Report: Roger Goodell hasn’t been involved in Ezekiel Elliott case

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As the football-following world waits for a ruling from the league office on the long-lingering Ezekiel Elliott investigation, an interesting wrinkle has emerged regarding the internal dynamics.

Commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly has had no involvement in the matter.

Via Dom Cosentino of, “Goodell has distanced himself so much from this case that he hasn’t even been present for any of the disciplinary hearings involving Elliott.”

It’s unclear how many actual hearings have occurred regarding Elliott, but the league usually imposes discipline under the Personal Conduct Policy only after the player has met with the Commissioner. If Elliott has not yet met with the Commissioner and if Elliott receives a suspension, that will be odd, to say the least.

The report from Cosentino is consistent with information PFT consistently obtained during the 2016 season as to the investigation, with a source explaining on multiple occasions that the investigation was being handled exclusively by chief league investigator Lisa Friel and NFL COO Tod Leiweke.

The implication of this new report is clear — Goodell, if he’s indeed keeping away from the Elliott case, may be trying to avoid any blame for the final outcome. Owner Jerry Jones repeatedly has reiterated his belief that no domestic violence occurred, and he reportedly accosted Friel last year over the issue.

Some believe Jones has made it clear that he won’t go along quietly if the league suspends Elliott, and Jones already has made it clear in a separate context that he wants all owners to be involved in determining the Commissioner’s compensation, with the goal of reducing it. Jones could attempt to advance this crusade, or possibly try to reduce the Commissioner’s pay to zero dollars plus benefits, if Jones believes that Goodell is responsible for the decision.

Common sense suggests that he is, regardless of whether Goodell personally makes the decision or has any role in it at all. So even if Goodell is laying low in the hopes of avoiding Jerry’s wrath, the nuance may not matter to Jones if/when the outcome causes him to take on 345 Park Avenue.

40 responses to “Report: Roger Goodell hasn’t been involved in Ezekiel Elliott case

  1. Judging by the way things are going in that dumpster fire elliott may be the only one not suspended on that low class team

  2. It’s probably much simpler, like Goodell tried to go through a revolving door and has been trapped inside ever since.

  3. If goodell doesn’t suspend Ezekiel for being generally aware of whatever he did, he might as well leave foxborough in a hearse opening night

  4. Coming up with the next BS scandal to frame the Patriots for is probably taking up all of his time. He can’t be distracted by little minutiae like actually running the league.

  5. But Jerrah thought Goodell was fair and did a great job suspending Tom Brady in 2016.
    Stories like this will make the upcoming Cowboy 6-10 season that more enjoyable!

  6. Jerrah isn’t going to be mollified by any type of fall guy argument which leads to the conclusion Roger’s supposed distance from the minefield isn’t for Jones’ benefit but intended to be a sop for the other owners after the debacle of Brady’s arbitration hearing transcript getting out. The very idea that Goodell is not in the loop on anything this high profile is ridiculous.

  7. Given the way he has handled discipline the last few years, which includes being called a liar by a Federal judge, the owners likely told him to sit this one out.

  8. Roger should leave all of Jerry’s kids alone. Do we really want another Goodell issue?

  9. I don’t care if Barney Frank is running the investigation, whomever it is, Zeke aint getting suspended, period. Oh btw, just Google Lisa Friel and see how she handled the churches as lead prosecuter in nyc–she has botched this thing from the beginning hoping that Zeke slips and she can drop a hammer on him, what a biased and despicable human being.

  10. Good…
    That must mean that Roger Goodell has been busy trying to salvage the integrity of the game while also demonstrating transparency by completing the over due press release which will finally show NFL fans the results of the PSI study that was performed during the 2015 NFL season.

  11. ariani1985 says:
    Jul 28, 2017 6:48 PM

    tom walks out on his ex wife for an ugly anteater! give him 4games!


    Yikes….gossip is even more pathetic when someone does it on a football site.

  12. He has been too busy trying to make up the lost advertising revenue from last year.

    Yes, they had to re-fund some money to advertisers because viewership declined.

    Thanks Kap! You cost us a bundle.

    Signed, Roger

  13. Still waiting for that Dez Walmart video from a year and a half ago you were all excited about.

  14. factpurveyor says:

    That must mean that Roger Goodell has been busy trying to salvage the integrity of the game while also demonstrating transparency by completing the over due press release which will finally show NFL fans the results of the PSI study that was performed during the 2015 NFL season.

    The Deflator agrees.

  15. “Jerry Jones repeatedly has reiterated his belief that no domestic violence occurred”

    Um, yeah. Robert Kraft let his opinion on DelfateGate be known and look how much weight that carried.

    I told you all during DeflateGate, when everyone was laughing at Brady/Pats over getting railroaded by King Roger that this would come back to bite your team eventually.

    Pats got 2 Superbowl rings and probably a 3rd this season despite Roger the Clown. Will your team fair so well?

  16. Stories like this just provide further evidence how much of a bag job framegate was. Certain owners control Goodell, and Goodell will do whatever it takes to hold onto his job. And those who refuse to admit that are either living under a rock, lying to themselves, or just plain stupid.

  17. Goodell senses that handing out a suspension here chances a public embarrassment. I suspect Zeke will get 2. He’ll appeal and win since there’s nothing really there, just a crazy ex girlfriend and a bunch of stupid mistakes from an immature dude. The one thing that could have landed him in trouble, the victim “mysteriously” claimed up. I’m a cowboys fan but a realist. I still think they go 11-5 and win the east this season. 1

  18. I bet Jerry has a vault with videos containing dirt on everybody.

    Probably tons of videos he purchased off people of his players doing things.

  19. I love football as much as the next guy but I find it really pathetic that people can harbor so much hatred for a football team get a life losers I mean really how sad and miniscule your lives must be to waste so much time on your jealousy of the cowboys

  20. Is there any article Patriot fans won’t chime in on to make it about themselves? It seems almost every other article they overtake and start their complaining. I can’t wait til Brady retires and the Patriots come crashing back down. Got a feeling a lot of screen names on here might get dropped in favor of the next good team that pops up

  21. This may be an attempt to repeat the fudged Brady ruling. Under the CBA, Goodell can act as an arbitrator, but under the CBA only Goodell can impose suspensions under the personal conduct policy. Before Brady’s case he’d never before tried to be both judge AND arbitrator but instead had followed the league’s long standing protocol of stepping aside for a 3rd-party arbitrator if the Commish himself had imposed the original ruling.

    That’s why for Brady’s ruling he got Troy Vincent to sign the letter suspending Brady, so he could say he didn’t do the suspending and so he could arbitrate it. This enabled him to “arbitrate” and railroad Brady – trouble is, Troy Vincent isn’t the Commish and so shouldn’t (in the CBA) be able to suspend Brady under personal conduct policy.

    Goodell got around this by fudging (i.e. lying) that he hadn’t been involved in Vincent’s determinations of guilt but concurred with and authorized that decision – and so because he hadn’t “really been involved” he could still arbitrate it!! What the 2nd court decided (in a split decision) was that protocol be damned, the CBA legally isn’t worded quite carefully enough to stop Goodell being judge and jury in this obviously underhand and uber-fudged fashion.

  22. If Goodall doesn’t show up to foxborough this fall I will protest the season.

    I can’t wait to see you opening night Rodger. Don’t disappoint me

  23. Goodell is showing integrity by behaving this, because he’s incapable of not acting with integrity. When he took different actions with Ray Rice and Josh Brown and when he does something else for the next player who gets in trouble, those are also examples of integrity.

  24. Aught oh. Here comes the fanboys that believe that Goodell owns the NFL and the Owners have no say in any of his decisions. LOL!

  25. Of coarse he is not involved like he is in other cases. Jerry won’t let him be. This is America’s team. This is totally different. This is Jerry!

  26. Roger Goodell is very good at what he does. That’s why he’s made over $200 million as commissioner. The NFL product is the best it’s ever been. It’s not just about having a great product on the field. Everyone is attracted to the NFL, in one way or another. The competition is awesome. The skill level is great. The technology involved in replay is the best ever. There is Fantasy Football that everyone seems to be playing (men, women, kids). And he also gives the whiners and cry babies something to cry about. Don’t discount that. Lots of grown men like to whine. Goodell realizes that, and makes money off it. The owners realize it too. They love Roger, and they love the cry babies. Their money is good money too.

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