Should Manziel go to the CFL? One of his former coaches says yes

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Texas Tech coach Patrick Mahomes recently played for Kliff Kingsbury in Lubbock. Before arriving there, Kingsbury tutored Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M.

Appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Kingsbury addressed Manziel’s college performances, making it clear that Manziel relied heavily on his God-given talent. Though couched in positive terms — Kingsbury said Manziel dominated the SEC with “little preparation” — the point was clear. And it’s a point that nagged at Manziel throughout his brief NFL career.

With his NFL career on hiatus at best and over at worst, Manziel should consider doing what Kingsbury did as he tried to get as much out of his abilities as possible — go to Canada and either play his way back to the NFL or confirm that it’s just not in the cards.

But like various other NFL players who washed out of the league under circumstances that leave the door open for speculation and conjecture that with a fair shake they could excel, Manziel likely prefers the perception that he could get it done in the NFL if given a chance rather than going to Canada and failing there like he failed here.

For everything Kingsbury had to say on all topics, including Mahomes, the spread offense, Texas Tech’s prospects for 2017, and more, check out the video.

29 responses to “Should Manziel go to the CFL? One of his former coaches says yes

  1. Yes, I’m sure CFL teams are lining up for a locker room cancer in the form of a lazy indulgent midget QB with drug, alcohol and violence issues.

  2. Manziel and Kaepernick should seriously think about Canada:
    1. Their styles of quarterbacking might be a better fit for the CFL game.
    2. They may both be happier away from their respective stories and atmospheres
    3. They may both want to get away from the fans here. Take this site for an example. Why would they want to be around the fans here any longer if they have other legitimate football opportunities? They are both young enough to have good careers in Canada.

  3. If only Manziel actually cared about playing enough to actually do something that might make it possible for him to get a try out – like getting sober or staying in shape.

  4. If you’re tying to get back in the NFL, playing football against the highest competition you can find would be better than sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring.

  5. Guys like Curt Warner, Joe Theismann ,Warren Moon &Doug Flutie
    who really wanted to play QB in the NFL went to Canada and worked their butts off so teams would give them a chance. Johnny, Kap and RG III wait for the media to talk them up to get their opportunities.
    Get to work, be successful in the CFL and teams will come knocking.

  6. If I was “Johnny Football” I would head for Canada double quick. It’s pretty much his last chance to revive his career. But the real question is….”has he tamed his alcoholism”.

  7. What makes you think the CFL is interested?
    Manziel is a bum, no matter on wich side of the 49th parallel you are.

  8. His family’s wealth has worked against him. The hunger isn’t there for him to do what everyone is suggesting.

  9. ” Curt Warner, Joe Theismann ,Warren Moon &Doug Flutie
    who really wanted to play QB in the NFL went to Canada and worked their butts off so teams would give them a chance”

    Kurt Warner never played in the CFL, he played in Arena league and NFL Europe.

  10. Please proofread your articles before posting. This is so elementary.

    So many errors, it is pathetic

  11. Manziel has to take responsibility for his actions. Ultimately he has to prepare himself for what to do after college is over. However, colleges are being paid big bucks to prepare people for work life after college. Coaches are football professors. Many do teach college courses in some sport related class. An Engineering professor is tasked with preparing his students to join a big engineering firm and build a bridge. Coach Klinger or whoever did not do his job. He was to prepare Johnny to prepare the way NFL quarterbacks do. He should have demanded Johnny pass a test on each opponent on Friday and bench him if he did not. Coach Sumlin and Klinger were more concerned about there own fat contracts and coddled Johnny by letting his preparation slide knowing he would win on pure talent in the allegedly tough SEC. But they selfishly did not do there job by benching Johnny if he did not know the opponents defense inside and out.

  12. arcross12042004scorp15 says: Curt Warner did not play in Canada but rather the Arena league. Flutie was forced to play in Canada because he crossed the picket lines in a strike and no one would hire him. Much like Manziel and Kap now.

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