Roger Goodell: Teams transition, they dont tank


The topic of whether the Jets are tanking this season in hopes of jumpstarting the construction of a better team in the future by landing the top pick in the draft has been a popular one this offseason.

Different members of the team have offered differing opinions about whether that’s the plan for this season and the team’s fans have also weighed in with their thoughts. That makes it unsurprising that the topic came up during NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s visit to the team’s training camp on Monday.

Goodell said he doesn’t think any team tanks, choosing a different word to describe when teams strip down their rosters over the course of an offseason.

“I think teams, depending on where you are, go through transitions,” Goodell said, via Rich Cimini of “They are looking to sort of say, ‘We need to build more talent here, we’ll do it through the draft. Let’s let some of our veteran players go and develop some of our younger players. That’s always been part of football. That’s always been part of sports. … Every team does that differently.”

General Manager Mike Maccagnan is overseeing the transition for the Jets and also spoke to the media on Monday, saying that he is “not going to put any limitations on what we can and can’t do” during the 2017 season. The outside view is that the team’s talent level takes care of those limitations, something Maccagnan thinks can be a motivating tool for players as they head toward September.

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  1. tell that to the colts. they should have given the colts the 25th pick for losing games on purpose. that team has 0 integrity.

  2. During the history of sports, teams have rebuilt and tried again when their product was not working. Just because it’s The Jets people like to call it tanking so they can make fun. I just want to say that the fans are happy they are tearing down the product that wasn’t very good and start the rebuilding with youth.

  3. Transitioning and tanking are two different things. When a poor MLB team makes a bunch of trades prior to the deadline, it’s typically for prospects in an attempt to build for the future. That’s transitioning. When an NBA team starts benching starters late in the season, in most cases they are trying to boost their odds for the draft lottery. That’s tanking. I don’t mind the Jets blowing up their roster and planning for the future. Time will tell whether they truly tank it as the season plays out.

  4. Roger Goodell: Teams transition, they dont tank


    Whew, that was good one. I needed that.

  5. Revis – check
    Marshall – check
    Mangold – check

    Decker – ? ok, i guess, but he could have helped
    Harris – ??? don’t get it

  6. Call it Transitioning -if a team is targeting a franchise (probably not) QB in the next draft and have determined the best way to get that QB is by having the worst roster possible and thus the worst record possible, they are tanking.

    Of course , many desperate teams do this-That is why it was laughable when his holiness, Bill Polian-the king of tanking- called out the Cleveland Browns last month. It is sickening that this jerk is being inducted into the Hall of Fame with his 1-5 record in the Superbowl.

  7. “Goodell said he doesn’t think any team tanks, choosing a different word to describe when teams strip down their rosters over the course of an offseason.”

    I’ve heard this one before.

    “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is'”.

  8. Goodell and Trump should have a “lie-off” to the mortal end.

    Is it something in the NY water?

    Not a speck of truth can be squeezed out of either one of them.

  9. “Every team does that differently”

    Yep and some of them do it by tanking. Like the Colts in ’97 & 11 or the Browns last year.

  10. Well the false narrative of tanking is tied to the proposed ideal solution of a draft lottery. The problem with this formula is that is doesn’t stop what the media has inaccurately classified as tanking. Just ask the Edmonton Oilers who tanked and tanked till they finally got a Connor McDavid with 4 number one picks in 6 years.

    Then I would ask with the Jets being so bad last year with all their high priced veterans were they tanking last year. That doesn’t seem to be an issue till they decided to clean house and cut deadwood and let younger players have a go and now it is called tanking. So using over the hill overpaid veterans is not tanking but using younger,faster and hungrier young players is tanking. Sounds like the Jets are trying to move forward than sticking to what wasn’t working.(i.e. transitioning)

  11. The Jets are in bed with the league office, so of course the highest ranking ex-Jets employee there isn’t going to say they are deliberately tanking.

  12. Would love to see a draft lottery with all teams participating. Last place team gets 32 chances—1st place team gets 1 chance etc. That should flush out the tankers and make the draft exciting for all franchises.

  13. The air pressure in those footballs weren’t deflated.

    They simply transitioneed lower.

  14. We all think Goodell is a turd, but he’s making 10s of millions a year.
    I’d trade places with him in a heart beat.
    I’ll say stupid things too and lie, just write a script for me, as long as you pay me $$$$$$$.

  15. .
    Let’s wait until mid season when the Jets fans get tired of absorbing 34-3 defeats on a weekly basis. This is going to end badly. Of that I’m certain.

  16. The San Antonio Jets kinda has a nice ring to it. Actually, The San Antonio Bills sounds better. Another “re-location” mess about to take place. All Goodell does is give corporate speak to these most dangerous issues.

  17. The Jets slashing of experience and talent to their roster is the most obvious display of blatant tanking since the Indianapolis Colts sucked for Luck.
    Interesting to note that Goodell got his first NFL employment opportunity with the New York Jets.

  18. Whenever the Jets do something illegal or unethical, leave it the former Jet pr hack to spin it. It’s what he was born to do.

  19. After Len Bias died there was no sympathy from the NBA nor when Reggie Lewis died .The Celtics had simply won too many times .Let us say that after the 18-1 season Brady couldn’t make it back from his knee injury is there anyway the NFL would allow the Pats to get away with what the Colts did ?
    My guess the only teams could get a way with out and out tanking would be both NY teams , the Colts and Ravens .

  20. The last game for the Jets is against the Patriots. It would be funny if the Pats have home field locked up, sit all their starters so that the Jets win and come in 2nd to last place.

  21. They can spin it any way they want. The Jets are tanking the season and will be lucky to come out with a win with McCown as their starting QB. Talent level is zilcho. Macagnan and Bowles will probably be fired at the end of the season.

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