Dolphins confirm Jay Ajayi has a concussion


Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi has a concussion and will be sidelined from practice.

The Dolphins confirmed the concussion today, after he experienced symptoms following a couple of hard hits on the practice field yesterday.

The collisions that led to Ajayi’s injury caused coach Adam Gase to face some questions about whether it’s wise to have such an important player taking hits in training camp. But Gase defended the decision to have full-contact practices, saying they’re an important part of getting players ready to play when the games count in September.

Ajayi is one of the Dolphins’ most important players, so keeping him healthy is an important priority. It seems unlikely that he’ll see full contact again any time soon.

24 responses to “Dolphins confirm Jay Ajayi has a concussion

  1. Gase made the right decision even if it had an unfortunate side effect. The run D was brutal last year. The tackling isn’t going to improve without practicing it.

  2. No point bubblewrapping these guys only to see them hurt wk1, and sometimes these training hits help them to learn how to better absorb impacts (e.g., was his head too high, did he not try enough to take the brunt of the impact with his shoulder etc, etc). Hey, football’s hard. Good luck Londoner Jay.

  3. Let’s not have contact for football players, oh the horror !

    Of course they’ll tackle like crap when the real games come but who cares right? Wrap them in bubble wrap every second when there isn’t a regular season game or playoff that day.

  4. Send in some other 5th string RB to take those hits during running drills. Not your offensive MVP.

  5. I applaud Gase’s actions and reasoning. This is football and that includes tackling and avoiding tackles. How can you possibly practice effectively without it? Do we teach teenagers to drive by sitting them on a couch and having them pretend to turn a wheel? Losing Ajayi to a concussion this early is probably better than having it happen in the first quarter of game 1. At least now they know they need to take a hard look at the rest of the guys and can plan effectively for if/when it happens during the season.

  6. Jay Ajayi is a system product and Tannehill has been masquerading as a first round pick for several seasons now. Between those negatives and the fact the pats are still in the AFCE, I don’t see the Dolphins doing anything special this year.

  7. The next CBA should be interesting…I’d say the NFLPA will try to abolish contact in all team activities except for preseason & regular season games…Games should be good around week 6.

  8. Gase made the right decision even if it had an unfortunate side effect. The run D was brutal last year. The tackling isn’t going to improve without practicing it.

    We can practice tackling someone other than our star player.

  9. Just because it’s called the Lombardi trophy, doesn’t mean you have to think like him… Times have changed genius…

  10. You gotta take hits in practice or you don’t get into football condition. Some of the hits you don’t see them coming and you have to protect yourself as best you can.

  11. Gotta agree with Gase’s decision, our tacking was embarrassing last year. Its tackle football, not flag football. Unfortunate, but these things happen, look at all the Raven injuries and they weren’t hitting.

  12. Silver lining is that opens a door for 2nd year player Kenyan Drake who is pretty darn good and getting better. Two great running backs in Miami would change everything in the division.

  13. You’re not going to win the division by playing tag in practice’re not going to win the division anyway, but you get the point..

  14. Thing is it didn’t happen during the full contact portion of practice, it was a 2-minute drill where they hit but don’t tackle to the ground. Players can get hurt on any play or drill.

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