Goodell reiterates plan to attend opening night in New England

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When the Patriots hang their fifth banner on September 7, the Commissioner will be making his first appearance in Boston since #DeflateGate.

Speaking at a Jets fan forum on Monday, Roger Goodell reiterated that he’ll attend the Chiefs-Patriots game. Via Brian Costello of the New York Post, Goodell added that he’s not concerned about fan reaction.

They’ll react if they see him, and it’s safe to assume that Goodell will find a way to keep the lowest possible profile. It’s also unlikely that the Patriots video board operator will be displaying gigantic images of Goodell squirreled away in a private suite, no matter how badly the fans may want him to.

Of course, even if they don’t see him, he’ll likely see, and hear, them. From thousands of the notorious Matt Patricia T-shirt to chants of “Where is Roger?” is he’s indeed not visible within the venue, Patriots fans who crave the chance to let him have it in person will let him have it whether they personally can see him or not.

At some point, however, it will be time to move on. Goodell was forced to experience the ultimate in awkward after Super Bowl LI, and he may have to do it again in February 2018. While it will be hard to get New Englanders to let bygones be bygones, at some point it’s time to get past it.

Says the Italian who holds a grudge long enough to forget what the grudge was originally about. And beyond.

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  1. How about he give them the first round pick and millions of dollars back, then we move past it? We will even let the 4 game Brady suspension slide at this point.

  2. Babe Ruth to the Yankees is a similar forgive and forget tale in Boston sports lore, and that was just a mistake not an intentional injustice . Roger should come back in 86 years and all will be fine.

  3. Will New England remember when the deflator took a bag of footballs into the bathroom or whenever Brady smashed his phone?

  4. Seems like fools gold apparently doesn’t understand 7th grade science or the fact that Wells said he didn’t need Tom’s phone or the fact that under the CBA neither Wells or the NFL was entitled to the phone.
    Seems to me you are the FOOL!

  5. If Goodell wants to be forgiven, he could always release the PSI data the league collected in 2015 and announce that the stolen draft picks will be refunded as a result of the Patriots being exonerated of any wrongdoing.

  6. How courageous of Goodell — he waits and waits and waits … until he has the softest possible landing.

  7. The day before the game, his office will announce he is unable to attend because he has to go to New Zealand and meet with government officials about setting up an expansion franchise there.

  8. We will be satisfied if Goodell would release the numbers from spot checks last year! He won’t, it will prove he was WRONG AGAIN

  9. patriotsarefoolsgold says:
    Jul 31, 2017 7:08 PM

    Will New England remember when the deflator took a bag of footballs into the bathroom or whenever Brady smashed his phone?


    Everyone remembers when the NFL used the media to market buzz words to simpletons who were incapable of understanding 7th grade science.

    Everyone on the other right side of the Bell Curve can watch a video where footballs drop PSI when put in a refrigerator and then see the PSI numbers go back up when the football is taken out of the refrigerator. No air is ever taken out of the football and it deflates. The video can be found by searching on the popular online video site for: “DEFLATE GATE & WHY SCIENCE SAYS THE PATRIOTS DID NOT TAMPER WITH FOOTBALLS”

    While simpletons are only able to think in terms of the balloon the clown gave them when they were 6. When air was let out the balloon deflated. End of learning on that subject for the rest of their life.

    So the guy took a leak and didn’t want to be responsible for a bag of footballs being left unattended when those footballs have a retail value of over $100 each. Even higher as collectables because they are authentic. Plus the footballs were needed for a televised football game in a few minutes.

    The NFL was never going to see Brady’s phone. Its called having a right to privacy. Didn’t matter if Brady framed it and put it on the wall in his man cave. The NFL was never going to see it.

    Roger Goodell still hasn’t released the PSI information from the 2015 NFL season. That debunks any nonsense that the NFL planted in the press while Roger Goodell was busy telling the “56 deflategate lies”

  10. Roger Goodell has heard his share of booing over the years.

    What he hears in NE might be the daddy of them all if he shows his face.

    No respect for that guy.

  11. With the money he has, I really don’t think he’s as worried about it as you all would like to think. What, is he going to get assassinated for giving Brady a four game suspension? Get on with your lives.

  12. Deflatefarce was about league parity and money.
    There is a belief that the league makes more money as a whole if there are more teams with fan bases who believe that their team has a chance to win the SB each year.

    Fans of those teams are more likely to spend their money on tickets, television, merchandise…etc…

    Lying about science and using the media to smear a team was a small price to pay in order to get more money while trying to give loser teams more opportunity to “win” a participation trophy.

  13. A few of the reasons why intelligent people boo Roger Goodell:

    • Denying the science which proves that footballs lose PSI when they get cold and even more if they are also wet.
    • Orchestrating and marketing a year long smear campaign using the national media.
    • Telling numerous lies: “56 deflategate lies”.
    • Abusing the court system to perpetuate the deflategate farce.
    • Using all the things listed above to take both a 1st and a 4th round draft pick away from the Patriots.
    • Also using those things above to force Tom Brady to miss 25% of the 2016 season.
    • Continuing to keep the PSI information that was collected during the 2015 season secret because it would show everyone that footballs lose PSI when they get cold & wet.

  14. Roger Goodell was pledging transparency in 2014.

    In 2015 Roger Goodell claimed that “the integrity of the game is the most important thing”.

    Then Roger Goodell almost immediately does the opposite of both integrity and transparency when he decides to hide the PSI information which was collected during the 2015 NFL season.

    Roger Goodell is still hiding that PSI information from football fans.

  15. Ticket prices have gone up 25% lol. As a mass native living in Rob Ninkovich’s hometown outside of Chicago, you should be able to hear my boos and see my middle fingers….in the words of teddy Bruschi “come to foxbourfh. It’s cold, it’s loud and we are ready for anything.”

  16. If there were ever a day to call in sick to work …

    Stay home Roger. We don’t want you here anyways. You’re not even worth the energy it takes to boo.

  17. Is it feasible to look at the phone logs yet Roger?

    Spot checks on balls lasted exactly one year. Weird.

    He deserves the boos. And it extends WELL beyond framegate.

    Buy the shirt. Wear the nose. Do whatever it takes to welcome Roger to Foxboro the way he should be welcomed. Hopefully all those draft day boos pale in comparison.

    Worst. Commissioner. Ever. In any sport.

  18. abninf says:
    Jul 31, 2017 9:17 PM

    With the money he has, I really don’t think he’s as worried about it as you all would like to think. What, is he going to get assassinated for giving Brady a four game suspension? Get on with your lives.

    We don’t care if he’s worried. No physical harm intended.

    It’s about voicing our opinion about the injustice of deflategate. And our opinion of him and his office.

    And I am sure that most of us do have lives.

    We are just passionate about the team.

    And who could blame us?

  19. I don’t presume to speak for New England fans, but of course I can’t forgive it. He tarnished the legacy of the greatest QB of all time, at least in the minds of foolish people that want to believe that pile of malarkey that was ‘deflategate’. Because they keep losing to the Pats. At the behest of jealous owners. Even when Goodell knew the science, which he must have, he kept going because of his ego and to protect his power. I’ll be there booing him until my lungs bleed.

  20. “Get past it”… ? Are you kidding me?? The most transparent, clumsily vengeful, smear-campaigning-witch hunt in all of professsional sports, and you advise us to “get past it”? Mike, I love your web-site but, I have this answer for you…”NEVER”.

  21. No. He has to pay for his weakness and dishonesty.

    Had to pay at the Bowl for a few minutes. He’ll have to pay opening night the entire game. He’ll pay for a long time in the future. He is a laughing stock, a rich one, but a small dishonest, sycophantic weasel of a man nonetheless.

  22. I expect nothing less than the usual classless and tasteless trolling we see from Pats fans here. Par for the course.

  23. I wonder if Saints and Chiefs and Redskins fans (all of whom were ALSO jobbed by idiotic decisions of Goodell) have “forgiven him and moved on”?

  24. Yes, Pats fans could learn a lot from the classy nouveau Seahawk fans and their class act players. LOL. Pats won the Super Bowl. Deal with it.

  25. Yes, I see that you need to keep telling yourselves that over and over, so as to make it seem true in your minds. Explains that MAGA hat, when you think about it…

  26. I am liberal, and I could go on about Trump for hrs. But, I don’t care about what these people do after the clock strikes 0:oo. I only care about watching the greatest franchise in the 21rst century play in 7 SBowls. It’ll be a long time before the seahawks see another one. The Pats fired PCarroll and got a way superior guy.

  27. 4 reasons that explain why the PSI measurements of the Patriots footballs could be somewhat higher than those of the Colts:

    1. Allowing the Colts footballs to warm up while measuring 11 of the Patriots footballs twice. (Taking so much time that they only had time to measure 4 of the Colts footballs – not alternating between footballs of both teams should have invalidated the results)

    2. Not having the same starting PSI measurements. (Remember the NFL rules allow for a range between 12.5 and 13.5, so the footballs could have legitimately been up to 1 PSI different at the start of the game)

    3. The Colts were the visiting team on January 18, 2015 which means they had to travel with their footballs. Which means the Colts footballs could have been kept in unheated storage compartments. (If the Colts footballs were colder at the start of the game they would not cool down as much during the game)

    4. The Patriots led 17–7 at the half, which means that the Patriots footballs were being used more while the Colts footballs were being stored in a dry bag protected from the wind and rain. (Leather stretches when it gets wet. Wind chill makes things colder)

    Anyone can watch a short video and see what happens to footballs when footballs get cold. You can also see what happens to the same footballs when they start to warm up. You can then laugh at fools who still believe that air must be removed from inflated containers to account for a drop in PSI. (Just search the popular online vides site for: “DEFLATE GATE & WHY SCIENCE SAYS THE PATRIOTS DID NOT TAMPER WITH FOOTBALLS” )

    It’s disgraceful that Roger Goodell abused the media, the court system and his power as commissioner while deciding to ignore science and tell lies while conducting a smear campaign against a team and that teams QB.

    It’s even more disgraceful considering that Roger Goodell was blabbering about “integrity” and “transparency” just before hiding the results of the PSI study which was conducted during the 2015 NFL season.

    Don’t forget that Roger Goodell refused to correct the false report that had everyone believing that “11-0f-12 footballs were two pounds under the 12.5 PSI minimum”. (To this day many dupes still believe that false report because it was not corrected for a year.)

  28. The bottom line?

    All any fan wants is a fair game. Under Roger Goodell, the NFL is NOT fair.

    The Commissioner of the NFL is corrupt. HE is the one who tarnishes the shield.

    We can’t say it any clearer than that. We will boo as loud and long as we can.

    The NFL should be better than Roger Goodell and the corrupt owners who back him.

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