Odell Beckham: NFL stars deserve what NBA stars get

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Giants receiver Odell Beckham says his ambition to be the highest-paid player in the NFL isn’t only about himself. It’s also about overturning the salary structure of the NFL.

Beckham said he’d like to see the top NFL stars make comparable salaries to the top stars in the NBA, where Stephen Curry recently signed a deal that guarantees him $40 million a year.

“You want to change the game,” Beckham said. “You watch people in the NBA, and it’s crazy what they get. There are people in the NFL who deserve that. I just want to be at the forefront, help push the league, the game that way, because I feel like the players deserve it.”

The problem for Beckham, however, is that NFL players are slicing the pie in smaller pieces. The New York Giants’ total payroll is greater than the Golden State Warriors’ total payroll, but the Giants are splitting their pay among 53 players, while the Warriors are splitting their pay among 15 players.

That simple fact makes it unlikely that the highest-paid NFL players will ever approach the salaries of the highest-paid NBA players. The flip side is, there are a lot more high-paying jobs available to you if you’re a professional football player than there are if you’re a professional basketball player. That’s a good thing for the middle-of-the-roster guys in the NFL: If you’re the 1,000th best football player in America, you’re making a million-dollar salary in the NFL. If you’re the 1,000th best basketball player in America, you’re not good enough to make it in the NBA.

But Beckham, who’s a lot better than No. 1,000, is more interested in what the superstars make. And on that count, he falls far short of his colleagues in the NBA.

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  1. You, Ma’am, OdelphIA Beckham, are no Steph Curry.

    He leads by example.

    He out practices everyone.

    He accepts blame even if he isn’t the one having the problem.

    You aren’t even good enough to be one of Steph’s discarded body hairs.

  2. Hey Odell, tell your union boss that. Better yet, find out who’s running the NBA player’s union, and offer him more money to run the NFLPA. The union reps work for you. You’re the boss, big man. Put your money where your mouth is.

  3. How selfless of him. He is a true Profile in Courage.

    And if anyone is interested in purchasing the Brooklyn Bridge, please let me know.

  4. If NFL “stars” get as much as NBA stars, then how much is left over for the other players on the roster? So linemen and other grunts get by on peanuts while the “Stars” break the bank. There are more than 36 more players on an NFL roster. What about the average guy? The players already get 55% of the revenue. How much more can they wring out of the owners, another 5% tops. That isn’t going to pay the “Stars” like the NBA does. There are only 16 regular season games, compared to 82 in the NBA. Where is that money going to come from?

  5. None of these guys deserve anywhere near what they are making. the american public is amazingly clueless. I love it when a stooge pays big money to see LeBaby and he decides to take the night off

  6. Translation: I deserve NBA money because I probably have statues and paintings of myself in home.

  7. Hmm, ODB wants to get paid like Steph Curry ($40M), let’s see the NYG defense line as a whole makes $43M. The total cap for 2017 is $144M. That doesn’t leave a lot of money.

    I guess in order for NFL players to get more money, we would have to re-shape the game to 7 man teams.

    One QB, one RB, three O-line guys, and two WR’s. And then everybody plays both offense/defense.

    It could work. We could call it the NFLL – National Football Lite League.

    Sponsorship would be endless.

  8. “The problem for Beckham, however, …..”

    Thats obviously a typo. If you think that OBJ has a “problem” then you arent paying too much attention

    Long live #13….may you eventually reach the heights of #56.

  9. It’s not gonna happen, Odell. The economics aren’t going to line up in your favor. There are a hell of a lot more players on an NFL team than there are on an NBA team, so the pool of money is spread more widely. (Not that the owners are hurting for money, but reality says that NFL owners aren’t going to pony up NBA money to football players. It’s just not in the cards.) There may occasionally be the one-off kind of scenario where somebody like an Aaron Rodgers or even an Odell Beckham gets a huge NBA-like contract, but those will be anomalies. Otherwise, NFL salaries will never match those of the NBA. It’s that simple. Get used to it. If you don’t like it, then go play pro basketball.

  10. There will come a time very soon when the Giants will wish they had drafted Jarvis Landry instead of OBJ

  11. Beckham is economically illiterate. You can’t pay players $40 million guaranteed a year and also field a competitive 53 man team.

  12. NFL star play 1/5 of then games NBA players play in those games the play less than half the time and contribute to the team only 15% of that time . and you are just a hotdog that dogs it half the time. so no you don’t

  13. Beckham’s point makes more sense if you judge it based on guaranteed money. NBA and MLB contracts are fully paid – if you sign for $100 million, you GET $100M. In the NFL, you can sign for $100M, but only $40M of it is “guaranteed” – compared to basketball and baseball, you only signed a $40M contract.

  14. Someone send him to an economics class…
    Basketball – what is it 80 games?
    Baseball – 180 games?

    Sorry, don’t follow those other sports so am not sure of the number of games, but each games rakes in a ton of money.

    Football is the best game based on strategy, etc., and that is why I love it.

    Go play baseball if you want to make ridiculous money!

  15. Focus on being a role model and you’ll make a ton in endorsements. He should know that – he already makes 5-6 million a year from Nike.

  16. Can this guy just keep his mouth shut. He’s already displayed a pattern of childish behavior with his temper tantrums. Now he’s displaying how clueless he is. I’m sure the rest of the players on his team would not be happy with him making $40M which means everyone else would have to take less. If they think it’s such a tragedy to not be making $40M then he should get a real job in the offseason so he can see how lucky he is to be paid more in one year than most people will ever make in their lifetime.

  17. Just one time, I’d like to feel like these guys are coming from a educated and mature stance. Instead, they come across as angry 4th graders.

  18. It’s basic math.

    At the gate, NFL teams make $40 million on average.

    At the gate, NBA teams make $70 million on average.

    NBA players play 82 games and can play 100+ including preseason and playoffs.

    NFL players play at max 22-23 games a year including 1-2 series in 3 preseason games.

    NFL players are worth less to advertisers since you guys wear masks.

    NFL players aren’t going to make more money because fans are already pissed at governments spending $900 million on a stadium thats opened at best 20 days a year. Fans are watching less football. And networks way overspent on NFL TV rights and are laying people off because of it.

    NFL players should be making less, not more.

  19. NFL need to stop looking at NBA players and looking at the NFLPA.

    If NFL players want higher salaries/more income, they need to complete restructure what they have right now.

    The problem with NFL players is that 1) They have absolutely zero leverage because the public will always blindly side with the owners over the players (Billionaires are more sympathetic figures than millionaires) and 2) A large majority of players live check-to-check and will accept any deal that keeps the bills paid.

    NFLPA needs to look into changing the 3 year in college rule, (Way too much damage on your body), change rookie contracts to be 1 year, 1 team option year before RFA and shorten contracts to maximum of 3 years so they have multiple chances to restructure their deal according to their play.

  20. Says the self-proclaimed “superstar who has zero Super Bowl rings…until he helps his team get one,he’s not even in the same zip code as a Steph Curry.

  21. I never understand why common folk get so bent out of shape about athletes salaries.

    These guys have developed a talent that has put them in the top 0.5% of individuals within in their field. They have seperated themselves from anyone else and they work for a company that has income of several BILLIONS of dollars.

    If you a plummer in the top .5% of the world and you happened to work for a company that generates billions, you should look to possibly make the most amount of money possible.

    I get these atheltes don’t look like you and that may cause you to be less empathetic, but the athletes are doing the exact same as any business owners, which is looking to make the most possible money for their production.

    This is how capitalism works. You are worth what someone is willing to pay you based on their evaluation of your talent…if you don’t want athletes to make millions, go live in a communist country where wages are determined for you, not by your actual value of what you do.

  22. Like a lot of people nowadays OBJ is EXTREMELY full of himself. Ive always been very put off by narcissim, but these days society at-large seems to consider it a real virtue. Its disgusting

  23. Not only is the roster so much bigger in the NFL, but player impact is far different. In the NBA, you put 2 stars on a team and they are contenders even if the rest stinks.

    Look at how easy it was for Lebron to win in Cleveland. Star players now control the NBA, not GM’s or even owners. A star player just recruits another star to play with him and that’s it. Instant winner.

    Football doesn’t work like that. Look at Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson in Detroit. Both arguably the best ever at their positions and Detroit never came close to winning a Super Bowl with either one.

    NBA has become an individual sport but NFL is a team sport. No one player is worth that much in the NFL.

  24. Just remember the brave pioneer who started all this…

    He’d be doing his fellow football peers a disservice for not demanding every possible penny…

    Thank You …. Captain Kirk Cousins …. Every NFL negotiation begins at minimum the average value of 2 franchise tags …. no matter if you’re the best player and deserve it or not …. Captain Kirk has made $44 million in 2 years …. every other player would be a fool to not use this strategy…

  25. 82 games + up to 28 potential playoff games (4-3 for four series) for up to 15 players on a team.


    16 games and up to 4 playoff games for 53 players on a team.

    So 110/15 vs 20/53. So 7.333 vs 0.377

    7.333/0.377= 19.45

    So NBA players per roster spot per game contribute 19.45x what a NFL player per roster spot per game.

    Of course this is an average and not what a top end guy makes, but what it shows is, that for what top end NFL players get, they actually ARE already getting paid more per game then NBA players.

    Another, simpler way to look at it.

    40.2 million per year/110 games for Steph Curry =365k per game.

    If Odell Beckham made 40.2 million, he’d be making (20 games) over TWO MILLION per game.

    Somehow to OBJ 2 million a game = 365k per game.

    Right now, anyone making over 365k per game in the NFL is making what Steph Curry got. So that’s 7.3 million per year.

    40.2 million in the NBA equates to 7.3 million in the NFL.

    Also NBA players play both ways. Offense, Defense, and no special teams. Odell Beckham only plays offense. So he’s not even playing half the time of a game, even if he plays every offensive staff.

    Steph Curry has played an average of 34.7 mpg which is 72.2% of the gametime.

    Beckham plays what 30-40 percent of gametime? So really top NFL players are making more when considering that.

    So the NBA has far more games and far less players to divide it’s spoils and yet the top end guys actually make LESS then NFL top end players. ALREADY.

    But what’s reality got to do with an idiot NFL player who doesn’t think about facts but instead FEELS he DESERVES to be paid more. Guess what, if the Giants sign you for 20 million, you’ll be making about 3x per game MORE then Steph Curry.

    Pretty funny that OBJ would probably turn up his nose and complain about not getting paid enough if the Giants throw out a figure of 20 million where he’d get paid 3x more.

  26. Hey Odell, here is a deal for you. If you’re willing to play 82 games a year, you too can earn what NBA players earn.

  27. Beckham is clueless, he really is. The NFL players get paid very well for what they do. I don’t care how hard they think they work or how tough that sport is. And I don’t care how short their careers are, either.
    Beckham needs a dose of reality. Let him go work with people in other professions — who pay his salary, by the way — and he’ll find out how ridiculous he sounds.
    Beckham is a good player, no doubt. But the fact is, his record setting stats in his first three years don’t mean much because the stats for WR’s and QB’s are so greatly enhanced by the rules today. And — he sure didn’t look so great in the playoffs, did he?
    Comparing the NBA is comparing apples and oranges. One has nothing to do with the other. Maybe Beckham ought to compare what he and other NFL players make compared to hockey players, for instance. He’d see that he and his fellow NFL players are doing just fine.

  28. randomcommenter says:
    Jul 29, 2017 3:30 PM

    Football doesn’t work like that. Look at Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson in Detroit. Both arguably the best ever at their positions and Detroit never came close to winning a Super Bowl with either one.


    Who ever claimed that Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson were the “best ever” at their positions?

  29. To be fair, NBA Players play 82 games a year. So, Curry–at $40M–averages 487,804.88 a game (rounded). At 16 games, he’d make $7.805M (rounded). I understand the differences in the types of games–that’s not what I’m saying–it’s just you gotta consider all the money that each team makes in 41 games (especially a good one). There’s more money to give.

  30. Pay the man!
    Curry makes $500K per game. Okay, Odell, if you insist, you can too!

    Your $8 Million check is in the mail! The NYGs thank you!

    You may want to take some of that money and buy a plane ticket, to have a sit down with Stephen Hawking.
    He could learn a thing or two from you!

  31. Obviously I’m a Pats fan. Most Patriots take less money to be a part of something special. Even Moss took less and was a defensive series blunder away from a ring. Players on this team today think about winning, not about “where’s my money…. I want to be the highest paid player bla bla bla”

    That’s the guy you don’t want on your team. I’m not 100% sure but Larry Fitz and Megatron never said that. They were 2 of the best in the league.
    You know who else didn’t say that? Edelman, Gronk, Hogan, Amendola etc. They don’t get paid in the upper teir but they win rings for themselves and their fans……. and please don’t tell me Edelman isn’t as clutch because he catches with 2 hands 👐🏼

  32. NBA sells tickets to 82 games with a roster of 12 active vs. NFL sells tickets to 16 games with a roster of 53 players active. I think Mr. Beckham did take any classes more intellectually strenuous than maybe football theory 101 at LSU (certainly not an academic powerhouse)

  33. Even the last guy on the bench in the NBA is making millions (mostly for being a cheerleader). The only people who can afford to buy tickets to the games are the wealthy. That’s what professional sports has turned into. That $3 nosebleed seat that I used to be able to buy at the Lakers games as a teenager in the ’60s are now a minimum of $75. I’m surprised anyone goes to the games at all. You can watch whatever game you want on TV for a fraction of the price.

  34. Can you imagine the score of NFL games if today’s offensive side of the ball had to play defense as well. And to boot lets not get crazy and say the 16 game season would go to 82. Lets go with 41 games a season. Hmmm.

  35. How many of these players that complain about not being paid enough actually get a real job in the off-season to supplement their minuscule incomes? My guess is not many. Wonder why? Aversion to actual work? Digs in to strip clubbin’ time? No offense to the guys that do stuff like charity work, etc but the lack of intelligence in some of these clowns as well as their inability to appreciate how good they really have it is staggering.

  36. Players already get 51% of profits. There’s 53 man rosters bigger coaching staffs and way less games and bball is way more popular worldwide.

  37. Not as good as he thinks he is. The truly great never have to talk about themselves. In a market like nyc he should have no problem making bank off the field. Unless…

  38. OK Everyone. Here is the simple math. Regular season only. Does not include Pre-season, Playoffs , TV contract, advertising, concessions and licensing revenue. Stats from 2015.

    NFL – Avg Attendance 68,400
    NBA – 17,000

    NFL Home games – 8
    NBA Home Games – 41

    NFL Roster – 53
    NBA Roster – 15

    NFL Ticket Income – $48M
    NBA Ticket Income – $39.8M

    NFL Attendance Income/player – $905,00
    NBA Attendance Income/Player – $2,653,000.

    Without including the aforementioned income streams, NFL players are already starting into a profession that has only 34% of the income that the NBA players just from the gate.

    Should have played basketball!

  39. A sensible mathematical comparison of NFL and NBA rosters from an economic standpoint here at PFT, that may be a sign of the Apocalypse. Next thing you know someone on the staff might point out the pittance D league players get paid as opposed to the NFL minimums. If we get to the point where someone on the staff starts talking about NFL owners real concerns about the impact of signing Kaepernick being financial it may be time to start praying.

  40. Okay, here’s the deal. For get Powerball. Forget Megamillions. Want to get rich? Buy Beckham for what he’s worth. Sell him for what he THINKS he’s worth.

  41. There’s nothing wrong with Odell wanting what he wants, but like everyone is saying, the math doesn’t fit. But at least he has some credibility in saying this misguided stuff, unlike Sammy “My own team didn’t pick up my 5th year option and doesn’t want to pay me ’cause I’m hurt all the time'” Watkins.

  42. It would take a different cap for example 2 designated players you can pay on another scale. That gives you 64 guys in the NFL making similar salaties then NBA stars.

    Its the NFLPA job to prepare to negotiate the next CBA, but OBJ is laying the ground for that battle.

  43. Demand $40 million a year and see how long you remain on the market. You may be one of the best receivers in the league but also one of the biggest headaches. Not to mention how selfish you have to be to command 1/3 of the cap.

  44. If you can play Division 1 college basketball you can probably make 6 figures overseas. No such opportunity for football.

    As far as salaries go in the majors, the union (and some players, I would assume) wants to take care of the middle class players as much as the superstars. Maybe you could have a $40 million NFL guy but chances are he’d be surrounded by minimum salaries and the team wouldn’t be good. This is even an issue in the NBA when it comes to filling out the bench, which you absolutely need. NBA only needs 15 guys total. NFL needs twice that just as starters and specialists. Plus the 20+ man bench.

  45. I guess the NFL will have to go back to players playing both ways, and cut the rosters to about 25 players. Then, they could increase salaries to individual players. But, there is zero chance of that happening, so Beckham should be happy he is making what he is making.

  46. Why do people favor the NFL owners over the players every time? Every other league, people feel like the players should be paid but in the NFL, people feel like the owners should be keeping all of this money. These owners literally do nothing and are worthless. We tune in every week to watch these players put their lives on the line for our entertainment, yet we feel that the owners should profit off of them. The numbers are out of whack. 53 active players means that ODB cant get 40 million like Steph, but its crazy that he isnt getting 20. These teams are stealing from their players, no guaranteed contract for the only sport left that takes actual men to play. They need to fix this.

  47. Simple solution. Switch sports.

    If we’re talking hypothetical and ignoring basic math, then…

    …teachers deserve more than NFL players.

    …cops deserve more than NFL players.

    …firemen deserve more than NFL players.

    …our men in uniform deserve more than NFL players.

  48. Maybe Beckham could help his team win ONE SINGLE playoff game before talking any more about how great he is and how much money he deserves.

    “Stars” win playoff games. In his three years with the team, the Giants have won as many as they would have without him.

    The better question might be: why are they paying him anything at all?

  49. I think the members of the armed services, police, fire department, emergency responders all deserve to get paid more than any athlete period.

    I also think I should have a flying car, immortality, and infinite wealth and health.

    I think every player and person who writes an article saying that football players should be getting the paid the same as basketball or baseball players should be force to take a class in logic and economics. At least this author took the time to point out the difference in the player pool/roster size. There are many more elements as well.

    Baseball has by far the longest season out of any sport with 162 regular season games and a lengthy playoff schedule. Basketball has an 82 game regular season and a hefty playoff schedule. Football has a 16 game regular season and then what, 4 game post season?

    Despite playing a ton more games, both baseball and basketball have smaller rosters than the NFL does.

    The average ticket price in the NFL is already borderline out of reach for most fans these days. If these athletes keep on insisting for tremendous increases in salary then nobody will be able to afford the product. No fan base, no sport.

  50. Maybe he should have taken the pay scale into consideration when he chose his profession. I feel sorry for him that he doesn’t think 15-20 mil per year is enough for playing a kid’s game.

  51. I love people who voluntarily apply for a job, then accept the job, then after they start working the job they start crying about not being paid enough.

  52. I deserve what NBA players make.
    Heck, I deserve what Jeff Bezos gets (he founded Amazon).
    The world owes me.

  53. Last time I ever comment on this site when a story concerns a Giant. Too many hateful people here.

  54. Brash young athletic player with a couple of solid receiving years in the NFL and he wants to get paid. Ok…so if it’s just about the $$$ quit football, sharpen your soccer skills, and just maybe he can get $20m+ a season; get really good and there’s a chance to make $50m+ like Messi/Ronaldo. And, with endorsements the $$$ skyrockets to $70-$80m a season! Other benefits…minimal contact, less chance of concussion, better quality of life, world famous! Just Do It!

  55. And that kids, is why you need to pay attention in math. Divide money between 15 people should equal money divided between 63? Basketball teams can’t turn themselves around because of salary cap. Let’s be like them.

  56. Wow, how quickly money turns people into greedy jerks. This man makes much more money than the people supporting him and its not enough ?
    God gave him this talent and he should be appreciative.
    He should ask himself how could I make this much money elsewhere, like with his FREE college education !!!

  57. Hey oDell, apples and oranges

    Those guys in the NBA play a heckava lot more games than you.

    And, its more exciting to watch than your self entitled AAA.

  58. When the nfl team has 12 total players I’ll agree. Now the income is diveded amongst 5x the players as the NBA. I wouldn’t buy a ticket to watch his whiny butt either.

  59. Just another example of what a complete knucklehead this guy is?

    Mara – PLEASE – give him every nickel he wants and sign him to a lifetime deal! Every other team in the league will thank you – forever – and it will set your franchise back for 20 years.

  60. Okay Odell, the NFL roster is 53 players, the NBA roster is 15. NBA plays 82 games plus months of playoffs. The NFL plays 16 games. So the NFL has more than 3 times the number of players per team and the NBA plays more than 5 times the number of games.

    Yes NFL stadiums may hold 3 times as many fans, but that still leaves the NFL playing 82 games fro pay parity.

  61. Guaranteed Money has ruined Basketball & Baseball. Once they get the money there is no need to perform. Some still will, but that’s no guarantee.

  62. If Beckham wants NBA money he should try out for an NBA roster. These are athletes, not economic majors.

  63. You don’t see Edelman demanding his Lebron money. The man has been at the center of two championships. His circus catch is arguably the best in Super Bowl history and he not only caught a TD in the comeback win over Seattle, but his tackle injured Lane and changed the complexion of the game. What has Odell done?

  64. Makes one wonder how different OB’s (and the NFL’s) world would be had he missed “The Catch” that put him on the front page of every sports site on the planet. Would he become just another pretty-good wr vanishing into the vast emptiness of football mediocrity? Not many opportunities come along in life where one event defines your entire existence. (Well, unless you’re Neil Armstrong or Lance).

  65. This is what happens when we as a society give athletes and entertainers a platform for public discourse. Some, but few, grasp reality and add to our knowledge. More are fantasy land moronic cretins who are lucky beyond measure and generally useless beyond their tiny bubble of unreality, yet believe themselves informed, entitled and/or profound enough for wandering into areas they should be avoiding.

  66. Steph Curry is pure scum, don’t know how people don’t realize that.

    To the non-athletes on this page, playing 20 NFL games is far harder than playing 110 NBA games.

  67. Odell, why don’t you just work on keeping you out of trouble and the money will take care of itself. You’re NEVER going to get that kind of money. Just do your job, don’t beat or assault any women and manage your money. All of that equals a very good life.

  68. [This is what happens when we as a society give athletes and entertainers a platform for public discourse. Some, but few, grasp reality and add to our knowledge. More are fantasy land moronic cretins who are lucky beyond measure and generally useless beyond their tiny bubble of unreality, yet believe themselves informed, entitled and/or profound enough for wandering into areas they should be avoiding.]

    Very true. (Can you say Kardashians?)

    Sorry about the ‘down vote’ I was reading on my iPhone and pressed the wrong icon.

  69. NFL players are much more prone to career-ending injuries than baseball or hockey players, so I can understand his point. That being said, it will just NEVER happen because of the economics.

    If that was the point he was trying to make, then there were much better ways to say it. As it is, it just sounds like greed.

  70. jjsooner says:
    Jul 30, 2017 10:55 AM
    Odell, why don’t you just work on keeping you out of trouble and the money will take care of itself. You’re NEVER going to get that kind of money. Just do your job, don’t beat or assault any women and manage your money. All of that equals a very good life.
    Has he ever BEEN in trouble? Not counting on the field (Norman comes to mind), but off the field he has never had an issue. Can’t recall him getting popped for a DV, a DUI, or anything else.

  71. bencoates57 says:
    Jul 30, 2017 9:18 AM
    You don’t see Edelman demanding his Lebron money. The man has been at the center of two championships. His circus catch is arguably the best in Super Bowl history and he not only caught a TD in the comeback win over Seattle, but his tackle injured Lane and changed the complexion of the game. What has Odell done?
    Are you Edelman’s agent? I swear, you and tylawspick6 are OBSESSED with the Giants. We all KNOW that Edelman had an unbelievable catch in the Super Bowl. And don’t forget about David Tyree’s catch, arguably the best in SB history. Who did they beat again? Oh yeah…

  72. Nah. Giants are only entertaining when they play the Patriots, but then every team that plays New England in the SB is exciting. That’s the reason I commented. We have seen some wonderful football on the grandest stage and this OBL guy is running his mouth and yet has not sniffed the second round of the playoffs.

  73. This guy is a complete moron. 53 man rosters vs 15 and the NFL doesn’t generate 4 times as much income. Yeah, let’s have the same salaries in the NFL!

    Mind boggling how dumb so many athletes are.

  74. I will say that I agree with him that NFL players deserve to make as much if not more than NBA players. The careers as way shorter and the toll on their bodies is incredible so I also get his point.

    BUT, he needs to learn basic math and understand that the size of the rosters alone make it impossible.

  75. So Curry gets 40 mill? That’s about 487,800 per game (excluding playoffs).

    You area absolutely correct, Odell. You should be paid like Steph. Maybe even a bit higher!

    Your new contract will be for 500,00 per game (excluding playoffs, but what the heck, we” include pre-season)

    10 mill a year – the new max for any NFL player. Congrats on this great victory for player pay in the NFL!

    In fact, that will be the max salary for all players, as at that rate, they will now be being paid (per game) more than their NBA counterparts.

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