Washington RB Keith Marshall to miss second consecutive season

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When Washington drafted running back Keith Marshall in the seventh round of last year’s draft, the team thought it was getting a big-play threat on offense, as Marshall ran the fastest 40-yard dash time at the 2016 Scouting Combine. Now there are doubts about whether Marshall can ever get back to full speed.

For the second consecutive year, Marshall will miss the entire season, as he tore the patellar tendon in his right knee and won’t be able to play this year. Last year, Marshall missed the entire season with an elbow injury suffered in the third preseason game.

Marshall also tore his ACL in the same knee while in college at Georgia. He made a full recovery from that injury, but patellar tendon tears are notoriously hard to come back from, and it’s hard for any player to miss two full years and then come back and play.

Just before Marshall suffered the injury, Washington coach Jay Gruden had been saying that Marshall had a good chance of being a contributor on the offense this year. Now that won’t be the case, and Marshall will just hope he can get healthy and play in 2018.

24 responses to “Washington RB Keith Marshall to miss second consecutive season

  1. lambeaudungbarn says:
    Jul 30, 2017 12:20 PM
    Bust, drop him and use the roster spot for a productive player, his speed will never be the same.

    He isn’t a bust. He got injured. A bust is someone who is expected to have talent, and who does not. If he was expected to be productive on offense this year, he had some prowess. He just got injured. That isn’t a bust.

    How many downs you play in the NFL?

  2. Marshall is a freakishly athletic china doll. I hate it for him, I’m glad he was able to get to the league, but hard to say his constant injury problems will eventually go away.

  3. I suggest that the NFL institute fewer practices in the off-season to prevent these injuries


  4. Never healthy or tough enough to hold up in college, not surprised, injury settle and move on. No loss from financial or talent aspect if not available, and that is history, no value.

  5. The name of the team is the Redskins. Like the Red Mesa High Redskins, on a Navajo reservation.

  6. Redskins is the team name.
    What do these writers do when they visit the Hall of Fame? There are 30 bust there that have the name Redskins on them.
    Sorry to see this young guy hurt again.

  7. The 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101 Airborne Division wore Mohawks and war paint in honor of the heritage of the Redskins that they fought next to.

    Here articles are written about being afraid to tackle and you can’t even type the word Redskin.

  8. feel for any player, any team who faces career threatening injury particularly at such a young age.

  9. Bust, drop him and use the roster spot for a productive player, his speed will never be the same.
    Good point. It’s wasted seventh round picks like this that have been keeping the Redskins out of the Super Bowl

  10. As a native american from California, i really hate that you guys dont call them the Redskins. I know you guys probably mean well but you guys sound stupid for trying to be politically correct. They’re the Washington Redskins. Deal with it.

  11. Tough break for him. He was likely doomed on the Redskins anyway with Perine, Fat Rob and Chris Thompson on the roster. Hopefully he recovers and finds a role somewhere.

  12. lambeaudungbarn says:
    Jul 30, 2017 12:20 PM

    “Bust, drop him and use the roster spot for a productive player, his speed will never be the same.”

    The guy was taken in the 7th round so that means expectations were very low for him. It is really a shame that his career will most likely end due to a devastating injury and he’ll never really get a chance to show what he could have really done.

    A bust would be a guy like Ryan Leaf taken in the top 5 of the 1st round and offered absolutely nothing. Couldn’t even hang around as a back up.

  13. 7th rounders don’t make or break any team. Can’t be a bust. The reason the Redskins can’t make it past a Wild Card game is more complicated then blaming the FO every chance you get. With a drastically improved talent level on defense and WR’s galore, I’d call them Sleepers. If they come together as a team, they’ve got the talent to do some damage.

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