Report: “Substantial gap” between Lions and Matthew Stafford

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There’s no reason for Matthew Stafford to be in a hurry to get a new contract, not with the chance to go year-to-year like Kirk Cousins and strike it rich.

So unless the Lions are going to make a big offer now, it stands to reason things will be slow.

According to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, there’s “still a pretty substantial gap,” in the negotiations between the Lions and Stafford.

Stafford’s entering the final year of the deal he signed in 2013, and figures to eclipse Derek Carr as the biggest contract in the league if he does a long-term deal.

But if they can’t do a long-term deal, he’d make $26.4 million in 2018 via the franchise tag, and he could top $100 million over three seasons if he plays under the tag the two years after that.

Stafford has said he has “no timetable,” but the two sides continue to talk.

30 responses to “Report: “Substantial gap” between Lions and Matthew Stafford

  1. Bum QB’s that can’t lead their teams to annual playoffs let alone past 1 game; are now controlling 25% of the salary cap space. This will ruin the game more than anything.

  2. Get him signed. He’s a top 10 quarterback and you have no other good alternative. You don’t want to end up as one of the teams always looking for a quarterback.

  3. Are the Lions good enough to win the Super Bowl right now?

    No. They might not even make the playoffs this year.

    This league has a salary cap. So, if you’re Detroit why would you give Stafford MORE of the team’s salary when you know you’re not winning the Super Bowl.

    You want to know why the Patriots have success every year? Because Tom Brady doesn’t take such a large portion of the salary that the team can’t put good pieces around him.

  4. I wouldn’t franchise Stafford a 3rd time, unless there was a real chance of a super bowl.
    That would be a band aid solution.
    Instead either get a deal done or draft a replacement. IF a QB want to be paid 30+ a year then he needs to be a super star not just above average.

    A so-so QB making 3 million vs an above average QB making 33 million may both

  5. A so-so QB making 3 million vs an above average QB making 33 million may both be equally valuable to a team.

  6. Maybe he should win something, then ask for the biggest contract. He will be 30 next year and his playoff rating is 20 points worse than his regular season numbers. As a Dallas fan I can say this, but he’s just Romo 2.0. Great in the regular season but no killer instinct when things get tough.

  7. Then again, maybe he doesn’t want to stay with a bad team. Barry Sanders and Megatron could not take one more year of this place.

  8. Hold out Stafford…. Soak them for all you can get & cripple the already broken franchise!!!! Lol

  9. Matthew, Get as much of the salary cap as you can. Then complain when the Lions can not surround you with great players because of the amount of cap they are paying you. You have already made about $150M in your 9 years. Hold out for at least $50M per year, show us that money is more important than winning!!!

  10. No man on earth is worth 100+ million to play 48 games! That is a little over 2 million dollars per game… freaking nuts!

  11. After this season, he will have made $127 million. Not bad for a dude with three winning seasons & zero division championships. He’s a great stat QB, but doesn’t seem to elevate his team. Still, a solid first overall pick. They’d be wise to re-sign him.

  12. I know all the criticism this guy takes, but the man pours it all out on the field year after year. He was an MVP candidate before the broken finger derailed him for the last 3-4 games last year… I expect him to be in talks for that again this year. Pay the man!!

  13. Give him whatever he wants, the fans will pony up. 100 million dollars really isn’t much for a man with his talent.

  14. It’s only a matter of time until his wife has a hissy fit on social media…

  15. I know this isn’t popular sentiment, but if he’s asking for a crazy contract, I let him walk. I mean who thinks the Lions will win a Super Bowl with him, and that’s supposedly the goal for everyone. He’s already 30, and although I thought he was the MVP until he hurt his finger last year, he’s still never performed that way consistently over the years to justify tying your cap up with him for the next 5 years either. Let somebody else pay him and go 8-8 or 9-7 and start over with emphasis on continuing to build your team out with a younger replacement in the draft after franchising him for one year if he doesn’t do a team-friendly deal.

  16. Sounds like a boatload of money….. But just take a look at what the owners are hauling in…..& their much hated commish…… Seems reasonable to me…… Double the cap for starts & have it go up 10% a year… all the players more & get the commish salty down to 5 million a year ……..

  17. I’d hate to see Lions fan lose him but….

    That would be sort of crazy if he ends up in LA someday with his childhood BFF Clayton Kershaw being the “arm of LA” already. Sort of neat how 2 kids from the same area made it big in 2 different sports.

    IIRC Stafford was Kershaws catcher and Kershaw was Staffords center. Neat story. Unique.

  18. It takes more than just the QB to win playoff games, and reg season games against good teams. Detroit is on the right track, with a far deeper roster than they’ve had in decades. Matthew Stafford is beyond good enough to win big games. Bob Quinn is building this team correctly, and they’ll be perennial contender sooner rather than later, like it or not. To let Staff go would be a grievous mistake. Which is why it won’t happen. 20 teams are scrambling for a serviceable starter. Detroit won’t be one of them.

  19. I think you franchise him next year, draft a quarterback, and see how he develops. If they don’t make the playoffs and win a game and you can’t work out something rational during Stafford’s franchise year, you let him go the next offseason. You also fire Caldwell at that point.

  20. ariani1985 says:
    Aug 2, 2017 8:49 AM
    stafford > rodgers

    not even debatable!

    Now vikings trolls are trying to start crap between the Lions and Packers fans. You really should see a therapist.

  21. He had a pretty damn good year last year, and if he repeats it this year, he’s gonna get paid one way or another.

  22. dabears2485 says:
    Aug 2, 2017 9:07 AM
    After this season, he will have made $127 million. Not bad for a dude with three winning seasons & zero division championships. He’s a great stat QB, but doesn’t seem to elevate his team. Still, a solid first overall pick. They’d be wise to re-sign him.
    So it’s his fault that the Lions haven’t ranked any higher than 28th in rushing the past 3 seasons (dead last, last year), and the defense was ranked near the bottom in turnovers and sacks and also broke the record for highest QB completion % in a season?

    Ok, Matthew Stafford should overcome all that. Nevermind that Tom Brady had the #1 ranked defense last year (points allowed) and an effective running game. Nevermind that Russel Wilson had arguably the best D all-time when he won the SB, as well as a great RB.

    None of that stuff matters, it’s just the Qb, right?

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