Jason Garrett tells Ezekiel Elliott he’s costing himself endorsement money

Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott has drawn attention to himself in a little over a year in the NFL, but not always for the right reasons. That could cost the Cowboys running back, coach Jason Garrett has warned Elliott.

I’ve asked him, ‘What do you want to be?’” Garrett told Peter King’s MMQB. “I’ve had him try to understand the potential paths he could go down, the opportunities he has, on and off the field. They’re off the charts. He’s an infectious, very likable, hard-working kid. My point to him is, ‘If you maximize your abilities, you might be able to make $200 million off the field, like LeBron [James]. Or you could make a million.’

“I mean, say you’re AT&T, or you’re Pepsi. You’re looking for a spokesman for your product. What would you do right now? You’d probably say if you’re one of those companies, ‘Oh, we’ll go with Dak. Or we’ll go with Jordan Spieth.’ But that’s in his control.”

It appears potential disciplinary action against Elliott for domestic violence allegations will wait at least another week. Elliott, who led the league in rushing last year, also made headlines for visiting a marijuana dispensary, exposing a woman’s breast during a St. Patrick’s Day festival and reportedly being involved in a bar altercation.

Prescott, meanwhile, has landed several big endorsements this offseason, including Pepsi, Frito-Lay and Beats by Dre.

“We talk to all of our players about being their best and maximizing their opportunities, understanding the opportunity that we have here with the Cowboys,” Garrett said Monday when asked about his quotes to Sports Illustrated. “And waking up every day and striving to be your best in everything that you do and hopefully you continue to create good opportunities for yourself both on and off the field. That was the essence of the conversation with him, and I’ve had that conversation with a number of other players on our team.”