John Bowlen faces probation violation allegation


With John Bowlen facing DUI charges in California while allegedly driving more than 100 miles per hour, the son of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen has a separate legal entanglement in his home state of Colorado.

Via in Denver, the DUI situation has triggered an allegation that John Bowlen violated the terms of the probation arising from his 2015 domestic violence arrest.

Lawyer Harvey Steinberg, per the report, has challenged an arrest warrant, claiming that John Bowlen never was officially told that his probation had begun when the Colorado Supreme Court refused to take up an appeal of his conviction earlier this year.

It’s unclear when or how John Bowlen, 31, believed the probation period began, but the arrest warrant outlines various deficiencies suggesting that he didn’t behave as if the probation period had begun, from failing to contact his probation officer to failing to perform his community service to failing to pay all fines arising from the domestic violence case to failing to undergo counseling to failing to obtain permission to leave Colorado.

So maybe he’s actually innocent. Or maybe he’s just an entitled rich kid who thinks the rules that apply to the rest of us don’t apply to him and when they do there’s always a way to buy his way out of trouble.

Either way, he’ll now be trying to buy his way out of trouble in two different jurisdictions.