No indictment for Gareon Conley


Gareon Conley can never be called a ham sandwich.

The Raiders cornerback, facing rape charges in Ohio, will not be indicted by a grand jury, PFT has confirmed. The decision initially was reported by Ed Gallek of FOX8 News in Cleveland.

Many legal pundits claim that prosecutors could indict a ham sandwich, in reference to the one-sided nature of the proceedings. But prosecutors must want to try to get the indictment; sometimes, prosecutors simply goes through the motions and doesn’t press aggressively for a finding by the grand jury of probable cause to believe the accused is guilty. And that can be motivated by a variety of factors, including concerns regarding the inability to secure a conviction under the high standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Although Conley can still be sued for sexual assault (with a much lower standard of proof), the case is now closed from the NFL’s perspective, because the behavior occurred before he was drafted by the Raiders. The end result from the league’s perspective is that the Raiders secured at pick No. 24 a guy who most likely would have been gone well before Oakland was on the clock.

30 responses to “No indictment for Gareon Conley

  1. If he was a Cowboy, they would’ve cut him anyway.

    Just because…

  2. If Conley had been indicted then Raider detractors could crow that the draft pick was a disaster.

    But since Conley will now be able to play, the pick rightly looks like a bargain at the #24 slot since before this stuff came up, he was projected to be a top-10 pick. So assuming that Conley does as well as expected, McKenzie looks very good on this.

  3. Sweet Move Reggie. As it is, it’s like he moved up 18 spots in the draft for doing his homework.

  4. I hope this is a lesson learned. Since he’s signed a multi million dollar contract, he now has a target on his back to keep himself out of any possible complications involving women. Times has now changed for him from college to the NFL. A great pick up for a guy that could have gone in the top 10.

  5. There is another lesson learned. If a 1st round NFL caliber talent is under suspicion of something illegal and could face possible charges – take a chance on him. See La’el Collins and Garrison Conley.

  6. Given the number of high profile grand jury cases that have not led to charges, it’s probably time to retire that aphorism.

  7. Hindsight is 20/20. Since Conley was cleared, Reggie McKenzie looks like a genius because he acquired a top 10 talent at pick 24. However, if Conley was indicted Reggie McKenzie would look like an idiot. Now all that being said, Reggie and sure has some balls for pulling the trigger on Conley when he did.

  8. Those thinking Reggie didn’t know the outcome before it happened and staked his career on it are fooling themselves. While other teams scratched this guy off their list. RM went to work.

    Again, good…, great job.

  9. Reggie gambled and was vindicated. Hopefully Conley gets healthy and Penn gets his contract situated. This could be a very good year for the Raiders!


    Well done, Reggie.

    He flew a little close to the sun, but I dig that about that guy.

    Ric Flair says, “WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

    Carry on.


  11. If folks were following the story closely after the initial reports, they would have recalled that even then, there were doubts about the veracity of the accuser. Unfortunately high profile folks have to learn to limit putting themselves in POTENTIALLY bad situations in the first place.

  12. Oh yeah the media and haters a like would have been giving Reggie and the Raiders the business! As some were already in hopes that there would be a conviction or just for the possibility that there could have been one.Just the things some A-holes do to entertain themselves.

    Now if GC plays up to his potential then he could be the top CB of his draft class.At pick 24 for that position that is a definite steal.

    The Executive of the year in 16 already doing big things in 17.

    Welcome to the Future and The Greatness of The Raiders.

  13. If we are just stating his accomplishments,he won your moms over! that has to count for something?or maybe not.

  14. 30-50, no playoff wins, no division titles….. RM fielded teams with more dead money on the cap than the players on the field were getting paid because of what he took over.

    Good drafts, got the cap right, gets great FA contracts signed. After all that, he has a 12 win playoff team that’s in great shape with the cap and it’s only getting better.

    If RM was let go by the Raiders today how many teams in the league would back up a truck load of cash to see if he could do what he did in Oakland?

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