Browns will stick with current QB rotation through Friday scrimmage


The Browns are moving toward figuring out who their starting quarterback will be. For now, though, coach Hue Jackson won’t be making any decisions.

“I probably want to go through the scrimmage on Friday and then kind of see where we are from there,” Jackson told reporters on Monday. “Guys are battling and competing. They are doing some good things. The thing I’m most pleased about is the ball isn’t going to the other team a lot. That is what gives you a chance. If we play good defense, are able to run the football, take care of the ball and get turnovers on defense, then good things can happen.”

Apparently, nothing has happened when it comes to figuring out who the Week One starter will be. Jackson realizes that time is coming.

“Obviously, we are closer to making decisions than we are not as you keep going every day,” Jackson said. “I have seen some good things from our guys. I have seen some things we have to keep improving at.”

The rookie and arguable fan favorite, DeShone Kizer, is demonstrating his running ability, scoring a pair of touchdowns on the ground during team drills on Monday.

“He has the skillset,” Jackson said of Kizer. “We try to showcase all of those guys’ talents and abilities. There are some things that he can do that may be a little different, and we will give him an opportunity to do those things.”

The real question is whether he’ll get that opportunity when the time comes to play. Jackson said it’s still too early to determine whether Kizer can be the starter.

Maybe, in the end, a Kizer package will be included in the team’s offense even if Cody Kessler on someone else wins the starting job. Which, in Cleveland, definitely means winning the right to be the first guy benched.

3 responses to “Browns will stick with current QB rotation through Friday scrimmage

  1. Don’t rush the kid. They’ll all play this season. We will know within the first 4 games if Kessler has improved with a better line and the second year in the system.

    Osweiller is the bridge between the two if Kessler gets hurt early or is an utter disaster. Kizer (may) be the future. But don’t rush him.

  2. Long term, Kessler looks like a really solid NFL backup. Start Osweiler until Kizer is ready, with Kessler always there for spot duty if Osweiler gets hurt before Kizer is ready.

    Once Kizer assumes the starting role, Osweiler is cut in the offseason and you have Kessler as a long term #2.

  3. @bobsacamano2
    Gotta disagree with you there. Yea, he doesn’t need to start the season but we need to see him 6-8 full games before the season is thru. We have 2 first rounders next year with a decent crop of QBs coming out. We need to at least answer the question of if he’s Goff/Leaf/Ponder bad or if there’s real hope to hang our orange hats on. We already know Kessler is a decent backup but not likely much more.

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