Blake Bortles had a better practice on Monday


Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles threw five interceptions during last Saturday’s practice, leading coach Doug Marrone to say he was “concerned” about the performance and that the team would look at plays in order to eliminate ones that aren’t working.

The Jaguars were back on the field Monday and it appears they picked the right plays to run during that practice session. In 35 snaps of 11-on-11 work, Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union reports that Bortles completed 22-of-23 passes in a stronger outing than his last one.

“I thought he bounced back well, which is something that you obviously want to do,” Marrone said.

The Jaguars have talked a lot about building up the run game this year and put action behind it by drafting running back Leonard Fournette in the first round. They still need consistent play from their quarterback, however, and Marrone made particular note on Monday that Bortles has to “make sure the ball doesn’t go to the other team” if the offense is going to succeed.

The final judgment of Bortles’ ability to do that won’t come from early training camp practices, but everything’s going to be under the microscope given Bortles’ uncertain future in Jacksonville.

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  1. Bortles is who he is.

    He isn’t all of a sudden going to stop making bad decisions.

    The team will just make every attempt to take the decision making opportunities away from him.

    There is almost no chance he is the long term starter in Jacksonville. The Jags just want to make it through this year and then come back in 2018 with Kirk Cousins or Jimmy Garroppolo at QB.

  2. No offense in history of the NFL has had success behind a bad offensive line. Maybe all of these QBs aren’t the problem, perhaps it’s the line that needs fixing.

  3. I was at Saturday nights practice and it was ugly. Fans around me were joking “we’re down 7-0, now we’re down 14-0” as each INT was thrown. I guess the game plan is to dumb down the playbook to try and get Blake going. Feels like another 5 win season coming up. Blake should have never been given the job this year and we should have brought somebody in draft wise or a vet. We’ll probably be picking top 5 again and it will probably be a QB and starting all over again. Meanwhile guys like A Rob will be in their 7-8 year when the new rookie QB hits his stride (IF!).

    10 years now as a season ticket holder. Leftwich, Gabbert and Bortles as our QB’s has made it painful.

  4. It’s pretty early in camp for a HC to use “bounce back” for his starting QB. I think BB is going to have a tough way to go this season. Good luck.

  5. Every quarterback has bad days. For a true franchise QB, the bad days are average and the good days are great. The lows can’t be too low. To me, it looks like BB’s good days are average and his bad days are awful.

  6. 4th best QB in FL.


    Maybe 7th behind the QBs for UF, FSU and Univ of Miami.

  7. Blake Bortles had a better practice on Monday

    That’s about like saying the someone had a better day Hugh Freeze the day he got fired. That’s setting the bar pretty low there but then again, it’s the Jags. It’s hard to get any worse than they have been under Gus Bradley.

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