’t mind if the Eagles changed their mind or if someone made them an offer that convinced them to ship the linebacker out of town.

8 responses to “Mychal Kendricks asked for a trade early this year

  1. Great player in a different scheme. He’s worth a 4-5 round pick easily. Good Luck Mychal

  2. Well his brother plays for the Vikings and they just so happen to have an opening to start at LB following Chad Greenway’s retirement.

  3. Unfortunately, I’m an Eagles fan, so I’ve watched every snap he’s played as a pro.

    Kendricks is a fast guy with instincts, but not a lot of discipline or technique. He’s a fantastic blitzer but is suspect as an every-down linebacker and in coverage.

    In Chip/Billy Davis’ “scheme” (if you want to be nice enough to call it that), he played well because they allowed him to rush the passer every now and then and take advantage of his skill set.

    Jim Schwartz only sent on him a blitz a few times last year, as he prefers to get pressure with his front four. Because of this, he’s become surplus parts- not on the nickle package, mediocre in the base D.

    I like Kendricks, but a trade would be best for everyone. Send him to a blitz-happy D and he’ll succeed.

  4. I agree he’d be best suited in a different scheme, but we need depth at lb. Us eagle fans have seen what weak lb depth can do to our D. He’s a great insurance policy for 1 more yr. No more Casey matthews-type backups for me.

  5. Sorry dude, we will change the defense to accommodate your “run really fast in a straight line and barely have to make an effort to tackle” style of play.

    Unbelievably athletic. Zero football instincts. I mean horrible. Shoddy tackler. Your job at WILL is to make plays in open space and you can’t do that? Maybe you need to look at yourself dude.

    Eagles aren’t trading you because YOU lowered YOUR value.

  6. Expected big things going back to a 4-3 last year and he disappointed. And that’s understating it…

    He reminds me of Taylor Mays. Runs really fast in a straight line, terrible hips and tackling skills.

  7. Kendricks had a fantastic first year, maybe two.

    But he has declined very consistently since.

    Overpursues – can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a MIKE wave him away from the middle and Kendricks goes into the middle anyways.

  8. both mike and the eagles know they have been shopping him all offseason. thus far, no offers that outweigh his value as the third lb in a scheme that replaces him when they go nickel.

    he is overpaid for his usefulness to the team, but since they already gave him the signing bonus, what they are paying him this year 4.8M is also what they would write off in dead money if they cut him. it seems no one will trade for his contract and also give the eagles something in return.

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