When will Jets start Christian Hackenberg?

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The Jets almost certainly will open the season with Josh McCown as their starting quarterback. But McCown, at 38, doesn’t seem to fit General Manager Mike Maccagnan’s idea of building for a “long-term future.”

Maccagnan, though, wouldn’t even hint when the time might come to start Christian Hackenberg.

“I think when any player gets the ability to start, they have to have had the ability to have earned it,” Maccagnan said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “For the most part, I understand the question, but we’re so early in training camp, this will work itself out in training camp, I believe.”

Hackenberg, 22, didn’t play in a regular-season game last season after the Jets made him a second-round pick. At some point this season, the Jets will find out what they have in the former Penn State quarterback.

But it’s not like Maccagnan gave him a ringing endorsement Monday in the GM’s annual press conference with the media.

“Christian has made good progress,” Maccagnan said. “Of course, it’s all in shorts and T-shirts this offseason, but he’s done some good things. We’re kind of excited about him. I think all three of those guys [including third-year pro Bryce Petty] did some good things this offseason. Now this is the next step in the process, getting the pads on, and we’ll see how he does out there.”

11 responses to “When will Jets start Christian Hackenberg?

  1. The Jets are so terrible

    Only they would pick Maye (and hes a good player) over F Lamp when he may have been the best OL in the 17 draft, and one of the safest picks.

    C Hack seems to be totally clueless. Wasnt he the #1 QB coming out of HS?

  2. What “ringing endorsement” have you heard about Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch?

    Exactly. That’s my point.

    Dopey article.

  3. When will Jets start Christian Hackenberg?

    Ummm, never obviously. A draft pick wasted foolishly. I’m 41 and roll 370 and I know I can play the QB position better than this guy.

    As one of his coaches last year said, he couldn’t hit the ocean from the beach. Well I’m here to tell you I can hit the ocean.

    Put me in coach, waive Hackenberg.

  4. Word out of camp Hack has surprised. Still a long way to develop + a Jets passing attack that lacks veteran leadership.

    Would be nice for the Jets – if they finally lucked out at QB via draft.

  5. Well he’s right, they’re in shorts and still more than a week away from the first preseason game. If he gave him a ringing endorsement you’d say “that means nothing because they’re in shorts right now, and we’ll wait until he puts pads on to see how he performs.”

  6. Jets fan here…to be honest with you Hack was a mistake should have never been drafted that high… I know we haven’t seen him play yet but I can tell by seeing him work out and can’t the guy can’t even hit a 5-yard out the future is in the draft next year for good quarterbacks coming out next year I’m sure the Jets can grab one of them.. also keep in mind this is a long shot but Kirk Cousins if he reaches the market next year the Jets will have over 80 million in salary cap Money Talks is all I’m saying…

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