Ray Lewis advises Colin Kaepernick to do, well, something

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The Ravens surely meant well when they embarked on a slow-motion, public deliberation regarding whether to sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The process nevertheless has become farcical at times, with unreasonable fear of the reaction to signing him causing paralysis by analysis, ultimately inviting anyone and everyone with an opinion on the matter to contact the organization and make their views known.

Adding to the confusion has been the team’s injection of former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis into the process. Presumably done in the hopes that the Lewis imprimatur would make it easier to get reluctant Ravens fans to accept Kaepernick, the team overlooked the possibility that Lewis would choose to talk publicly about Kaepernick — and that Lewis would say things that don’t really make a whole lot of sense.

It’s the latest example of Lewis mistaking charm, charisma, cadence, and inflection for substance. That habit of saying in a compelling way words that when transcribed send a rambling, unclear message marred his career at ESPN, and it has now reared its head twice this week.

During a Monday appearance on FS1, Lewis and Shannon Sharpe engaged in a debate that featured both men speaking but only one of them actually saying anything. On Tuesday, Lewis separately tried make his point without being constantly pummeled against the ropes, in a video that he recorded in his car and posted on Twitter.

I’ve now listened to it three times (the video appears below), and I’m not sure what Ray’s point is. The broader goal, apparently, was to talk his way out of the criticism he has absorbed for whatever he was trying to say when discussing the issue on FS1. But when typing up and looking at the actual words he uttered in the new video, I don’t know what he was trying to say.

“If they really wanna help you, they’ll pray for you, brother,” Lewis says at one point. “They’ll lead you the right way and stop encouraging you to be caught up in some of this nonsense. The battles you are fighting, brother, people way before has been fighting these for many, many, many years.”

What nonsense is Lewis referring to? Given that some people think everything Kaepernick did last season is nonsense, precision is crtical. What does Ray Lewis specifically contend to be the “nonsense” in which Kaepernick was caught up?

Lewis ultimately offers this advice to Kaepernick: “The football field is our sanctuary. If you do nothing else, young man, get back on the football field and let your play speak for itself. And what you do off the field, don’t let too many people know, because they’re gonna judge you anyway. No matter what you do. No matter if it’s good or bad.”

Obviously, Kaepernick can’t get back onto the football field until someone offers him a job. The notion that he should, once he’s playing again, keep his non-football interests a secret is confusing, at best.

Plenty of players have issues and causes and foundations that they support in their spare time. The fact that the players have the platform of pro sports gives those issues and causes and foundations even more exposure. With Kaepernick committed to not using the sidelines as a platform for demonstration in 2017, why should he also take his off-field efforts to improve society underground?

On an issue where nearly everyone has a strong view at either end of the spectrum, Ray Lewis seems to be the one person who is trying to have it both ways, supporting Kaepernick while simultaneously wagging a finger at him, apparently in the hopes of pleasing everyone and/or offending no one.

Ray’s words are actually a microcosm of the team’s effort to decide what to do about Kaepernick, creating a conflicting, contradictory stew of comments and views and observations that careen around the room and never reach a conclusion. The problem is that, for both Lewis and the Ravens, this clumsy effort to please everyone and/or offend no one eventually going to please no one and/or offend everyone.

45 responses to “Ray Lewis advises Colin Kaepernick to do, well, something

  1. at the rate the Ravens are getting injured I wouldnt be surprised if Kaperaeaesek got injured and out for the year his first day of practice if he got signed.

  2. kind of sounds like when anyone asked him about a certain night in Atlanta and he babbled on about views from God to being a friend to football. He should have went into politics the way he speaks on a subject brought up by someone.

  3. so are you saying Ray Lewis is an attorney now?
    I had no idea he would lower himself to that

  4. “It’s the latest example of Lewis mistaking charm, charisma, cadence, and inflection for substance.”

    Tell us how you really feel, Mike.

  5. One question: Who cares? You will take any opening – no matter how obscure or tangential – to talk about this. Yawwwwnnnn.

  6. I urge Marxist SJWs, and black supremacists everywhere to join us self respecting Christian Tebow fans everywhere in boycotting the NFL! March with us against injustice!

  7. Kaep is doing something it just isn’t football related. Time for everyone to move on.

  8. The most ignorant statement that I have ever read or heard! Thank God MLK and others who gave their lives so that people like yourself can have the priveledges that allow you to make millions$$! I never really had any respect for you, but it is funny that a murder was allowed to play in the NFL, but a young man that put his life and livelihood on the line for the lives of others.

    Mr. Lewis would you have told Muhammad Ali to be quiet!

    What about MLK!

  9. The process is farcical? Actually it’s called due diligence. But it’s only farcical because Florio believes in Kaepernicks insane message.

    I guess it is farcical to Florio when it’s not you who is the owner of the club risking millions of dollars if not tens of millions.

    When it’s someone else, facts don’t matter.

    It’s also apparently ‘unreasonable fear’ when the ramifications of a circus aren’t something Florio will have to deal with.

    Not to mention the potential hassle of your employees receiving harassing phone calls, perhaps someone getting a hole of higher ups phone numbers and harassing them, protests, boycotts, season ticket cancellations, potential lower television viewership, etc.

    …and again Florio, he had a platform already. As starting QB he didn’t need to make a scene to get attention, there were plenty of reporters looking for interviews from him any time he wishes, especially after football games.

    The farce is, Kaepernick needlessly racially divided people for no reason, muddying the waters of an important issue because he is an idiot, and decided to antagonize the public by disrespecting the flag, anthem, cops, and supporting communist dictators.

    The militarization of police was brought to us by BAD POLICY enacted BY ALL RACES to the detriment of ALL RACES, even negatively impacting COPS themselves. Kaepernick is too corrupt or too stupid to notice this.

    All he had to do was say, look this was bad policy enacted by people like Clinton, Bush, and Obama and it is harming all people of all races… and done it at his locker or on the sideline during practice or after a game. But when you hang around with hate groups, you get bad information, bad ideas, and consequences follow.

  10. I believe Joe Flacco mentioned– Ray Lewis would give really intense speeches at team meetings, and he had no idea what Lewis was talking about.

    But he would nod and agree. Because that is what everyone else did.

  11. This video is the single best reason why the NFL SHOULD give the NIH the concussion research money they promised, no questions asked.

  12. Could the Krappernick stories go away! Between the tv show and this site enough is enough. Hopefully this guy will just go away

  13. “why should he also take his off-field efforts to improve society underground?”

    Well he sure wasn’t and isn’t improving society, only Libs think that.

  14. Ray sounds more like a guy who got away with murder every time he opens his mouth. One of these days, maybe on his death bed, all that God talk is going to catch up with him and he’s going to confess.

  15. Ray Lewis is god. Kaepernick is a hate-America commie. Yet PFT continues it fake-news sympathy for Kaepernick.

    Let’s get real: he’s black-balled, headed to the CFL where the Canucks can cheer him while he’s burning American flags.

  16. I like the picture on hiss Twitter with his Huey Newton t-shirt. The co-founder of the Black Panthers who is a convicted murderer and woman beater. He has some good influences. Teams should be fighting over this fine young man.

  17. What an excellent plan to get back into the NFL. Take career advice from a double murderer. Has anybody asked OJ for his opinion? Oh, thats right. He didnt kill anybody either.

  18. The title of this article should be: “Ray Lewis advises Colin Kaepernick to do, well, no one knows.”

  19. The bottom line is that CK is solely responsible for his career being in the gutter. He did this, no one else. Yes, he has free speech but no, he is not immune from the consequences of that speech. He is not good enough on the field for the owners to look the other way.

  20. Plenty of players have issues and causes and foundations that they support in their spare time” – and there is your answer. This Idiot did it on the owners time, and now they have the right not to hire someone who champions their cause while employed.

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