John Harbaugh: All indications on Joe Flacco’s back are “very positive”


When word of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco’s back injury first broke, there was a report that he’d miss 3-6 weeks but Flacco said he hoped to be back on the field after a week of rest.

On Tuesday, PFT reported that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco’s back is doing better after that week of rest and Ravens coach John Harbaugh delivered the same message when he met with reporters on Wednesday.

“All indications from Joe and our trainer Mark Smith have been very positive,” Harbaugh said, via Jamison Hensley of

That progress hasn’t led Harbaugh and the Ravens to set a date for Flacco to return to the field at this point, but discussions about that presumably won’t be far off if things continue to move in the right direction.

5 responses to “John Harbaugh: All indications on Joe Flacco’s back are “very positive”

  1. He had Ashly Manning order herself some more HGH……problem solved!!!
    Joes doing much better now that Ashly got her shipment of HGH in…..coincidence, ask Peyton!! Lol

  2. Yay, so we can get our in the 80s career passer rating qb back who has another subpar season and they just blame the training camp back injury as the reason and they announce they have full confidence he will be back stronger than ever next season since they’re so terrified to offer any form of criticism his way, it’s so agonizingly predictable. It’s become a bit maddeningly to be a Ravens fan these past few years

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