Cardinals keeping all their starters out of Hall of Fame Game


The Cardinals get the “honor” of playing in the first preseason game because one of their old quarterbacks is going into the Hall of Fame.

But it’ll be another week before their current quarterback, or any of his peers in the starting lineup, take the field.

Via Darren Urban of the team’s official website, coach Bruce Arians said none of his starters will play Thursday night in the Hall of Fame game against the Cowboys.

That means quarterback Carson Palmer won’t play, but backup Drew Stanton won’t either. That leaves the first half of the game in the hands of Blaine Gabbert and the second half to undrafted rookie Trevor Knight.

Holding the regulars back has become common for the teams that get the fifth preseason game, and with the Cardinals limiting Palmer’s throws this offseason, it’s not much of a surprise.

17 responses to “Cardinals keeping all their starters out of Hall of Fame Game

  1. This man is legit god awful to watch. Scratch that, he’s UNBEARABLE to watch. If anyone saw that 49ers vs Cardinals TNF last season then you know what I’m referring to.

  2. Its time to get rid of this game, no body wants to see the 3rd and 4th string players, plus most of the guys who will NOT be on this team in Sept. Its just another way for the greedy NFL to make money. Bill

  3. You know who hates Bruce Arians ??

    Fans of teams whose head coach is worse than Bruce Arians….

    Which is most fan bases.

    The guy is a great football coach.

  4. I’m surprised Stanton isn’t playing. Should be fun to watch Knight get some reps though.

    Any word on whether the Cowboys are playing any starters yet?

  5. I think that its time to completely re-think the HOF Game completely !! It does not even carry the excitement of a pre-season game or even the Pro bowl which in itself has become a farce … I do not even watch the games anymore because they carry no meaning. The pro bowl does not even have those who are selected playing in it anymore,This has gotten so out of control with fake or non-existent injuries that we as fans , are not getting what we pay for!!! I think it needs to become as they were real games with meaning and excitement,The first change I would make is if you are selected and do not play for any reason you forfeit your name being on the ballot the following years ballot,if decline 2 invites forfeiture of 3 yrs ,decline a 3rd year? 5 year ban …. I know this sounds harsh!! But don’t we as fans deserve to get exactly what we pay for?? Looking forward to hearing your ideals and thoughts !!!

  6. With the start of training camp being pushed back so much, the Hall of Fame game is 7 days after the start of training camp. So they are not ready. Push the Hall of Fame game to Preseason Week 1, Thursday night. Not an extra game. It will have the same excitement as a preseason game (yawn) but that will be an improvement over its current status. HoF teams don’t play an extra game, one of them looses a home preseason game. Just like London home teams.

  7. After last year’s disaster, I’m surprised the NFL suits have the stones to continue the game. Get rid of it.

  8. Pretty sure Arians has the best winning percentage of any active NFL coach. Plus 2 COTY awards in the past 4 seasons. Give the man his due, he didn’t exactly inherit a powerhouse team.

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