In contract year, Matthew Stafford puts in extra work

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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is heading into the final year of his contract, and with the potential to cash in on a big 2017 season, he wants to make sure he’s at his best.

As a result, Stafford worked with a private quarterback coach for the first time this offseason, and he says he’s heading into training camp better than ever.

“I put a ton of work in,” Stafford said. “Did some extra stuff maybe I hadn’t done in the past. Put some work in with some people that I feel like I’m going to benefit from.”

Stafford said he spoke with Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan about how Ryan prepared for last year’s MVP season. Lions coach Jim Caldwell would love it if Stafford could have that kind of season this year.

“I’m pleased with the progress,” Caldwell said of Stafford. “He’s moving forward still and I still believe that you just have not seen the best of him yet. He’s still heading in that direction.”

That work should pay off for Stafford on his next contract.

9 responses to “In contract year, Matthew Stafford puts in extra work

  1. Why didn’t he do this from very beginning? The true greats “put a ton of work in” and do “extra stuff” on Day One of their careers; they don’t wait until contract years to give it their all…

  2. None of it means anything if we can’t beat Green Bay and/or advance in the playoffs.

  3. I hate NFL players…I know it’s hard to put in 100% when you’re only making 17.6 million a year…people forget that Drew Brees didn’t fully commit until Rivers was drafted (google it)

  4. Matt Ryan earned the MVP honor in the middle of a five-year contract. He didn’t wait until his final year to put in extra work. He does it every year and finally Dan Quinn put a supporting cast around him to see success. Every spring, Matt hosts his teammates in Miami for several days of brotherhood bonding. With QBs like Brady, Manning, Ryan, and a couple of others, competition is in their blood, not their wallet. At best, Stafford might have a great year, sign a big long-term contract and tank the following years. He doesn’t have greatness in his blood or this new found determination would have happened the past several years.

  5. Stafford seems like a good guy and he has talent, but it won’t matter what he does if the Vikings can stay healthy this year. (Last year was a disaster because Minnesota was bitten hard by the injury bug to many of their starters and backups.) The Vikes have the best talent in the division (yes, other than Rodgers they’re better than Green Bay when it comes to talent) and will win it if they can keep their starters on the field.

  6. Stafford has been a great QB since day one. He’s always been a hard worker. I think he’s looked better since Calvin Johnson left because he’s spreading the ball around better. Trying to hit the open receiver, instead of looking for a specific guy. Matt Ryan’s performance was more a by-product of the Falcon’s much improved defense, and a coach who installed a great offense. It’s not like Stafford has been sitting around on the couch, and suddenly started working because this is a contract year. This guy already has way more money than he’ll ever need.

  7. Matt Stafford has always spread the ball around, even with CJ. Just remember, take away CJ’s yards and Stafford still throws for more than Cutler. Stafford spreads the ball very evenly. Go look at the stats. Thats a misconception 100%. There have been time he just launches it up to CJ on times that call for it, but not every play. Have you seen the lions play a season yet??

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