David Harris: Jets “blindsided” me

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Linebacker David Harris felt disrespected by the Jets’ timing of his release.

The Jets cut Harris on June 6. He signed with the Patriots on June 21.

“They kind of blindsided me with the whole thing, being so late in the offseason, a week before minicamp,” Harris said, via SiriusXM NFL Radio. “It came out of left field. It was more about the disrespect of the whole situation than anything else. But the Jets made their decision. I had to sit back and be patient and evaluate some things. A couple teams were inquiring about me, but then once the Patriots came into the picture, it was pretty much a done deal as soon as I found out they were interested in me.”

Harris said all the right things in his departure, thanking his former Jets coaches, owner Woody Johnson and the medical staff for their support during his 10 years in New York.

Harris, though, seems to mean it when he says he is happy to be in New England.

“It feels good. I couldn’t expect anything more,” Harris said. “Everybody just works hard every day, with that winning attitude, and the culture is like no other than I’ve been a part of. I’m glad to be here, this late in my career and be around a bunch of great individuals. They are better people off the field.”

19 responses to “David Harris: Jets “blindsided” me

  1. Jets have to “blindside” their own, because they haven’t done that to an opponent in 20+ seasons.

  2. This is awesome we have former Jets and Bills players talking about why we win so much. David Harris and Hye will be fun to watch this year.

  3. It will work out well in the end David. Someday you will thank the Jets for releasing you from their madhouse.

  4. It doesn’t matter if you do or do not like the Pats. When it comes to college drafting, they’re like most teams, and whiff here and there. But when it comes to picking up seasoned talent, especially from within they’re own division, they are awesome.

  5. +Sean Ellis, Tim Tebow now Harris.+
    -Curtis Martin, Ty law, Damian Woody.-

    Just to name a few.

  6. Harris keep it real….your only saying this stuff cause your pissed at the Jets…but we still love you..no love lost.. still one of the best LBs that play..Good luck in NE..

  7. Disrespect = being asked to take less money.
    David, it’s a business. Even Helen Keller could see the writing on the wall with the purge of veteran players that that request was coming at you!
    Buster Skrine will probably feel “disrespected” next.

    Just chill, David, you’ll be in the ring of honor someday and feel all ” respected” again…

  8. dynaco says:
    Aug 1, 2017 5:35 AM
    +Sean Ellis, Tim Tebow now Harris.+
    -Curtis Martin, Ty law, Damian Woody.-

    Just to name a few.
    As a Pats fan I admit the NYJ are the team most responsible for the Pats success, no sarcasm. Your team gave us BB and TB (earlier than we would have seen him on the field). Curtis Martin hurt though.

  9. CKL;

    You forgot the most important “gift” the Pats ever got from the Jets…

    If Joe Willy doesn’t win that Superbowl, the AFL/NFL merger never takes place, and the Pats and others might have gone the way of the USFL…

  10. Every player that comes to the Pats notes the work-ethic and preparation changes.

    Why is your team not copying what the Pats are doing?

    Is your team just not smart enough or committed to winning enough?

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