Jon Gruden: I don’t foresee coaching anytime soon

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In a recent interview with, former Buccaneers coach and current Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden said that he’s “preparing to come back” to coaching every day.

Gruden also said that he’s “met with several people,” but never said whether he was actively looking to return to the sideline or if such a return was likely. During a Wednesday press conference at the Buccaneers facility in conjunction with his entry into the team’s Ring of Honor, Gruden provided a bit more information about his coaching thoughts.

“I don’t foresee myself coaching anytime soon,” Gruden said, via Jenna Laine of “But I do like getting as close to the fire as possible. All I really have going is football. I don’t know what I would do without it. I’m happy with what I’m doing. I study as if I am a coach. I still make my own breakdowns, I still come up with my own playbook — I just don’t have anybody to give it to.”

Gruden’s name hasn’t been linked publicly with any recent coaching openings and the upcoming season will be the ninth since he was fired by the Buccaneers after the 2008 season. None of that means that he won’t coach again at some point, but it doesn’t make a return that isn’t coming anytime soon feel like a particularly likely outcome.

27 responses to “Jon Gruden: I don’t foresee coaching anytime soon

  1. The Chargers should have sold the farm and gotten Gruden. Instant fan base growth..instant success. Spanos..”forget it. He’s too much money!”

  2. Nothing to see here folks. Keep moving on. Chucky will never return to the sidelines as H.C. Ever. Never.

  3. Come on man….this is the story about a guy who baled and sits back with a funky look on his face and makes bank. Have you seen him talk up every QB on the planet? Don King of QBs

  4. He isn’t coming back until he gets the QB he wants.

    Like in green bay?

    I’m not sure how much longer Rodgers is going to want to carry that organization on his back.

  5. Dude is like a teenage girl looking for attention.

    Quit giving him the adoration he craves for Pete’s sake.

  6. Green Bay wouldn’t hire this Buffoon as a HC, it’s too classy of an organization

  7. Good. He took Tony Dungys team to the Super Bowl and they didn’t sniff another one while he was there. Overrated. A decent commentator though.

  8. come to hate him as a commentator.. but as a coach I’d take him over Mike McCarthy anyday.. GB should have at least one more championship if not two, if only McCarthy knew how to adjust when the game plan isnt going well and if they show Capers the door

  9. Joe Gibbs couldn’t find success after a long hiatus. I consider him a cut above Gruden and Cowher, so those guys have little chance of pulling it off.

    Dick Vermeil is the only guy I can think of that did it.

  10. Gruden is deathly afraid of being a failure if he coached again. He won’t leave the safety of “liking this guy” from his comfy booth on MNF. He will remain a one hit wonder.

  11. Define soon??? My guess he will be coaching the Rams when the move into their new stadium (will need him to sell tickets) because the team will be so dreadful.

  12. He’ll never coach again.
    He’s seen as the sage on tv. Why would he take a position where he had to actually perform?
    He’s in the booth, people asking him what he thinks.
    He can be the genius without having to prove it. And get paid.
    Why would he coach? He can only be proven a fake then.

  13. Please find sosmething and get OUT of the booth !! Havent watched MNF in years due to him !!

  14. If he didn’t have a Superbowl ring, Gruden would have been back by now. By the same token winning a championship doesn’t guarantee you a position for life. See Bill Cowher, Brian Billick and Mike Shanahan. With Gruden, I’d say watch the Jets job. He’s got John Morton already there as a disciple running the offense. They will most likely have a top 5 pick and over 80 mill in cap space.

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