NFLN predicts the Seattle schedule . . . for 2016

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When it comes to pet peeves, I’m like the one house in the neighborhood that has 50 cats in it.

My favorite pet peeve relates to the insistence of NFL Network and ESPN on the night of the schedule release to project a given team’s season by going through the schedule week. Both networks expect analysts to take a given team’s schedule week by week and pick wins and losses for games to be played months into the future, after many various potential and actual developments make the team and each of its opponents better or worse.

The exercise remains nearly as meaningless, but somewhat less annoying, when it happens in July, after the draft and the offseason program have unfolded. On Sunday, it happened on NFLN, when Heath Evans and Elliot Harrison went through the Seattle schedule one game at a time.

Making the exercising far more annoying (but highly entertaining) was the fact that, instead of projecting the 2017 schedule, Evans and Harrison projected Seattle’s 2016 season.

Here’s the video. Seahawks punter Jon Ryan spotted it, and he called them out for it.

They deserve to be called out for it. Beyond Evans and Harrison, plenty of other eyeballs and brains were involved in this one. From producers to camera operators to everyone in the control room to anyone paying any attention whatsoever to the process, someone should have realized that it was the wrong schedule.

The error should have been spotted for at least two reasons. First, the Seahawks opened last year with an unusual Week One game, facing the Dolphins from the AFC East, which happens once every four years. The moment someone saw Miami-Seattle as the Week One game for 2017, the mistake should have been obvious.

Making it more obvious was the Super Bowl XLIX rematch. Harrison suggested that Seahawks-Patriots would be one of the best games of the year. And he’s right, it was.

The good news is that they projected the Seahawks to go 11-5. That’s only one-half game away from the 10-5-1 record the Seahawks generated.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to predict what would happen in Seattle’s playoff games against the Lions and Falcons.

23 responses to “NFLN predicts the Seattle schedule . . . for 2016

  1. NFLN should double down on their mistake, and label anyone who calls them out for it “fake news.” It works for the White House.

  2. I see on the board where Seattle is expecting to chalk up a win over Atlanta. Great…keep thinking that.

  3. Oops. My bad. That was last season when Seattle actually got the win thanks to the refs missing the interference call with Julio confirmed on replay. Seriously, this year’s match-up will be one of the best regular season games of the year.

  4. Clown show. And people out there pay outrageous monthly cable and satellite bills for said clown show.

    I cut the cord in 2013, have rabbit ear antennas to get the games on CBS, NBC, Fox and haven’t missed the Four-Letter Network, or the NFLN at all.

    Clown show.

  5. Yeah, when I saw the Pats had to play Houston again at home in wk3, and travel to Denver AGAIN, and travel to Pittsburgh AGAIN, and play Jets twice, Miami twice, and Buffalo twice – I swore they screwed up and put last year’s schedule up! Turns out it’s 2017, but over half the matchups AND LOCATIONS are the very same.

  6. thanks to the refs missing the interference call with Julio

    Would that be the same play where they missed the illegal hit to the helmet by Julio on Sherm?

  7. I wonder if they would make the mistake of predicting Russell Wilson has a 2016 version of a bum knee playing the 2017 schedule. 11-5 is most likely not good enough to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, which is what they would need to reach the Super Bowl, because Wilson has not been able to win on the road in the playoffs. The only two wins they have on the road were the Redskins game in which RGIII hurt his knee and when their current kicker missed a gimme field goal when he was kicking for Minnesota.

  8. It wasn’t a mistake. They were just showing a highlight from the best of the NFL Network. Available on Blue Ray and DVD.

  9. This segment aired in 2016. If you watched it, they were talking about Marshawn Lynch being retired and made no mention of him returning with the Raiders.

    It’s still a mistake by the NFLN because it doesn’t make any sense to replay a prediction segment for a past season, but it’s not like the on-air talent, producers, camera people, etc actually predicted the 2016 schedule live in 2017.

  10. When you’re an NFL Network talking head who can bench 225lbs more times than anyone at the Combine, you do what you want..

  11. How could Heath Evans possibly get this wrong? If he is an NFL Network analyst he should at least know as much about the schedule as an average fan. He played for both NE and NO and you would think he would know they don’t play Seattle this year. Particularly NE given he should remember the game last year, which was one of two losses the Patriots had all year and AFC teams only play the same NFC division once every 4 years.

  12. bullcharger says:
    Jul 31, 2017 10:30 AM
    How could Heath Evans possibly get this wrong?

    Heath Evans didn’t get it wrong. It’s funnier than that, they aired last year’s segment on a supposedly live show.

  13. Reminds me of when the Cardinals were in the Super Bowl and all the analysts were struggling to name players other than Warner and Fitzgerald.

  14. “Heath Evans didn’t get it wrong. It’s funnier than that, they aired last year’s segment on a supposedly live show.”

    That would explain a lot.

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