Could Rex Ryan replace Jon Gruden on MNF?

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With Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden making it known at the outset of training camp that he’s available for any of the jobs that inevitably will become available in January, ESPN needs to have a plan in place for replacing Gruden, if he finally bolts for the sideline.

Michael McCarthy of suggests that ESPN may slide Rex Ryan into Gruden’s spot, if Gruden leaves.

Ryan will work the second half of the Week One MNF doubleheader, and it would make plenty of sense to consider him for the job when it becomes open. If it becomes open.

The big winner would be the Bills, at least in the short term. With three years of salary owed to Ryan at $5.5 million per year — and with Ryan getting substantially less to serve as a member of ESPN’s Sunday pregame show — the Bills will be on the hook for the difference. If Ryan gets the MNF gig, ESPN likely would give him a raise. Which would reduce the amount that the Bills will owe Ryan through 2019.