Jay Gruden’s loving having bigger receivers this year


Washington has had good receivers in the past. But coach Jay Gruden hasn’t enjoyed having a pair of guys with the size of Terrelle Pryor and Josh Doctson, and he’s eager to put that size to good use.

Via Rick Snider of the Washington Post, Gruden said having the 6-foot-4 Pryor and the 6-2 Doctson opens up the playbook for him.

“I do like to have bigger receivers in the red zone here and there to be able to throw some fades, too. What the heck, you know, I love the fade,” Gruden said. “You can throw the back-shoulder fade. You can throw it over the top. They can go up and get seam-balls.”

Of course, it isn’t a simple matter of size. With his wingspan and jumping ability, Pryor plays taller than his listed height, and has used it to his advantage in practice.

The local media would probably enjoy describing it in more detail, but the team’s policy on reporters shooting video restricts them. Those rules do not, however, apply to any and every fan who walks through the door carrying a small camera/editing machine/broadcasting platform/phone.

One such helpful fan was @CarolB, who showed just how impressive Pryor has been.

That’s the kind of play smaller receivers aren’t able to make, but not every big one can make it the way Pryor did. We’re just happy we got to see such an impressive play for ourselves.

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  1. i’m not a redskins fan or a pryor fan but man is this the best post i’ve seen on this site in a months.

    i’m ready for some football

  2. What a shame they won’t let the media in with their cameras. They’ve done so much for the REDSKINS. So responsible and honestly wouldn’t cut it up to fit their own agenda. The REDSKINS have really learned how to run a proper organization. Just took a long time. Dan Snyder not involved, check. Long term coach, check. Solid roster of football players, check. Not over paying, check. Team president responsible for the cap, check. No camp holdouts,check. Finally..not letting media run around like they’re important in any way. Journalism is dead thankfully

  3. Thats nice and all, but these two are not the threat Garcon and DJ were, defenses will play them differently so I hope they get that running game going big time!

  4. I wish Pryor had been open to playing WR when the Raiders tried to convert him. Still, the team did the right thing by releasing him so he could take his shot at QB elsewhere. By all accounts, he’s a really good teammate, very professional at the NFL level. I wish him nothing but the best

  5. The Redskins had no choice but to let Garcon/Djack go—-their age and what they wanted in salary was just not worth it. I think Pryor, Doctson, Crowder will fill the gap nicely and allow the offense to open up more with taller receivers.

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