Pegula commits to keeping Bills in Buffalo, for now


With three NFL teams relocating in less than 20 months, other fans in other cities are nervous about other teams moving. Bills owner Terry Pegula made it clear on Wednesday that folks in Buffalo shouldn’t worry. Yet.

Well, we have a lease through 2023, so that’s a contractual obligation,” Pegula told reporters. “That’s my stance on it. This is 2017, so we’ve got a long ways to go before we start worrying about anything besides where we’re at now.”

On one hand, that’s seven years. On the other hand, it’s only seven years. Grand scheme of things, that time will fly by. And there will need to be a plan in place for Year Eight, a plan that can’t wait to be devised and implemented in Year Seven.

Still, it’s clear that the Bills won’t be going anywhere soon. Asked about an out clause that is triggered in 2018 (it’s actually 2020; the AP reporter who asked the question got it wrong, and then called us out for relying on his error, of course), Pegula was pragmatic.

“Where are we going to go?” he said.

For now, nowhere. Eventually, however, that could change.

45 responses to “Pegula commits to keeping Bills in Buffalo, for now

  1. The so called savior is leaving to make more money, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

  2. This is such a non-story. Bills aren’t moving. Terry bought them specifically to keep in Buffalo. Ain’t happening…..unless he means Orchard Park to downtown Buffalo!

  3. The Bills are staying in Buffalo forever. The content of this conversation is when they are building a new stadium. The only help NY gets north of the Tappan Zee Bridge is to keep the Bills in Western NY. You’re really reaching with this

  4. The good citizens of Buffalo keep electing corrupt and incompetent Democrat Party leaders in tune with the City’s decline. Time for a change before there are no businesses left in Buffalo, let alone the Bills.

  5. “Could change?” It won’t – the Rams and Chargers are already finding out they made a mistake moving to LA and the Raiders will find this out when they arrive in Vegas and the support they think they’re getting is a lot lower in reality. The free money team owners insist on getting for new stadiums is all but gone despite the Vegas and LA deals and the success of Bob Kraft in spending his own money on staying in Foxboro – which Stephen Ross is now seeing is the better model as he’s remodeled Joe Robbie Stadium – won’t keep getting stiffarmed.

  6. Albany

    You would draw from the most of the state. Orange/Putnam County up. Plus western Mass and N/W Connecticut.

    Not going to get too many Boston Patriot or Giants fans to convert but I know the Bills winning in Albany would make the Jets the official team of Long Island.


    Austin, San Antonio, San Diego, but that would cause realignment.

    It’s odd that Toronto is thriving city and yet Buffalo is not. I know Niagra Falls is prettier on their side.

  7. San Antonio Bills. Has a nice ring to it. Buffalo fans don’t have the money to build Pegula a new stadium complex. They can’t afford obamacare and New York State residents are already over taxed. The NFL needs to develop a renovation plan and kill relocation of any teams from now on.

  8. The comments on Bills articles are hilarious. You people know nothing about this city yet pretend that it’s a horrible place full of horrible people just because our football team hasn’t been very good lately. Your lives must suck so hard.

  9. They should go to Oakland and take advantage of that Silicon Valley overflow that’s spilling into the town. It’s a pot of gold. Mark Davis is just a idiot.

    The Oakland Bills.

  10. Buffalo is a great city. We’ve had lots of fun every time we visit. How about simply renovating the existing stadium the way the Dolphins did? My only complaint about Rich Stadium is the access. A two lane access road is just plain stupid.

  11. It’s been about 5 years since I have last been to a Bills game in Buffalo. I’m from south of Boston, and it was basically just a way to get to see the Pats play live. I took my two young sons along and we always had a very good experience. (It helped that the Pats won). Always had a good back and forth with the Bills fans. The ones that I met, 4 different games, were/are as enthusiastic and passionate about the Bills as we were/are about the Patriots. The Bills need to be in Greater Buffalo, they are a civic institution in Western NY.

    GO BILLS!!!, except vs the Pats!

  12. Your a fool. He is keeping Bills in Orchard Park “for now” and after the lease is up they will be in Downtown Buffalo where he owns all of the property.

  13. joetoronto says:
    Aug 2, 2017 5:57 PM
    The so called savior is leaving to make more money, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

    – – –

    Hey, at least he’s not going for a Vegas cash-grab…

  14. Buffalo should be worried. the league is badly wanting to go international, putting team in London is hard logistically. However putting one in Canada isn’t and Toronto being so close to Buffalo, would be easy. League does not care for fan loyalty (Oilers 30+ years in Houston, Rams 49 years in LA, Chargers 56 years in SD), they would do it. They have a temp stadium in the Rogers Center, would need a new one but they have the fanbase and money. Would require a total rebrand. So if you think there is nowhere to go, your are wrong, if you think they won’t do it, they just did it with three teams. Thing is, would a new stadium be more profitable and bring strong ROI in Buffalo or Toronto, league’s first international team. Buffalo, your on notice.

  15. Of course the Bills are going to move after the lease expires in 2023. They’re going to move…. downtown.

  16. For all those Canadian hopefuls, no way with the weak dollar for ANY chance at any NFL franchise, expansion included.

  17. Sounds like he’s opening up negotiations. 7 years is not a long time for a project of this size…he’s not going to stay just because Buffalo is Buffalo and the fans are great…he’s going to stay because he gets what he wants.

  18. He owns the Sabres. If he didn’t own them, too, then it’s plausible to think they’d relocate. But he’s not moving the Bills anywhere but downtown Buffalo. What’s he going to do, move the Sabres too? If he moves the Bills the fans will rebel against Sabres. This is a silly article.

  19. The NFL has essentially become to mean NO FAN LOYALTY. They’ve left Cleveland (twice); St Louis (twice); Los Angeles (twice); Oakland (twice), as well as Houston, Baltimore, San Diego, and treated Memphis pretty shabbily in the Oilers one season there.

    This could be an opportunity for a resurgent USFL if they have the smarts to seize it. Put franchises in St Louis, San Diego, San Antonio, Memphis, Portland, Charleston, Birmingham, and Sacramento….cities that have been abandoned or neglected by the NFL….and follow the model set by the AFL, which brought Major League football to places like Houston, San Diego, Denver, Miami, Kansas City, and Cincinnati….who had never had it before. And expand from there.
    Allow the franchises to be community owned (like the Packers) so fans have a stake in them and see what happens.

  20. The entire interview Pegula’s comments were taken from were in the context of the team moving to a new stadium IN BUFFALO. Maybe this site needs to start doing a little of its own research instead of just blindly passing along partial or incorrect information…

  21. I’ve been to Buffalo. The city, if you call it that, is pretty nice, but the outskirts are a dump.
    The people are nice, the food is great but the wind coming off of the lake is a killer, especially for someone from the south.
    I hope they keep the team there, I really do. The folks in and around Buffalo take a lot of pride in their city, heritage and team. I wish them the best!

  22. If Pegula ever moves the Bills out of Buffalo after making it such an agenda to assure they’re staying, he will make what Art Modell did to Cleveland look like a kiss on the cheek.

    The man would join the ranks of Don Shula, Dan Marino, Bill Parcells, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and Brett Hull as the most hated men in Buffalo sports history.

  23. Maybe Mike Florio and the people commenting should actually listen to Pegula’s interview… I honestly don’t understand where anyone would get this “Bills could move” stuff from, I really don’t.

  24. What will bring the NFL more money… a team in Buffalo or a team in London?

  25. The Bills are in the middle of the process to build a new stadium. I actually met people with inside knowledge of whats going on in april. The team doesnt have anything designed yet but they have contracted an architect who is doing his studies on downtown Buffalo sites right now.

    Pegula is staying silent because A) They have nothing to announce. and B) Pegula is playing the public and trying not to go for public funds until he has a winning team to bargain with…or 2020 when he needs it, whichever comes first

    The lease ends in the 2023 offseason and my sources timeline would open a new stadium for the fall 2023 season.

  26. This quote was taken totally out of context. Pegula was discussing where the new stadium location would be (Orchard Park or downtown). Listen to the entire interview, the reporter didn’t ask him about relocation, pegula is talking about a new stadium location in orchard Park or downtown buffalo. This story is a total nothing burger

  27. This article means nothing, you are really reaching. He just meant Bills are staying in the old stadium before the new one is built. And without a doubt the biggest troll to ever post on here is the 6 ID loser from Toronto. 60 year old loser for life, that has no job, no clue, no class and no life.

  28. Bills should be more worried about just winning something…sometime. The drought continues…..

  29. I hate to sound pessimistic, but I can still remember Bob Irsay saying the Colts weren’t going anywhere. And that wasn’t even about following the money.

  30. This seems to be an intentionally provocative story, based on nothing. The Bills are never leaving Buffalo.

  31. Florio, you have no idea what you’re talking about on this subject. Do a little research in how much the Pegulas has invested in Western New York before you throw around accusations like this one. Anyone “with knowledge of the situation” would have written an article that’s actually based in reality and not one that reinforces a baseless stigma on the city.

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