Rams lose Dominque Easley for season

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Rams defensive tackle Dominique Easley’s bad knees have struck again.

Easley suffered a torn ACL and is out for the season, according to multiple reports.

The injury is the latest in a long list of knee injuries for Easley, who tore both ACLs in college at Florida and also saw a knee injury cut short his rookie season with the Patriots. Injuries caused Easley to miss five games in both of his seasons with the Patriots, and injury concerns were part of the reason the Patriots cut Easley after just two seasons.

Last year Easley managed to play in all 16 games as a reserve for the Rams, but that good luck couldn’t last.

Easley will still be paid the $1.8 million salary on the one-year deal he signed as an exclusive-rights free agent with the Rams this offseason. He’ll become a free agent in March. At age 25 and with plenty of athletic talent, he should be able to find a team willing to sign him next season, but it remains to be seen whether he can ever stay healthy.

9 responses to “Rams lose Dominque Easley for season

  1. It’s funny; training camp starts up and it’s, “This guy blew his knee out, this guy blew his shoulder out, this guy got a concussion, this guy is going to walk funny from now on,” and we just think it’s fine.

    Gotta sell that beer, right? And the fast food and erectile dysfunction pills.

    ‘Merica. Twisted, man.

  2. bb does it again

    sees a bad situation looming and
    dumps it off to someone else

    i’d be more annoyed with it, but he is
    so brilliant unearthing gems elsewhere

    with the rookie cap, a 1st rd mistake is not
    as damaging

    all hail bb

  3. Well, that’s that, right….have fun buddy. Just didn’t keep his body in good condition, and this is what happens.
    Granted he’s probably 1000 times in better shape than I am…..disclaimer

  4. “Probably one of Belichick’s worst draft picks since he’s been in New England.”

    That was one of a couple drafts in a row where it seemed like every other player Bill selected was one coming off a serious injury and would have been drafted higher if healthy.

    He tried to pick up extra value that way but it didn’t really work out well and a lot of those players are gone now.

  5. The only thing that made Easley a bad draft pick was his unwillingness to work within team programs. He wanted to do his own thing and so the Patriots cut him.

    In seeing this article I wonder if he kept with the go your own route with the Rams or if he decided to actually go with the team program. If he did the outcome should come as no surprise.

    I otherwise think it was an alright draft pick even if it didn’t work out with the player staying on the team. It is good to have the luxury to burn a pick on a player with a high up side and I can’t say it overly hurt the team given their recent two SB victories in three years.

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