Anthony Lynn: I haven’t blocked anyone from going to Tomlinson ceremony

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A report from Alex Marvez of Sporting News on Monday indicated that Chargers coach Anthony Lynn told quarterback Philip Rivers and tight end Antonio Gates that they had to be at Saturday’s training camp practice rather than travel to Canton to see former teammate LaDainian Tomlinson inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Lynn disputed that report later in the day. He said he has not blocked any player from going and that final decisions are still pending.

“I’ve talked to Philip. I’ve talked to Antonio. I’ve even talked to LT. We’re all on the same page,” Lynn said, via USA Today. “At the end of the day, we’re going to make the best decision for our football team, and that’s it.”

Per Marvez’s initial report, Gates is still considering going to see Tomlinson but Rivers told Alex Flanagan of NFL Media that he will not go to Canton.

Rivers said that it was his choice rather than Lynn blocking him from going, although Lynn did say he wanted Rivers to be at Saturday’s session. The practice is being held at the StubHub Center, which will be the Chargers’ home for a few years, and is a joint session with the Rams, who will be joining them in a forthcoming stadium.

8 responses to “Anthony Lynn: I haven’t blocked anyone from going to Tomlinson ceremony

  1. Translation: I’ve had my lunch handed to me since that story came out so I’m backpedaling faster than Wasswa Serwanga.

  2. I call bullcrap. The “best decision for our football team” means they ain’t going. LT is getting screwed. He was the heart and soul for a dead franchise in the early 2000’s. Now the Spanos family can’t take one day from training camp to honor him? They are a classless organization.

  3. “I’ve talked to Rivers, Gates and LT. Along with their agents, mail carriers and car detailers. By Week 8 or 9 of the regular season I should be in position to make this critical decision.” Anthony Lynn

  4. Because Rivers and Gates missing a couple of practices will definitely be the one deciding factor that keeps the Chargers from running the table and winning this years Super Bowl…

  5. Seems to me the best approach would have been to plan their camp schedule to make Saturday/Sunday off days so former teammates and team officials could have attended the HOF induction of one of the greatest and most important players in the history of the organization.

    Apparently the Spanos family disagreed with this approach.

  6. A once in a lifetime induction ceremony for one of the franchises most celebrated players. But one practice (we talkin’ about practice) is more important than that. Classless organization for sure.

  7. Didn’t know it was a joint practice but it’s the only one at Stub Hub. It’s for the season ticket holders and the people on the waiting list. Adam Schefter even said no decision had been made yet.

  8. Isn’t Tomlinson on the Charger payroll as a PR face? Lynn’s not encouraging them to go and that mean he doesn’t approve of Rivers and Gates going. Not good for a team in transition from a disastrous re-location. They need team unity and positive PR. Not another blunder from a mismanaged franchise. Of course, Tomlinson is closely tied to the San Diego community and maybe because their now the L-a-L-a-Land Chargers, Spanos doesn’t want to perpetuate the SD relationship. It’s another blunder as usual.

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