Report: No Ezekiel Elliott decision expected this week

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It appears the wait for word on potential disciplinary action against Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott will stretch on for at least another week.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that no decision in the Elliott case is expected to come this week.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, said Saturday that “everything’s in place” for a decision to be made, but Pelissero reports that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is waiting for “outside advisors” who attended the hearing on Elliott’s case to weigh in before making a decision. The league’s Personal Conduct Policy allows for consultation with “expert and independent advisors” in evaluating potential disciplinary actions.

The lack of an announcement would allow the league to move through the Hall of Fame Game, which features the Cowboys and the Hall of Fame inductions without an Elliott decision taking space next to them in the headlines. That might not be the outcome Jones was hoping for, but he may be getting used to that given the length of the Elliott investigation thus far.

21 responses to “Report: No Ezekiel Elliott decision expected this week

  1. Enough already. He is either guilty or innocent. WTF is taking so long. The Warren report was 888 pages long and it only took 10 months. Make a decision so the Cowboys know what they need to do before September 10.
    Oh buy the way their first game is against the Giants so I am pretty sure Mara will tell Goodell to make the announcement on September 9 just to mess with Dallas.

  2. Just wrap it up already and do whatever you’re going to do. At this point it’s just silly.

  3. I’m betting 2 games and that’s what I would figure on if my fantasy football draft was soon. That means you’d probably be able to get a top 3 pick a few spots later…

  4. Zeke will not be suspened. My guess for not announcing it now is to not distract from the Hall of Fame enshrinment this weekend because you know every site and troll will be assaulting their keyboard after. And if you fall on the side that Zeke should be suspended, ask yourself why (trolls need not inquire, you know already)? There has been nothing presented as evidence that Zeke had any wrong doing within the confines of player conduct rules…unless you’re an ultimate Francis and think that pulling a woman’s shirt down (which she had no issue with) is an acceptable threshold for punishment. Our balls are in your court NFL.

  5. NFL trying to punish a player where there is no criminal charge pending. I never knew there were grey areas in justice.

  6. Lead Investigator is Hard Core Giant fan, Go figure, They don’t want JJ blasting them on Thursday, but if Zeke is suspended I don’t think JJ is going to play nice like Kraft did, he said if he had to do it again he would have fought it instead of taking one for the good of the League

  7. starenvy says:
    Jul 31, 2017 7:02 PM
    Isn’t the lead investigator an avid Giants fan and season ticket holder


    Roger Integrity Goodell or RIG 🙂

  8. Outside advisers? Discipline should be based on what was discovered in the investigation of this matter not an “advisers” opinion. This isn’t about wether or not he’s actually guilty of DA cause if it was this would’ve been decided a long time ago. The police closed the case based on the evidence they discovered which is the exact same evidence the NFL has and they obviously haven’t found anything that the PD didn’t cause again this would’ve already been decided. This is getting beyond ridiculous especially if the NFL tries to make an example of him just to make up for past failures on this issue

  9. Big Ben got suspended even though he was never charged with anything. The NFL will punish just for being a constant headline in the news, not just ESPN News, but CNN and Fox News. Gives a bad look for the NFL, he will be suspended, and most likely will be 2 games. He wants to not be a bad guy then he needs to stop putting himself in bad situations, period

  10. LOL to everyone who is saying he didnt do anything or wasnt charged. Are you guys blind? You cant tell that he is a really bad apple? What are you looking at?

  11. Mara wants him out for at least game 1 against his Giants. Jones of course doesnt. Who knows what the facts of the case are, it doesnt matter. The negotiations are all about whether he plays the Giants and apparently they dont have the settlement yet.

  12. @ victorycruz says:
    ” He wants to not be a bad guy then he needs to stop putting himself in bad situations, period”

    Wow – A giants fan taking on the role of the morality police? Seriously? Josh Brown put himself into his situation by physically abusing his wife 20 + times, it was documented, and there were 911 calls to back it up. Mara knew about it in 2015, said nothing about it (which is in violation of the NFL’s conduct policy), and Brown got a one game suspension a year later when the abuse was discovered by the league. Mara and the Giants should have been penalized for not disclosing what he knew, yet that didn’t happen AND Mara re-signed him! What a classy move.

    Elliott was dating a psycho where there was ZERO evidence he did anything wrong, and text messages were confirmed that asked her friends to lie for her about the incident, as well as texts where she threatened to ruin his career. If the PD didn’t find any wrongdoing and dropped the case, that should be enough. And yet Elliott is going to possibly get suspended MORE games than Brown? How is that consistency on the part of Bozo Goodell?

    Besides, this “investigation” has dragged out for far too long. No player has had this hanging over their heads this long, and he didn’t even do anything wrong (other than supposedly “tarnishing” the league’s “good name”). If you ask most, Goodell is doing far more harm to the league than Zeke ever has.

    If you are going to suspend Zeke for anything, suspend him for pulling down the Girl’s shirt at the parade. It was a young and dumb move. That was caught on camera, and he is clearly responsible. Other than than, move the #%*$ on……..

  13. @ o0omorriso0o says:

    “LOL to everyone who is saying he didnt do anything or wasnt charged. Are you guys blind? You cant tell that he is a really bad apple? What are you looking at?”

    I am looking at the evidence and the facts, Einstein. The Police said he didn’t do anything wrong after a thorough investigation, and it was dropped due to no evidence AND proof that she lied and asked her friends to lie for her.

    But you keep those hater goggles on that apparently allow you to see what others can’t. SMDH……….

  14. Two games. If he wasn’t going to be suspended, the NFL would just go ahead and clear him. It will be announced next week. Cowboys to start at least 0-3. Believe it.

  15. gauchosporlife says:
    Jul 31, 2017 6:07 PM
    NFL trying to punish a player where there is no criminal charge pending. I never knew there were grey areas in justice.

    See Article 46

    The NFL can do whatever they want to any player they want whenever they want and be so bold as to admit to to having absolutely no evidence in front of a Federal Judge. This was confirmed by a Federal Court.

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