Giovani Bernard on Vontaze Burfict: He’s my buddy


Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict touched off a scuffle at Bengals camp on Tuesday when he hit running back Giovani Bernard in the legs and brought him to the ground during a drill that allowed for contact but not live tackling.

Defensive coordinator Paul Guenther said the biggest problem was that the drill didn’t call for Burfict to make a tackle.

“We don’t want to take the backs to the ground and get somebody hurt,” Guenther said, via the team’s website. “When it’s a live drill we can do that. It’s a different story. We can’t do it on Sundays so we shouldn’t do it out here in my opinion. Yeah, I told him that. We’re on the same team.”

Bernard, who is recovering from a torn ACL, said there were no bad feelings as a result of the play.

“That’s my man,” Bernard said. “Tez is Tez. He’s going to play the way he plays. That’s my buddy. That’s my dude. It’s just early in camp getting some frustration out. That’s football.”

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis spoke to Burfict, who came out of the drill after the fracas, but didn’t reveal what he said while lamenting the practice time lost to “pushing and shoving.”

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  1. There was also a quote where Gio said that Burfict slipped after being blocked. This is a non-issue. Go ahead and cue the “this criminal should be in jail” comments though. Tyler Eifert also got into a scuffle with Shawn Williams, although, it gets no press because it’s not Vontaze. I understand that Gio is coming off an ACL, but if he weren’t 100%, he wouldn’t be out there.

  2. Loose Cannon…

    The Bungles keep gambling on these type of guys. I don’t see it ever paying off.

  3. I don’t like Burfict at all, but I watched the replay this is making a mountain out of molehill. He hits him in the waist and then slides down to tackle him.

  4. Bernard ought to chopblock him from the blindside. See if “Tez” likes what he gives out on a regular basis. My guess is your friendship with him will still be rock solid…

  5. Yeah, so sometimes one of my colleagues takes risks with my health and safety at work. But its all good because we are buddies.

  6. “That’s my man,” Bernard said. “Tez is Tez. He’s going to play the way he plays.

    It’s in his DNA. He can’t even stop himself from hitting his own teammate in a non-tackling drill.

  7. Burfect is definitely a loose cannon, but I think the Bengals will bounce back and be a decent team this year. They can complete for the division with the Steelers for sure, although I still think the Steelers will take it most likely. Bengals are kind of under the radar. after missing the Playoffs last year for the first time in a while.

  8. I am never going to forget that time they were playing the Patriots and little Danny Amendola (of all people?) totally cheap shotted Burfict. Amendola got disciplined by both coach and league as he well should have, but that doesnt mean I cant still laugh about such a David vs Goliath moment with all that irony.

  9. I don’t like Burfict – he’s had way too many dirty hits for my taste – hits that seemed purposely dirty.

    This wasn’t one of them. Hit at waist, slid down legs while falling.

    Non story.

  10. I’m afraid one day he will do something worse than he did to Antonio Brown, and break somebody’s neck or back.

    He has the physical ability to play at a high level without the cheap-shots, but just doesn’t have the smarts to play by the rules.

    If he ever does it to the Steelers again, Tomlin’s guys might take matters in their own hands.

  11. I’m not even a bengals fan but why do so many people seem to think Burfict is evil incarnate? Wasn’t he one of the top rated linebackers in the league for several years in a row? He plays dangerously and occasionally his emotions get the better of him… Sounds a lot like Ray Lewis to. Except that Burfict has never been involved in a murder or even been arrested. With a division historically full of “dirty” linebackers (looking at you Pitt and Baltimore), why are the Bengals constantly ripped for having one too?

    Sounds a lot like people are scared to have their teams face him. I know I am, and not because he’s a loose cannon but because he is a damn good linebacker.

  12. Watched it – was a solid tackle. But yeah, if you’re not supposed to tackle in the drill I could see being a bit annoyed. No cheap shot though.

    Anyone else think they need to move on from Dalton? Don’t know if he’s ever gonna be “the guy”.

  13. I too watched the video. He grabbed Bernard around the waist and slipped down, Bernard went down. If it weren’t for Vontaze Burfict’s reputation this would not even be a story.

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