Jared Lorenzen weighs 500 pounds: “I fight my demons every day”

When Jared Lorenzen was the Giants’ backup quarterback, he weighed 285 pounds and would laugh along with jokes about his status as the league’s biggest passer. But in retirement his weight has spiraled out of control, and he now says it’s no laughing matter.

Lorenzen has gone public with the fact that he now weighs 500 pounds and is planning to make a documentary about his struggles with controlling his eating and getting himself back into shape. He said he hopes it inspires children to make healthy choices.

“We want to make sure kids get involved,” he told kentucky.com. “My [part] is going to be the educational side of it with the kids. Letting people know that, ‘Hey, you need to have healthy choices in food, you need to exercise, you need to do some of those things you hear about or you could become big like this. I fight my demons every day, so I’ve got to continue to work at it.”

Lorenzen doesn’t have an ideal weight in mind, but he wants to get healthy enough that his blood pressure is normal and he is not an increased risk of heart disease. His planned Jared Lorenzen Project documentary will show what he’s doing to get there.