Bruce Smith arrives at Browns camp to work with Myles Garrett

Bruce Smith
Getty Images

Bruce Smith arrived at Browns training camp Wednesday to work with No. 1 overall pick Myles Garrett.

Smith and Garrett struck up a friendship after watching game film together hours before the NFL Draft at Garrett’s home in Arlington, Texas. Smith promised to mentor Garrett and said earlier this week he hoped to get to Cleveland this week.

Smith, the No. 1 overall pick in 1985, made it happen.

Although the two haven’t talked since the draft, Garrett was looking forward to spending time with and learning from Smith again.

“He’s willing to be a helping hand anytime I need it, so I know coming up soon, as soon as I get this couple days under my belt to see what the game is like, see what the pace is, I’ll just pick his brain and see what he can offer because he’s one of the best,” Garrett said earlier this week, via Nate Ulrich of the Beacon Journal. “I know he’s going to have some useful information.”