Fumbled snaps marred Mitchell Trubisky’s practice on Saturday


Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky showed some rookie jitters on Saturday.

The Bears held their first padded practice of training camp and Trubisky had a rocky start to 11-on-11 work during the session. He fumbled the first two snaps he took from center Taylor Boggs, eliciting groans from the crowd according to Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune, and then put another one on the ground a couple of plays later.

“I just lost focus there for a period of time,” Trubisky said. “And then I was starting to overthink it and couldn’t get it. … It was frustrating because that was uncharacteristic of me. I have to handle that. They were just wasted plays. … I wasted a team session right there and I didn’t allow myself or my teammates to get better. You just have to block that out and bounce back.”

Handling snaps isn’t one of the things that pops up first on the list of areas that Trubisky needs to improve, but the Bears plan to give him time to work on everything while he serves as the third quarterback behind Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez during his rookie season.

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  1. “Handling snaps isn’t one of the things that pops up first on the list of areas that Trubisky needs to improve…”

    Um… what? It absolutely is one of the first things that pops up, probably right after the fact that he only started 13 games in college.

    One of the biggest issues for him coming out was that he operated solely from the shotgun. He didn’t even take snaps from under center in high school.

  2. Trubisky will be a B U S T

    Patrick Mahomes will prove to be the best QB taken in the 2017 class and go on to have a HOF career

  3. Trubisky was, at best, a so-so quarterback at Carolina with an above-average running game and exceptional receivers. He disappeared in big games often. Good luck with this guy…I think you’re gonna need it.

  4. I’m sure he’s a great and talented kid, but Bears needed an immediate impact player in top 3rd..

    Bears telepathic message Fans – “hey relax we’re rebuilding, but please continue to pay for over priced tickets, parking, beer, and food while we put on a high school performance”. – Yours Truly McCaskeys

  5. I’m just imagining being the QB coach that has to fix this kid’s footwork (and “brainwork”) for all his drops from under center, considering he’s literally never played under center before AND he’s trying to learn it for the 1st time at the NFL level.

    If Trubisky develops into even a backup QB, you may have also discovered a future head coach in the process.

  6. This kid should have a pretty decent 15 year career. At the end, he’ll be judged by the 15 seasons, not the first 15 seconds. Joe Montana carried a clip board for 1 1/2 seasons. I think Joe lined up over the guard his first snap. He won his first super bowl in his 3rd season. I think Belichick will come out with a book on how to teach the media interesting things to write about, and the ABC’s of understanding the game. He might even call it Football for Dummies.

  7. Not a good start for the kid. It could be an omen of things to come and that is not good for DA BEARS and the job security of Coach John Fox who is on a short leash.

  8. We all know the real reason Trubisky was drafted before Watson. The Bears will live to regret their decision.

  9. Iknowitall says:
    Jul 30, 2017 12:27 PM
    Trubisky will be a B U S T
    Patrick Mahomes will prove to be the best QB taken in the 2017 class and go on to have a HOF career
    I agree Mahomes was the best QB. I think he should have been taken #1 overall. I also think Trubisky will be a fine QB. Kind of a more mobile Matt Ryan type. Mike Glennon is a solid pro, and should give Trubisky plenty of time to get up to speed. Glennon was stuck behind future HOFer Jameis Winston, so he became available. Great off-season moves by the Bears. They went from zero QBs to two good QBs in a very short time. The future is looking much brighter in Chicago.

  10. I thought it was Watson’s unbelievably low ball velocity of 49 mph… I think he has great intangibles but with NFL small windows I don’t know how successful he can be. For the record, Trubisky was at an ok but not great 55 mph…

  11. When I coached pee wee football I would not leave a kid at QB if he couldn’t take a snap. It’s very overlooked at any sort of advanced level of football but if you can’t do it, it’s a bit of a problem.
    Not good

  12. At least we get first pick next year, and who would Pace pick because he has a good feeling and thinks he’s smarter than everyone else…a punter from some school no ones ever heard about…WE ARE SO SCREWED !!! But hey, as long as morons fill the seats, everything is ok !!!!!!!!

  13. I give the kid credit. At least he said “I have to handle it”. Too many of these players rely on the “You have to handle it” statement. No I do not. I am not under center.

    Relax kid. You’ll be fine. Doesn’t mean you have to be out there this year. Learn, then compete.

  14. It’s almost like he didn’t ever do that in college for the one whole year he played. Who knew this would be a problem? Like totally out of left field dude.

  15. Definition of wishful thinking:

    A team badly needs a QB and convinces themselves that if they draft one high in the first round he will some how become a good QB.

    It doesn’t work that way in real life.

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