Cowboys face fine for having three players suspended

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The Cowboys face a fine from the NFL under the league’s remittance policy. Damontre Moore’s suspension, which was announced last week, gives the Cowboys three suspensions since the league year began.

The NFL is finalizing its remittance policy, according to ESPN’s Todd Archer, but the league fined the Cowboys $500,000 last season for suspensions to Rolando McClain, Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence. Based on the 2016 policy, the league would dock the Cowboys 25 percent of the base salaries the suspended players will lose, or roughly $91,000.

However, three other Cowboys — Ezekiel Elliott, Nolan Carroll and Damien Wilson — face suspensions, which could bring the team’s fine to the maximum $500,000.

Moore was not with the Cowboys when he received a DWI in December, which led to his two-game suspension, but the Cowboys still are penalized. Receiver Shaq Evans also counts, though he no longer is with the team. The Cowboys released him after the league suspended him four games for violating the substance-abuse policy. David Irving will miss four games for violating the performance-enhancing drugs policy.

The NFL created the club remittance policy to hold teams accountable for acquiring players who have violated league policies.

31 responses to “Cowboys face fine for having three players suspended

  1. Where’s these Cowboys fans at who keep saying the Cowboys are “league average” when it comes to suspensions?

    I can only imagine the excuses they can come up with when their record is “league average” at 8-8 or 7-9 this year. Lol.

  2. The NFL could nip this by fining teams draft choices rather than ‘chump change’, $500.000 fines for multi player suspensions. This would directly change Jerry Jones modus operandi of paying out his loose change for an annoyance.

  3. Forget fining the team, this is chump change. Make owners like Jerry Jones work in public service like a soup kitchen 6 hours a day Saturday and Sunday during the season when their team embarrass the shield. Putting them out and doing something that teaches humility will surely enrage them and this would certainly lay the hammer down on players and their moronic behavior. Not a slap on the wrist the a 5 dollar fine equivalent.

  4. While I am an admitted Cowboys fan, i dont understand fining a team for taking a second change on players. On one hand the league wants to present itsself as a caring , player, league a the same time they wan to fine you for doing what they present. its hypocritical. If they take this approach why not just ban players who are suspended?

  5. Randy Gregory has bipolar disorder and for all we kniw, his marajuana usage will probably be legal as it relates to “pain management” in the not too distant future.
    D Law did get popped last year, wowzer. Crazy purple drank McClain hasn’t been on the field for the team in quite some time now, in fact, since he got hooked on the grape stuff.

  6. But, but, but isn’t Jerry really running the NFL? I mean people here have made that exact claim.

  7. theyabninf says:
    Aug 1, 2017 8:08 PM

    But, but, but isn’t Jerry really running the NFL? I mean people here have made that exact claim.


    ….and here I thought he just bought his way into the HOF.

  8. The irony of putting Jerry Jones into the HOF (should have been Jimmy Johnson) at the same time they are leveling record fines for bad behavior.

    How bout them Cowboys?

  9. Make it an even million, keep some aside for later
    Jerry’s Boys gonna need a revolving account to keep up with all the felons on the roster.

  10. If I choose to violate the terms of employment at my job, I and only I will be the one to pay the price for being an idiot. The only way it affects my employer is when they have to take the time to send my ass down the road. The NFLPA wants these jugheads to get second, third or unlimited chances, so let them pay the fines.

  11. The league looked at taking away draft picks a few years ago but it never materialized. Players don’t care about fines until they turn into suspensions. Likewise, losing draft picks will make teams think twice.

  12. So most commenter feel that this fine will somehow magically make the team go 8-8 again? Gotta love the internet…let me tell you those 8-8 seasons were only a product of Romos miraculous play at certain times to even get the team to that point, those teams should have finished 5-11 or worse because they lacked so much talent and depth. In hindsight, finishing worst could have given them better position at the draft rather than being middle of the pack. Look at this previous draft as a perfect example.

  13. Those fine amounts are a joke. $500K max isn’t even veteran minimum salary. Up the money, and increase the penalty for consecutive years…a low round draft pick.

    To the guy who thinks this prevents teams from giving players second chances…if your whole team isn’t full of screw ups, you’ll never get to the penalty. Run a tight ship and the rats will flee.

  14. It used to be that convicted felons were given a choice to go to jail or join the army. Well in Texas it is either go to jail or play for the cowboys!




  16. Every NFL team has players being suspended – if they take away draft choices, entire rounds will be lost during the draft. The draft is a big cash cow for the league…they are never going to mess with that for something as widespread as this, so it will remain a fine.

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