Seahawks to sign Marcus Smith

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Things never worked out for Marcus Smith with the Eagles after they made him a first-round pick in 2014, but the Seahawks hope they can have more luck.

According to multiple reports, the Seahawks will sign Smith as a free agent. Smith, who had a roster bonus of just under $600,000 due under his rookie deal, cleared waivers after being cut by the Eagles earlier this week.

Smith saw time at both outside linebacker and defensive end for the Eagles, but will likely be ticketed for a spot on the defensive line in Seattle. Smith played 37 games without making a start in Philly and recorded 4.5 sacks.

Smith will join another first-round flop in trying to turn his career around with the Seahawks as Seattle signed former Dolphin Dion Jordan, the third overall pick in 2013, earlier in the offseason.

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  1. Hopefully Seattle can use him properly. Smith’s stats trended up once he was playing with his hand in the dirt again, which is how he played at Louisville. Trying to force him into a linebacker mold was a bad fit and a bad call by the Eagles.

  2. No real downside to the signing, with such a low price tag I was surprised he cleared waivers.

  3. I’m not going to pretend that Seattle is at the same level as NE, or that Pete has the same ability as Bill to turn guys around, but sometimes taking a guy out of the bottom of the barrel and giving him a chance to fight for a spot near the top can motivate him to reach his potential in a quick way. Best of luck.

  4. I loved it when Wilson threw the losing interception in the SB and the Seahawks started acting like a bunch of petulant children. Did you guys see the slow-mo of Sherman breaking into tears? That was funny. Or when Irvin and Bennett ganged up on Gronk only to both get body slammed by him and ejected from the game? That was even funnier.

  5. Smith’s ability to play in Seattle’s D as opposed to Philly’s is whatever it is.

    But what bothered me more about this kid was the many ways in which he showed signs of not getting what it meant to be a pro.

    Only the most recent incident: he actually told the press that he “didn’t think it was a big deal” for him to miss OTAs after having missed them completely, and without contacting the team.

    Good luck motivating him, Pete.

  6. I love it. Anyone remember Chris Clemons? got him in a trade from philly plus a 4th round pick for Daryl Tapp. Clem came in to seattle and proceeded to get 11 sacks 3 years in a row and dominate.

    Low risk high upside signing. Bring him in to compete and see what happens.

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