Richard Sherman gets to the heart of the Colin Kaepernick situation

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While fans may hate Colin Kaepernick because he didn’t stand for the national anthem in 2016, the NFL has shunned him for a fundamentally different reason. Indeed, plenty of other players didn’t stand for the anthem during the 2016 season, and most of them remain gainfully employed.

They remain gainfully employed because none of them became the name and face of the movement. Kaepernick did, and he’s the one paying for it with his career.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has become the highest-profile player to recognize this hiding-in-plain-sight reality, in comments to Jarrett Bell of USA Today.

“What is it about?” Sherman said. “It’s not about football or color. It’s about, ‘Boy, stay in your place.’”


“Not a lot of guys are willing to step out there,” Sherman added. “So the guys not speaking up for him are doing him a disservice. There should be a lot more guys saying something. Most guys are like, ‘I don’t want my job to end up the same way.'”

Sherman told Bell that Kaepernick would have been a great fit in Seattle, but the Seahawks decided not to sign him. At least the Seahawks didn’t engage in an awkward, clumsy, slow-motion crowdsourcing exercise aimed at determining whether fans and sponsors would revolt before deciding whether to offer him a job.

“For you to say you have to check with sponsors and fans because this guy took a knee and made a statement?” Sherman said regarding the Ravens’ apparently ongoing deliberations. “Now if you told me this guy threw eight pick-sixes last year and played like a bum, had no talent, that’s one thing. But Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallett or whoever is playing for the Jets right now — whoever is starting for the Jets is terrible — have jobs. You’re telling me fans would rather you lose and put a worse player out there because a guy took a stand? That’s where it’s so troublesome to me. . . .

Blake Bortles has shown you enough to where you don’t think Kaep would be a solid fit? Kaep has won games.”

Yes he has. He has nearly won a championship. But team personnel throughout the league have been feeding “football only” nonsense to willing members of the media who pass it along happily to the public because they either don’t like what Kaepernick did or they hope to curry favor with their sources.

For months, the “football only” narrative had prevailed. Baltimore’s decision to be somewhat transparent unwittingly has exposed what’s really happening.

The owners want players to realize that they don’t own the fields, the stadiums, the uniforms, the logos. The teams possess and power the platform, and they choose to let the players occupy it. They’re not going to let players occupy it who step out of line in a way that both triggers criticism from the public and prompts other players to follow suit.

That was Kaepernick’s biggest sin, in the eyes of the vast majority of the league: He did something that caused other players to become aware of their rights, and to act on them.

Everything else that’s been said about Kaepernick is excuse-making and window dressing, no different from the Commissioner dealing with CTE concerns by essentially saying “yeah, but pro football players live longer than those of you who don’t bash your brains into broth.” Some of us see through it. Some of us don’t. Plenty of us don’t really want to.

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  1. This is exactly why Kaepernick’s personal stats looked good last season, even though he couldn’t win a game. Opposing black players like Sherman gave him little “gifts” during blowout games. The same thing will happen again now that he’s introduced a racial divide among NFL teams. It’ll get a little easier every time.

    Kap knew full well he could benefit personally by making his competition with the ultimate “white” QB into a race issue. Especially with the coach Chip Kelly under the gun for racism accusations previously.

  2. Your clarity and logic on this issue have been refreshing, Mr. Florio. It’s too bad the average PFT commenter can’t see either of those things when it comes to Colin Kaepernick.

  3. where was the outrage when Tebow was blackballed because of his faith and the distraction it caused. look Kap is backup wanting starters money. the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

    BTW, fans listen to plenty of crap and opinions from NFL players especially articulate ones like sherman. However, Kap, the face of the movement was wearing a Castro shirt showing he not only disrespects the flag but supports communist dictators.

  4. BS. It’s about patriotism. NOT RACE. You hate the country, this country that gave you all that you have, which is more than most, GTFO. Don’t make your statement and then when the heat is on try to change it to make it be about some other thing that it’s not.

  5. How many more players are there in the NFL? If each one contributes, we could have Kaepernick articles for the next 7 years!

  6. Mike,
    I would like to extend a personal thank you for keeping Us informed on the Colin Kaepernick injustice. Your Ray Lewis analysis was spot on.

  7. The “heart of the matter” is that Kaepernick is black.

    No two ways about it.

    If other mid-tier QBs like Matthew Stafford or Ryan Tannehill had taken a knee, not a single NFL team would have even blinked before signing either of them.

  8. Officially hit my limit. One more ck story and I’ll never be back. The majority of us would be better off to find a new football site. Let the cupcakes and snowflakes have pft as their safe place. Anyone have a different site they like?

  9. How many more posts are we going to get about a QB that had a pretty good first season but has been continually regressing since then?

  10. If Tom Brady did what Kap did he’d still be employed. But, when you’re a bigger headache than asset you’re gonna get let go. That goes for any company, not just the NFL.

  11. Sherman is a nitwit and a south central sage.
    News break: 99.9% of the planet don’t care what he has to say. Your rap video aficionados hang on his every word. But they don’t matter.
    Facts are facts.
    The money that makes the world turn doesn’t come out of his world.
    He who has the gold, makes the rules.
    Unfortunate, but there it is.

  12. “Now if you told me this guy threw eight pick-sixes last year and played like a bum, had no talent, that’s one thing. But Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallett or whoever is playing for the Jets right now — whoever is starting for the Jets is terrible — have jobs. You’re telling me fans would rather you lose and put a worse player out there because a guy took a stand?

    The answer to your question is yes. At a time when it seems that we can’t agree on anything, the vast majority think that we can at least for one moment during the national anthem, show some respect for at least the idea that we are all connected and together. I respect and appreciate his point of view. But at some point we are either together or we’re not.

  13. I don’t even think this “protest” was planned. A guy wearing “Pig” socks to practice, and a shirt glamorizing a dictator to interviews decided to sit down during the National Anthem to disrespect our Country. He got put on blast, spun it into a protest, and only then did he decide to take a knee. Kick him out of the league, and our Country!

  14. Bingo nothing. Kaepernick stinks. You’re just plugging your ears and screaming “la la la” when different opinions than yours are mentioned. Get over it Florio. I dare you to post this, you won’t of course.

  15. Regressed each year since the Super Bowl loss. Sorry Florio, your man crush will remain unemployed.

  16. The other option is that he hasn’t played well enough to make it worth the hassle to sign him.

    The teams that could afford the negative publicity would only take him as a backup, a position he wouldn’t/doesn’t want to have.

    Those that could possibly use him, aren’t really in the best position to add that what the fans seem to feel.

    Does he have the right to make his stand, yes. Just remember that in a social media world that when you put something out there and you work for a market based organization it can cost you, Kap is the proof.

  17. I agree that Kaepernick may be better than some of the other QB’s out there but teams don’t want the distraction of him being on the team when it can be avoided. Bottom line. He made his bed and now he needs to sleep in it and except the outcome. All of us that are employed by others have a certain way we need to present ourselves or we are out the door. This isn’t exclusive to Kaepernick or football players as a whole. It’s society.

  18. He won two games as a starter last year in 11 tries. If he was close to a championship, it was because the talent around him elevated his play. Last year, with no talent around him, the 49ers sucked. He doesn’t make his teammates better, and he doesn’t elevate his team’s play. And when you’re not a difference-making player, your employer doesn’t need the outside BS.

  19. Bingo!!! I’m not the biggest Sherman fan but he nailed it. Let’s think what’s worse hear fellow fans, a man employing his basic American right to protest what he and many feel is injustice throughout our society. Or owners getting paid to stage Patriotic events during games. Events that we thought were really patriotic and being put on by owners who wanted to honor our vets and service men and women. When in reality they were being paid millions by our govt to stage the events. Paid Patriotism which the govt was sued for. On one hand you have Kaepernick who many feel disrespected the flag, what it stands for and our men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so he could make millions playing a game. On the other you have Billionaire owners who we though were Patriotically honoring our service men and women but in reality were doing it solely out of greed for profit. Where is all the hate anger and protest aimed at the owners.

  20. NFL franchises are a business. If CK may hurt revenues, they don’t want him. Plain and simple. I don’t think that makes owners bad at all. It’s true, he wouldn’t be the worst qb in the league, but it’s about doing what’s best for business. Sorry if that bothers the folks at PFT, but that’s life.

  21. “He did something that caused other players to become aware of their rights, and to act on them.”

    That’s stretching things a bit

  22. Citing Richard Sherman as a source for relevant opinions on Kaepernick’s situation is a reach. Why is Kaepernick’s style of play never mentioned in these articles? He’s an option quarterback which is a playing style that is diminishing at a rapid rate. If Kaepernick played well he would be on a team. Why does RGIII not get the attention from PFT that Kaep does?

  23. Come on Mike. At least mention the fact that players did not start standing for the anthem until 2009 and that the DOD has been giving owners millions to continue to have them stand.

    If you tell part of the story then you should at least include this little blurb above into every story so that new readers will know the entire story.

  24. Amen.
    The guy’s no trouble in the clubhouse. He’s not very good but he’s better than a whole lot of the other QB’s on teams’ rosters.
    Except for a few teams like New England and a handful of others that already have a terrific starter and a very good backup the other teams don’t have much excuse.

  25. This isn’t about that either, Sherbert. It’s about a guy desperate for attention because his career was going nowhere before kneelgate happened. Now, instead of it being about the fact that the guy just isn’t good enough it’s all about how oppressed he is.

    He’s no more or less oppressed than Tim Tebow is for being a Christian like all the fundies claim. The reason Tebow isn’t in the NFL is because he’s just. not. good. enough.

  26. Every once in a while Sherman makes sense.

    This is one of those times.

    Heck, if my team goes 7-9 again this year and our elite QB leaves- I’d be glad to have him.

  27. Some of the clowns on here have been saying that since CK was release he “doesn’t have a job , because he just isn’t that good” but yet plenty of worst QB are starters or back or even 3rd string, Matt McGloin got a job offer before CK which is a big joke!!!

  28. He is not good enough to warrant the distraction he would cause with the team and locker room. He is talented, but not enough to overcome this basic fact.

  29. Agreed. To some point fans are stupid enough to rather lose than win. But isn’t the game is all about winning? Some body give me an answer?

  30. You, and others, like to make this so cut and dry. Reality is there are numerous factors weighing against Kaepernick. First of all, he isn’t a starting caliber QB. He’s never shown the ability to drop back, read a defense, go through his progressions, and make the proper pass. That being said, he has proven himself to be dangerous in an offense which allows for limited reads and a green light to scramble or be used in a RPO type system. Unfortunately for him, those offfenses are few and far between in the NFL. If he isn’t going to start, no team wants to have one offense for the starter and another for the backup. I’m sorry if that ruins your narrative, but its reality. Secondly, like it or not there is a stigma attached to Kaepernick. I personally have zero issue with what he did, and actually applaud him for taking a stand and using his position to raise awareness of some difficult to talk about issues. However, there are many who feel differently and their opinion, right or wrong, matters too. Their opinion especially matters to owners who depend on their business each season. While it’s very easy to say that an owner should do whatever it takes to win each season, they typically do not go out on a limb for a backup QB who would need a completely different offense to be installed should they need to play. Bottom line is this, Kaepernick isn’t good enough to start, he isn’t like most QBs, and he brings a lot of baggage. Eliminate any one of those things and he’d have a job.

    Stop banging the drum for this guy and look at the facts.

  31. Sherman could not be further from the truth in stating, “it’s about Boy, stay in your place”. That sounds so racist and this has zero to do with racism. It’s all about patriotism. Everybody has the right to protest and speak their mind but Kaep picked the wrong target. Our flag and anthem represent the greatest youth in world history who died for the sole objective of freedom. No other country or symbols represent freedom more.

  32. I don’t disagree with any of what is being said by most people.

    It seems one thing people forget is that Kaep opted out of his contract.

    Deciding you don’t want to be paid 9ish million a year sometimes has a consequence.

  33. We all make personal choices that potentially affect our careers. Kaep made a poor choice at the wrong time and there are therefore consequences. I don’t feel sorry for him nor do I hold in contempt the teams who have shunned him for the good of their organization.

  34. Cool. He wanted to be a martyr so let him live with it. I can only assume a martyr knows what they’re getting into?

    But yeah, otherwise this guy is like a young Payton Manning without a job. Give me a break….

  35. It is ALL about disrespecting the great country that helped make him a multi-millionaire and all of those who sacrificed their lives in order to protect those opportunities

  36. Someone has to stand up for those who are victims of police planting evidence to send them in jail. Happened twice already in a month, caught on camera. Thats what Kap is standing up for.

  37. Would like to know what his contract demands are. I hear plenty about how nobody is signing him, however, Ive yet to hear what hes asking for. Does dude want a near starters salary to ride the pine and be a distraction? (regardless of whether the distraction is warranted or not, a distraction is a distraction. Especially for a backup QB)

  38. Don’t you think Kaep could help his cause if he just came out and publicly say maybe it wasn’t the right way to express his human rights feelings, that he loves his country and get on with it. But to my knowledge I haven’t seen any sense of remorse. He has to understand he disrespected our military veterans and the families of those who gave all. And that my friends has nothing to do with black or white.

  39. As an employer, when an employee exercising his rights without the company’s approval costs the company money, the employer certainly has good cause to fire or not hire such an employee. If the employee’s skills benefit the company more than the employee’s other activities are costing the company, then the company may choose to retain or hire the employee. It’s a cost/benefit analysis, and so far, the balance his tipped against hiring Kap.

  40. If it was just about staying in your place then…how come loudmouth Richard Sherman still has a job?

    Seems like its about more than just staying in your place.

  41. Forget about what Sherman opined. Fact is… Florio just nailed it. Bang on. Right as rain.

  42. ..Or the simplest explanation is he knelt for the national anthem which thousands if not millions of people find offensive. And since the NFL and each team is a business, they don’t want to affect their bottom lines by signing a guy which may cause fans to boycott their games..

  43. No, the biggest problem was that his shoddy play and his issue-focused press conferences showed that he prioritized activism above football. Name me one non-political, salaried position in America where that will be tolerated.

  44. Man, I’m just about done here.

    You are basically a rotoworld syndication outlet, and I accept that, but holy crap this being talked down by the “superior thinker” has made me sign up just for this comment.

    Stop, or I’m out. (And WHO’S coming with me?)

  45. Or the fact he went 5/20 with 4 picks and 30 yards in a game? He can’t play that well anymore, and he does carry baggage and performance doesn’t outweigh the baggage. Ask ray rice same deal. If kaep still had it he’d still be employed.

  46. Go buy a team if you want to use your investment as a tool to divide society. Why should other owners contribute to that? Pig socks, Castro shirt, and didn’t bother to vote. And he was unlikable even before that.

  47. Just because loudmouth Richard says something is so — or Mike Florio, for that matter — does not necessarily make it so.

  48. Florio, any shred of inbiasedness you may have possessed is gone. Step down and give fresher, less jaded individuals a chance.

  49. How about “don’t bite the hand that feeds”? He’s entitled to protest however he wants… We are all entitled to not agree. It’s a free country.

  50. The reason these useful idiots decided to protest in the first place was all predicated on a lie, Michael Brown robbed a store, punched a cop in the face and tried to steal his gun, that’s why the “gentle giant” was shot.

    Kapernick is a delusional useful idiot much like the guilty white dopes who run this site.

  51. I hate crybaby SJWs and snowflake political correct types, because they can’t take a joke and get upset by everything. But I tell you, when that scoundrel refused to stand during a song at the beginning of a game where grown men try to put a ball into a specific part of a field, that personally hurt me so deeply that I think this guy should never be allowed to play football professionally ever again!!! Unlike the offenses claimed by others, this one is legitimate!

  52. Sigh. It’s not just about taking a knee during the anthem. I’d type more, but other reasons have been exhaustively covered in the comments section numerous times.

  53. Well, the Jaguars went 3-13. The Jets went 5-11. San Fran went 2-14. Records would indicate that those QB’s are all pretty equal.

    Why do Kaep supporters conveniently forget he did more than just kneel during the anthem? He hasn’t been good for a few years and also comes with a ton of baggage.

  54. Colin Kaepernick is a garbage QB who disrespected the American flag and the people who fought to protect this great country. That’s why fans don’t want him on their team.

    It’s so simple that it boggles the mind why this is still being discussed. Kap used his rights afforded to him by this great country to take a knee and disrespect the flag, and now owners and fans are exercising our rights to say “no thanks kap, now get lost.”

  55. I used to favor the players in labor and pay matters but thanks to Kaperneck, I want pay cut and more and much harder practices. Just opinion of a fan who has had enough

  56. While I agree with the conclusions drawn in this post, so what? The owners have every right to ensure that no one hijacks their investment for their own purposes. Sports stadiums aren’t the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Jackie Robinson, 1968 Olympics, those were movements that had support beyond the athletes. They had ‘management’ buy-in.

  57. playing in the NFL is for the privileged few.
    the NFL owners can hire whomever they like and deem worthy. disrespecting the flag is not going to get you very far. it is not what the NFL is about. the NFL is about endearing their patrons not disrespecting anybody. Kap made his stance known, and now hes paying the price. so lets not blame the owners for protecting their product!!

  58. If he were good enough to commit to as a starter, or adaptable enough to play back-up in a pro-style offense, none of this would mater. The reason a guy Bortles still has a job for now is because they’re holding out hopes that he’ll get better…

  59. I disagree. I represent clients before public agencies where they say the pledge and a prayer at the beginning of the meetings. While is fortunately my inclination to stand, I am fairly confident that I wouldn’t make it through the first meeting if tried to be the face of a movement by sitting. This guy stayed employed through 16 regular season weeks, though he offended or irritated more than half of the 80,000 or so people his employer was trying to encourage to spend their limited funds and give up 1 of their 2 leisure days each week, along with many more TV viewers. The truth is that athletes and entertainers are given a lot more leeway than the rest of us, while making a whole lot more. Public relations matter for nearly all professions, so it’s incumbent on both employers and employees to avoid being the face of a very unpopular movement to the people we depend on for our livelihood.

  60. I personally don’t think what Kaep did was so bad. He wanted to bring attention to something he felt was a problem in this country. He certainly didn’t intend to dump on all vets, but many refuse to believe otherwise.

    The problem is if a team hires him, he just may dominate the conversation — sort of like Tebow or Manziel. Will reporters ask about the starter (Flacco) or the backup (Kaep)? Bringing this on your team is going to cause fireworks.

    He’s not an elite quarterback — but he’s better than some who currently have jobs. Team management may well decide it’s better to take a somewhat lesser QB in order to avoid the controversy. It’s hard to blame the teams for taking this approach.

  61. It’s not the stand that’s the issue – it’s the WAY he made a stand. And no one knows what Kaep’s salary demands are – that, too, is a factor.

  62. He is a fool. America has been good to him, and his stance doesn’t help anyone. He deserves what he’s getting.

  63. I can’t take this site anymore. Stick to football on this site. If you want a politics blog, go start one.

  64. Not a big Sherman fan, but he makes a lot of our points. NFL’s the worst out of all the major sports in terms of not wanting to have full control over there players.

  65. Yea these owners are basically saying black players be quite. Don’t speak up about social issues that have been plaguing the black community for decades on our platform to try to bring a great deal of awareness. We want y’all to just shut up focus on football and keep getting massa money.Smh

  66. Absolutely right, Richard! The establishment doesn’t like it when you confront them about their systemic racism and police brutality, and they’ll make you pay for it.

    Btw, I’m a white guy.

  67. A sports franchise exists for the sake of maximizing owner wealth. If a player can have a net positive impact on owner wealth (generating wins, selling jerseys), he will be hired.

  68. It’s about the market. The NFL markets its product to people who respect the flag, military, police officers, etc. Kaep chose to oppose that. In my personal opinion, he did so as a fu to the 49ers front office because he knew they wanted to move on from him. When he saw the love he was getting from the extreme left, he gobbled it up and made a production out of it. He’s still eating it up. The problem is that most cops are good people, but he’s painting them all with the same brush of racism and corruption…which is so hypocritical when you consider that he’s complaining about people of color being treated the same way by law enforcement. His days are done in the NFL. He killed the golden goose: that’s his fault and not the fans or owners. Fare well, Colin. Have a good life. Hopefully you can make a difference in this world retweeting leftist propaganda. I think not though.

  69. Kapernick would be playing today if he had demonstrated or protested on public property away from work. But to distract the fans, i.e. customers, away from why they were there at the game. is just wrong. None of us have free speech at work. We’re there to do a job. I’ve never understood this recent idea that an athlete is privileged and gets to protest at work. Just doesn’t register. Get out on the sidewalk and protest, if you really feel strongly about something.

  70. Wrong Sherman. The owners have every right to protect their business. They view Kaep as a negative influence amongst most NFL fans.

    The owners don’t want their QB to be a SJW.
    They want him to appeal to the fan base. Kaep does not.
    Simple decision for an owner!

  71. Wow. Now Reeshard is using the word “boy” and Floria Florio is saying, “bingo.” Sherman is a punk ass and so is Kapernuck. Gotta bring up the race cared yet again. Florio is as much a punk ass as is Sherman. Put the race card away, boys. Or am I allowed to use that word??

  72. Go ahead Florio -conduct yourself in such a way as to embarrass NBC or somehow compromise their bottom line. Didn’t think so, “boy”. The rules apply to you, me, Kaepernick, and everyone else. But for some reason, many fail to recognize the hypocrisy and double standards consistent with your ideology of choice.

  73. So long as you choose this method of protest, your point will never be respected.

    You have a point, but you do yourself a disservice by expressing it in the manner in which you are.

    Period. Show some respect or no deal. If you allow your hubris to interfere with your cause that just proves us right.

  74. Lets be clear.

    The “movement” he became the face of, which is causing a problem for him now was the movement to not stand for the flag.

  75. Do teams have teams have QB’s worse than Kaep? Yes, but same can be said for Tebow. Hell Tebow might have won a championship with that 49er defense. Want a job in the NFL don’t join the circus.

  76. I was so afraid Florio wouldn’t have a Kaspernick story today, my God marry the kid already! It’s getting a little embarrassing your infatuation with him.

  77. Cmon florio. You are embarrassing yourself at this point. How did he make any player aware of their “rights”? Cause a few chose to follow his lead and kneel? That was the right he so heroically showed them? Here’s a thought, offer him the equivalent of backup qb money to write for pro football talk. Then he could continue his work as an activist which is where his main interest seems to be. He can write articles wearing his political socks and shirts and feel like he is making a difference.

  78. Owners don’t want to deal with the constant media circus. Same as Tebow. He does have more talent than Tebow, but owners do not think he is worth the constant attention he will draw.

  79. Sherman is an idiot of the highest magnitude.

    krapernick is just a horrible QB and that’s why he’s not employed.

  80. I feel if Kaep made a public statement to clarify that although he made a social stand which he feels entitled too, but still loves the game of football and has a passion for the game, maybe then he would have a slightly better shot at landing somewhere. This game is a game of inches and maybe no one wants to bring in someone that is on the fence about where their priorities may lie. He must display in interest and passion for football that is beyond spearheading a social distraction. He is okay to do what is necessary OFF the field but tell me that winning is still your top priority On it!

  81. “Some of us see through it. Some of us don’t. Plenty of us don’t really want to.”

    You’ve never typed truer words, Mike.

    Most of the people commenting here on a regular basis fall into the latter.

  82. Well Richard, the ball is in your court. Why don’t you do something about it? You have the power. Why don’t you organize 300 players to all come down with a headache the morning of the first game of the season? I mean, Kaepernick stuck his neck out. Isn’t anybody going to have his back? If you guys all stick together, you have enormous power. If you don’t support Kaepernick now, how many guys in the future are going to speak out against racism? Do it Sherman.

  83. I don’t think I’ve ever said this before but Richard Sherman is absolutely correct.

  84. For the first (/s) time, he knew what he did carried repercussions. He ain’t that good to deal with the headache.

  85. I’d have to check, but off the top of my head I don’t recall any of the other players that knelt in protest wearing a Castro t-shirt while speaking about oppressed people. Nor do I recall any of them wearing socks depicting cops as pigs. I’ll have to do more research though.

  86. Compare Kaepernick’s 2016 stats to Cam Newton’s 2016 stats and tell me Kap isn’t being blackballed. He is, but he probably should be. Im ok with a guy speaking his mind, but that numbskull didn’t even vote.

  87. He’s being drummed out for the same reason that Tim Tebow was. Nobody wants a huge media circus around a backup QB. Both men have showed flashes of brilliance but were ultimately shown to be clipboard holders. Both men kneeled for vastly different reasons and were absolutely polarizing for it.

    The difference is, nobody is crying “racism” or going to bat for Tebow.

  88. Can this quit being dragged out. We know why, we’re not stupid. Thank you NFL Media.

  89. It’s even more simple than you idiots on the left want everyone to believe.

    His talent does not outweigh the nonsense he brings along with him.

  90. Can this quit be dragged out. We know why, we’re not stupid. Thank you NFL media.

  91. So let me get this straight…PFT takes the stance of the majority of media and speaks against Kap being employed and what a distraction it would be. Now, an outspoken articulate player speaks out in a blunt, no nonsense, fashion that puts the media in its place and PFT jumps back in its in place to accept reality… I really miss the days of the pre NBC PFT!

  92. “It’s not about football or color”
    It is also not about religion or politics. It is all about business. I like Kaepernick. I think he is a decent to good player. I have no issues with his beliefs. But if I am an owner, I know there are players close to his ability out there that have no baggage. I don’t need the media circus that will follow him to his new team.

  93. Whatever man…you’re just gonna ram this non-story down our collective throats.

    For the 10,538,953rd time – Kaepernick took a knee on the national anthem, and everyone from every part of this country is taking a knee on him!

    Did the cop-pig socks Kaepernick wore speak to oppression of black Americans?!? No. He’s just an idiot. My bad…an unemployed idiot.

    Kaepernick doesn’t speak for me. Stop trying to frame this dude like he’s Dr. Martin Luther King. He’s not!

    Kaep had every right to take a knee on the national anthem/USA flag…and we have every right to take a knee on his career.

  94. Mike, does Kaep have you on retainer? Let it go dude. You and your staff can post as many articles as you like about his lack of employment and it will make not one hill of beans difference. The folks that think he is an insolent, disrespectful suck titty baby are going to continue to think that way. The folks who are proud that he stood up, or knelt, for his beliefs are going to continue to think that way. The football season is like 5 minutes away. How about you put your ‘get Colin a job’ project on the shelf and talk about football players, not ‘used to be’ football players?

  95. Way to tell it like it is Sherman.. Good reporting Florio. I am happy some are awake enough to see through to this BS.. Kap can play and anyone who knows anything about football knows that!!

    My hat is off to Kap and others for seeing through to the Hypocrisy.. Don’t stay in your place.. Freedom is more valuable than the entertainment game of American Football..

    WE all have the right to speak our mind and heart..

    When we no longer tolerate free speech it is pretty much over for “we the people”.

    Keep speaking up and out as a true American it’s one of the most important rights you were born with..

    God Bless the True and Whole America..

  96. All these rednecks treat the flag like it’s a holy relic and represents only the overrated military like a bunch of racist, fascist idiots. That’s the heart of it.

  97. Knowing the posters on this website, I can assume there will be an intelligent dialogue regarding this.

  98. Knock Sherman all you want, but 90% of the time, his statements have some validity to them, no matter what you may think of Sherman as a person…That said, Kaepernick does have the right to protest, but NFL owners have the right to elect to not employ him, also.

  99. Quote Richard Sherman as if he’s the fount of knowledge on this issue. Really? Listen up. This is really simple. Kaepernick has a first amendment right to free speech. People have an equal right to be appalled by his actions. It’s simple…you get to exercise your rights but doing so may have negative consequences. The Ravens are making a business decision…please try to remember this Florio….this is a business, it’s not personal. And if the fan base is decidedly against ‘hiring’ Kaepernick, then it’s smart business not to do so and not alienate your fans.

  100. Kaepernick’s place is right behind Alex Smith as it was always intended. Pat Mahomes isn’t quite ready for the big stage yet, and Smith is due for a concussion. What other coach has dared to take on a more controversial QB? Andy Reid. If Keep could follow some advice from a colleague of his and “…stay in your place”, I can see no better home than with the Chiefs.

  101. Sherman sure likes that R word as an answer to everything.

    See his Nobel Peace Prize in race relations winning article in Sports Illustrated on DeSean and Philly.

  102. So, if you disagree with Kaepernick or even his method, you are a hateful racist who is wrong for freely expressing your thoughts or feelings. Talk about unfairly stereotyping…

  103. And? Honestly, not one NFL fan gives 2 tinkers damn about this guy. We watch football to escape the nightmarish reality that is the world today. Frankly, I hope he never plays again.

  104. Well said Sherman! The cowardice of those in power not willing to admit the obvious reason for their fear-driven act (banning Kaepernick) is much more troubling than them actually doing the cowardly deed. I expect nothing more from the white supremacists that run this nation and the NFL. But guess what? Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. You guys’ time is almost up!

  105. Owners have the right to employ who they want. I am really hoping it is collusion at this point, just to prove how useless your ineffectual “reporting” (read propaganda) is at changing anyone’s mind.

    You will never collect that 10 percent, no matter how many articles you profess your love and admiration for Colin. Your Momma was wrong!

  106. The media are so angry their hero doesn’t have a job.

    They always mention his peaceful protest, (of course they have to stress peaceful), but always seem to omit the pig socks, the endorsement of the murderous Castro regime, or the inexcusable comments about the police Kaepernick made.

  107. Bottom line, the only person to blame is the guy looking back at him (Kap) in the mirror. He’s the product of his own stupidity.

  108. ” You’re telling me fans would rather you lose and put a worse player out there because a guy took a stand?” – Yup Richard. That’s what we’re telling you. Time and place and his was neither. He is getting what he deserves. Protest on your own time, not company time. I thought you used to be smart?

  109. I don’t necessarily disagree with the idea that the NFL management isn’t thrilled with players using the platform for hot button social or political issues. However, keeping him “in his place” is probably not the true concern. It always boils down to money. I think the owners are worried about fan backlash and long lasting damage to their team brand. If the stance he was taking was universally popular then it would probably be embraced she marketed. Not because anyone in the NFL gives a damn but because it would increase profits. The NFL isn’t a political originization. It doesn’t care about right or wrong in social or political issues. Money is usually the driver.

  110. Kaepernick provides an excuse for the low intelligent to express their bigotry by bleating about how much they respect the flag, soldiers, police, blah, blah.

    None of these authority worshippers have actually been in the military or the police force. Every one of these bigoted posters would bash the police if the police attempted to confiscate their guns or moonshine stills.

    The bottom line is that the Kaepernick critics actually don’t care about the flag or anthem. If they did they would be out promoting flag respect every day, not just when some protest occurs. It’s all just a convenient excuse to express their displeasure with what they consider to be black people getting out of line.

  111. the bottom line is do you want to win? Maybe in the case of Kaep they dont care about winning? Im definitely not a Kaep fan for the simple fact that he did not vote. That aside he is the best QB available

  112. Nobody cares, bottom line is Kap is done and its his own fault for being an idiot. That’s what he gets for listening to some radicalized hootchie.

  113. He regressed as a qb, demanded a renegotiation of his contract to shorten it, Pull his kneel down foolishness embarrassing his team and the nfl and pisses off millions of Americans, wears pig socks insulting the police, wears a castro shirt while complaining about oppression then voids the shortened contract and its 16million dollar salary to become a free agent. Yea these are the brainless qualities that should have teams lining up,lol
    My gut tells me he purposely forced himself out of the nfl to cover his regression as a qb and lack of love for the game.

  114. The “new PFT” rollout isn’t going so smoothly now is it? A link to an article titled “welcome to the new PFT” gets a Page Not Found result, and the Most Commented articles list is rife with Deflategate articles from early 2015.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  115. Their bogus excuses are a lot like the PFT bogus excuses for deleting comments. It is their team and they can do what they wish and rationalize it how they wish….just like how you delete comments that you disagree with and then rationalize with your own bogus excuses.

  116. What’s so hard to understand that it comes down to money.

    The league is a business and the owners are businessmen that didn’t make their money investing into things that will lose them money.

    If he was a top tier QB he would’ve had a job by now because the backlash would slowly subside as he lead a team to wins and that would make his investment a worthwhile one.

  117. #1 reason is Kap made football not his top priority in such a massive way and did it while at work. Team was not first but the spectacle and distraction was. After talent…Laser focus, hard work and extreme preperation gets separation on the football field. It’s what my patriots have done for years. Along with cheating. Just kidding. Figured I would throw that in there for all the sore losers.
    #2 reason is that he disrespected millions of “Americans” both dead and alive. Most people in this country have respect for our military because they have fought and died for the very freedom that gives us the choice to live our lives the way we want. He then used the exact freedom and trashed the American flag and national anthem that millions have both lived and died for. Last time I checked, teams don’t go out of their way to piss off a large amount of their fan base for Average talent.
    #3 reason is part above. His talent level does not exceed the drama level. Plain and simple. Teams will put up with bad stuff if it’s outweighed by good stuff. Teams are in the business of winning football games, selling seats and merchandise and making their fan base happy. Kap as a backup or even fighting for a starting job just doesn’t line up those things in the same direction.
    #4 most teams are pro authority or pro police, have great relationships with them and “employ” lots of them on a weekly game basis. Kap does not like police. I don’t care about the lip service after the fact but it’s clear to me has no respect for police when he has worn socks that show pigs dressed up as cops.
    I am done

  118. Wait! This guy has a White biological mother and was raised by White parents in a thoroughly White environment. His Black father is unknown and took no role in his life. How does that make him a representative and spokesperson for Black people?

  119. I thought everyone was saying it was because he is black. Then I thought it was because he took a knee. Then I thought it was because he couldn’t play. What ever the case is, I am glad he isn’t “leading” my team because he isn’t better than our QB.

  120. Its not so much about “boy stay in your place” as it is about money. I think Kap will get a second chance but it will come from a strong franchise that’s been around and has a loyal fan base that can whether the backlash. If Kap believed in his convictions that he has to live with the consequences of his choices.

  121. I recall Sherman calling Kap a mediocre QB a few years ago and he has regressed since then. Now teams should rush out to sign him??

  122. There you go again, generalizing that one perspective is the only perspective.

    “Staying in your place” may be A reason… It may even be the MAJORITY reason… but it is not the only reason people don’t like the protest.

    My reason is it felt disrespectful to those who served protecting our freedoms and rights. I don’t disagree with the message, I disagree with the platform.

  123. This gives Cap more time to peruse his main passion as an activist. Football was just his side thing, owners are looking for a bit more commitment

  124. I work for a very large, very public company. If I took a very public and controversial stand ON COMPANY TIME, I would–at the very least–be disciplined, and at worst, be fired. Why should Kaep get a pass?

  125. Richard Sherman is an idiot. CK sucks as a QB. He sucks even more as a human being. He brought this all on himself. Sherman is getting his name in the paper just to feed is ego. CK bit the hand that feed him. I for one hope this all goes away. I am sick and tied of people standing up for this Anti American POS. Like someone posted “he made his bed now he has to sleep in it”.

  126. An NFL job is not a birthright ..these are private business owners making business decisions ..Kap sealed his own fate, he’s done.

  127. Sherman also forgets that Kaep’s skill was in decline since he went on an ill advised vegan diet. He had lost needed weight and strength and was no longer capable of leading an NFL team.

    This “demonstration” was a last gasp effort to stay relevant in the league. Problem is, he forgot what league he was in and that of the 99.99% of cops that are clean in this nation, a good portion are probably football fans.

    If a player eats too much and comes in overweight, he is getting cut. If a player under eats and his body cannot face the rigors of the NFL, it is plain irresponsible for a team to pick him up. Plain and simple. He should go to Brady if he wants to learn how to eat right.

  128. If you are so upset about this supposed Injustice than protest yourself by boycotting the NFL Mr Florio. You make it a personal crusade but continue to make a living reporting on the evil teams…..Typical.

  129. Hey Florio, Maybe teams don’t want a backup QB that is a major distraction? Maybe they don’t want a backup QB that needs to run a totally different offense than everything they have built? Maybe they don’t want a backup QB who just shouts “Me, Me, Me” everytime he opens his mouth?

  130. Funny how the SJW types at PFT love to preach about Kap’s right to speak freely, but then censor my posts because they’re critical of them beating this dead horse.

  131. Remember that time he went 1-5 for 4 yards with 25 yards in sacks to give San Fran a -21 for passing yardage and was benched? Against the BEARS!?

    Or the time he only had 67 yards against the Cardinals?

    He had a PR of less than 17 for that game.

    Or the time he got suspended for a racial slur?

    I’m sure none of those instances and his last year that he was so bad on the field that they refused to throw the ball on 3-long because he was missing guys by 15 yards. Kelly isn’t a great coach but Kelly’s incompetence has NOTHING to do with CK’s lack of consistency or lack of football IQ on the field (breaking the huddle with 17 on the play clock only to try and change the play with 3 on the clock – taking the delay of game then).

    For guys like Sherman and CK – it’s always about how someone else is keeping them down, never about their own actions. NEVER and people are sick of it.

  132. Funny everyone saying he stinks that’s why he’s not playing. All blind goons. You are all saying kap is worse like Sherman said that Fitzpatrick, mallot, etc? Surely people that go to these sports sites aren’t this dumb…

  133. Let’s be honest here. The majority of Kaps time in SF that defense carried that team and Frank Gore, not the arm of Kap. When most of the defense was hurt or retired that team fell apart and showed what most knew already, that Kap isn’t good. That is why the 49’ers structured his contract the way they did, so that they could cut him at almost anytime with little to no consequences salary cap wise. I hate the 49’ers but give them credit for realizing what they had and having the foresight to structure his contract that way. As far as his protest goes, look you have the freedom to protest whatever the hell you want to but before you do think long and hard about the consequences of your actions because the is no freedom of consequence for your actions.

  134. Hard to believe some people care about their Country more than football. Hard to believe, I know.

  135. saxguru nails it.

    It is a little surprising that the concept of “actions have consequences” is lost on Sherman, considering he went to Stanford.

  136. “Boy, stay in your place”?? Really?

    Sherman is living proof that one can be clueless and still be a good football player.

  137. Kaep, Sherman, and Florio are wrong, as the totality of the Kaep ‘package’ isn’t worth the trouble, real or perceived that accompany him. It’s just that easy. People don’t LIKE HIS BEHAVIOR, and he’s just not that good.

    Consequences for your actions are part of the equation. I would have thought that RS would have learned that at Stanford.

    Disappointing but not surprised given RS previous utterances.

  138. So Kepickle, what you’re really saying is you only want YOUR politics in football world.

  139. He’s not good enough to be a starting QB, and he has too much baggage to be a backup. If he wouldn’t be a constant distraction, he would already be a backup somewhere.

  140. Okay, everyone keeps saying it is his right because of the

    american flag . It is also the right for the people to protest

    because of that flag. Let’s get serious he walked away from

    the niners taking the player option.The 49ers would

    have had to pay 11 million.Who has said he will settle for

    back up money.He is half white, raised by a white family

    and suddenly we are the bad guys. As a viet nam vet and

    a former police officer I will do my protesting by hoping

    he never gets a job with my team.

  141. I don’ t know what else we can do to tell you that we don’t want politics in our sports. ESPN’s failing ratings should speak for themselves.

  142. Thank u Sherman for speaking some truth! And thank u Florio for continuing to write about this. While many on here don’t agree with Kap’s actions, u can’t deny the the root intention of what he’s done, as well as all the positive change he has affected with his platform of being and NFL professional athlete. He didn’t sexually assault someone! He didn’t steal or lie or Cheat like many do. Here is a man with high integrity who also has some balls to do what is right and follow his consciounce. TRY NOT TO HATE

  143. Krap has baggage and there is no question that’s the biggest reason he hasn’t got some type of offer. You can argue whatever you want whether that is fair or not. But you can’t argue why he would never be considered for a starter at this point, everyone is in agreement that, as a player, he is krap. He won at first because he was great in a gimmick system but the NFL figured that out a couple of years ago. He is a great athlete…so is ethos. Neither belong in the NFL as quaterbacks.

  144. If not for our military we wouldn’t be free to travel to Afghanistan whenever we please. Our national anthem must be respected at sporting events. Zero tolerance.

  145. He stinks! He has regressed over the years and that’s not what teams are looking for. Get over it.

    he hasnt regressed the talent around him as regressed, he has demonstrated that if he has the talent around him he can lead a team deep into the playoffs as evidenced by 2 championship gms and a SB appearance which BTW he almost lead his team back from a 3 touchdown deficit. if this had been Rodgers or Brady the media would be calling them heroes.

  146. Isn’t there a separate Justice for Kaepernick website? I’ll bet it’s a moneymaker.

  147. Yep….just one more example of the white man trying to keep the black man down…….by paying them millions of dollars a year……

  148. If someone says that he loves America but that the country has some problems that need to be fixed, I think most people would respect and agree with the sentiment even if they disagreed with the particulars.

    When a guy says that he has no respect for America and that it’s a dreadful place because of the problems he sees, there are a lot of people who take a major exception to that, especially when the guy has received millions of dollars more than the vast majority of people watching from the stands.

    I’m glad that he no longer has a job.

  149. “What is it about? It’s not about football or color.”
    -Richard Sherman, black guy

    Thank you Richard! I’m sick and tired of everything being turned into a race argument when it isn’t. Finally someone has the sack to acknowledge that there is a problem, but the problem isn’t skin color. Apology not accepted for the outlandish accusations that anyone and everyone who doesn’t support Kaep is racist.

  150. I agree with most of the comments about free speech.

    But the owners and the league are thinking about protecting the brand they have invested in to build. If you threaten the brand then you threaten the investment.

    This is the entertainment business. If you are somehow offended by the entertainers then you stop buying the product.

    The players have the right to free speech. But the league and owners are saying that you don’t get to use my soap box to stand on or my megaphone to make your point. Do that on your own. And by the way, do it in a way that it doesn’t damage the brand.

    An example. When the Dixie Chicks commented on the policies of President George W. Bush in ?2003?, radio stations heard from the stations’ listeners: Don’t play their music because I am offended, and if you don’t stop I will not listen to your station. The stations owned the megaphone and the brand. They chose to protect the brand, and their revenue. Business decision. The Dixie Chicks have the complete right to free speech, and to speak in any lawful manner to anyone who will listen. But the radio stations responded for business reasons.

  151. Kaepernick is a terrible QB who averages 178 YPG and 1 TD. Even the 49ers know how bad he is because they refused to give him a guaranteed contract after going to the Super Bowl.

  152. Yes, he had and has the right to protest. The coaches/owners/league has a right not to give him a platform for his protests. Just because you have a right to do something doesn’t make you immune to the consequences. It just means the government can’t punish you for it. This is really basic civics, one would think a lawyer could grasp that concept.

  153. Florio- you should be ashamed. You are nothing more than a racist loving – divisive enabling piece of garbage that pushes this daily red meat to your knuckle dragging base of supporters….no go ahead and remove this post you coward!!!

  154. To call what Kaepernick did a “movement” is a stretch. This guy is not entitled to a spot on an NFL roster. There are plenty of well qualified people everyday that cant find work in their field of choice.

  155. For me it isn’t the knee it’s the pig police socks and the Castro tshirt but those don’t get as much publicity.
    And I agree, it’s time to drop it florio. Unless you want to be nflpa president. ….

  156. Freedom of speech is for all. However, once you put on a uniform and represent a professional (or any team) the freedom to speak out is under the control of the team. If he did this on his own time, and not wearing the team uniform, then his freedom of speech would be respected. When this is done during a game time situation, and wearing a uniform, his personal opinions are to be kept to himself. Using the platform of national TV coverage and expecting attention drawn to him for his defiance, he becomes a liability not an asset.He is being paid to play . His employer (the one who signs his paycheck) does have a say as to how he conducts himself while performing his job, and representing his team.

  157. Lets be clear. The quarterback is NOT a leader of a movement. He simply doesn’t like something and wants to abandon the flag for it. He gets no points for it and it makes him look flimsy. NOT attractive. The position needs to ATTRACT money to the stadium. That is how the org gets PAID!

  158. In the end it means nothing. The protest amounted to nothing and all of those offended had really no reason to be because of that.

  159. Kaepernick is like 2-14 in his last 16 starts. Ever since his rookie yr his QB rating has been in the 80s. The NFL figured him out, meaning they realized he can’t read defenses. Then he made a fool of himself and spit on the flag. so Liberals like Florio love this guy

  160. As usual, Sherman is dead-wrong. This is NOT a racial issue. This is about country.

    As Kaepernick was allowed to ‘protest’ – those same rights are afforded to NFL teams to want nothing to do with him. Also he stinks as an NFL QB.

  161. “Baltimore’s decision to be somewhat transparent unwittingly has exposed what’s really happening.”

    Actually no, Baltimore’s “transparency” has been responding to questions the way any organization should respond. That they look at all positions to bring in players that will help them win.

    Mallett is a $1M cap hit if he’s released. Kaep’s vet minimum for a 1yr deal is $900k i believe. Thats almost a $2M hit just to swap backup QBs. With $3.5M in cap space currently, and needs on the OL, do the math.

    Baltimore’s reasons for not signing Kaep have everything to do with football decisions and nothing to do with race, social justice, politics, etc. It is very unfair for the media to blast the Ravens’ FO.

  162. i wont be watching any team that allows a turd like Kapernick to play. Which is why I wont be watching the browns this year while they still employ Crowell.

  163. It’s not that he took a stand – he took a stand for something that the vast majority of NFL fans completely disagree with. Certainly took guts, I’ll give him that. But I could have told him the consequences before he did it.

  164. Everybody is always the victim. Always Racism the crutch. Yes he still should have a job but the pig socks, the Castro shirt which shows his intelligence about being against oppression. Friends with the Black Hate Group called the Black Panthers. Imagine a White QB with ties to the KKK and here is your black version. So I can see why he is getting many offers

  165. players are paid to play, not talk. They get a ton of money, but just can’t keep their mouths shut. I think fans are getting tired of that.

  166. Really? What other player wore cops-as-pigs socks to practice? There is a right way and a wrong way to protest. He chose the latter and he’ll never play an NFL down again.

  167. ‘Boy, stay in your place.’

    You see what he did there? Sherman lumps everyone who has a problem with Kap into the ‘racist’ bucket.

    This guy thinks he’s some intellectual when he’s really as ignorant as Kap.

  168. Another way to put it would be keep your customers happy. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. Just like he has the right to demonstrate the owners have a right to employ someone else.

  169. Richard Sherman is blanketing all the owners as being racists and Florio agrees with him.
    It says volumes about both of them.
    The real racist here is Colin Kaepernick, the same guy who thinks Fidel Castro was a great guy.

  170. Sherman is an idiot of the highest magnitude.

    krapernick is just a horrible QB and that’s why he’s not employed.

  171. The Ravens are afraid he will outplay their overpaid starter and then what do they do? This is a business and he will get a job when that is a good business decision for a team. Whether that be an injury or poor performance.

  172. So Florio, by the heads;ine of this article, you actually believe this fool Kaepernick is being discriminated against because he “doesn’t know his place? Actually, as is pointed out numerous times in the comments, his invoking his rights means he must also suffer the consequences. When are you going to understand that the majority of people who follow this site totally disagree with your perspective. My question is “When are you going stop this crap and actually do some reporting?”

  173. So Kaep should have a job because he was merely exercising his right to “free speech”. But this site regularly censors “free speech” that doesn’t fit their narrative. See the irony here?

  174. A toxic locker room cancer, major distraction, most hated player in the league by fans and a heap of unwanted media attention for a bad player? yea. its so shocking he isn’t signed. The fact any team that even talks to him needs to justify themselves to the left wing PC police of the media should keep many more suitors away as well. Good riddance.

  175. My post will probably be deleted but I will say it again of CK was that good teams would be lined up to sign him.

    I think it is deeper than his protest last year I really do. Do we really know what kind of money he is looking for? Does his style of play fit the systems of teams? And what is his mindset does he have the passion to play? That is something that I have read that some teams question.

    All I know is that I hope someone signs him soon so we can stop hearing about this.

  176. This about patriotism…not race. There is an old saying, you don’t defecate where you eat….which holds here. Kaep should have kept his protesting out of the workplace if he felt so compelled. I hope he never works again in the NFL.

  177. “..This about patriotism…not race. There is an old saying, you don’t defecate where you eat….which holds here. Kaep should have kept his protesting out of the workplace if he felt so compelled. I hope he never works again in the NFL…”

    Then how do you feel about sending our troops off to fight and die in wars based on lies?

  178. The irony isn’t lost that for someone who likes to talk about ‘free speech’ so much, Florio deletes a lot of posts on his site. Yes, I know. His site, his rules. Just like in the NFL

  179. Can somebody suggest another football news website that they like? If so, I’ll be heading that way

  180. Kidding me with this RACIST crap?

    Nobody wants a poorly performing QB who’s mouth is bigger than his head. It is detrimental to the team.

    Sherman should have learned the mouth thing when NO ONE wanted to trade for him this off-season.

  181. When’s the article dropping about his GF tweeting the gif insinuating the Raven’s owner is a racist and Ray Lewis is an Uncle Tom? Will the SJW’s be defending them by saying the racism they’ve been subjected to has driven them to this and it’s not their fault?

  182. IU have a long list of things I don’t need.

    At the top of that list is crap like this from Florio telling me how wrong I am about this clown.

  183. Not again!!!!!! God help us, it’s the zombie quarterback, returning from the dead again! Don’t go into the basement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. What exactly is it that all of you flag waivers, all of you “respect our soldiers and police” commenters, are so upset about? None of you are are police or soldiers. None of you have ever “put your lives on the line everyday” for anyone. All you are doing is attaching yourselves to others who you obviously believe are better people than you.

    All the “he disrespected my flag” stuff is fake outrage. Kaepernick did not do anything that you should be personally offended about because you have no stake in the game. Go enlist in the military or become a policeman. Then you can be offended.

  185. Mikey, while you are caping for Kaepernick, you never mention Kaep wearing the”pig” socks, comparing policemen to modern day slave catchers, those acts are offensive…Try listening to another perspective from the incomparable Jason Whitlock or the equally insightful Clay Travis.

  186. All of the Black soldiers that fought in WWII, especially the infamous Red Tails & the 92nd Infantry Division love Colin Kaepernick…

  187. The Black soldiers that fought in the Korean War sincerely appreciate Kap’s efforts…

  188. Black Vietnam War veterans would love to wear Kap’s jersey if he played for their NFL team…

  189. African-American Vietnam War vets would love to wear Kap’s jersey if he played for their favorite NFL team…

  190. I wish people would stop injecting race into the equation. Could it be that Kaepernick is a lousy qb and not worth the hassle? Richard Sherman your ignorance is showing all over the place.

  191. It’s not difficult. If he was a better player, he’d be worth the distraction for a team. But he’s not. And right or wrong, doesn’t matter your agenda, IT IS A DISTRACTION. it’s an unnecessary distraction that teams don’t want to deal with. Why aren’t we crying about why RGIII isn’t on a team right now? He’s a better QB than Kaepernick. Where’s the outrage? Seriously. Where was the outrage over Tebow not getting a chance? Oh, because his distraction was his Christianity, it doesn’t fit the SJW agenda? Ok.

  192. Lots of times I’ve disagreed with you in the past Mr. Florio, but this time I’m 100% in your corner. I feel so sorry for the Kaepernick haters that continue to spew their vitriol in every post about Kap. So blinded by their anger and fear. Sad!

  193. Sherman is right to say Kaepernick would fit in in Seattle–the new Libtard Central! But I did not think he was a racist though. (first he says Kap wouldn’t tow the elite ownership line, and Sherman is right about that, but then he claims because Kap is black he is more likely to be blackballed, because after all, all QBs are white, right? Which I suppose goes double for ‘oreos’ like Russell Wilson–and you say there’s not controversy in the Seahawk locker room?). So, keep on being racist, Richie kiddo (can’t call you ‘boy’ right? that would be ‘racist’!)

    And, memo to “thedudeabideth” above regarding the “mediocrity” of Ryan Tannehill–cut the crap you Pats, or Bills, or Jets fan! And Ryan Tannehill wouldn’t take a knee because he’s an Aggie! Not because he white. Not because he’s “mediocre.” Not because he’s a slave to the power elites (who, BTW, LOVE KAEPERNICK because he’s one of their divide and conquer slaves who do the will of the elites who want us “useless eaters’ divided instead of united–against them! The same power elites who are killing millions in wars, stealing trillions in money from us productive workers, and destroying the earth for their insane profits.

    And to all you folks on here who are bellyaching about Tebow’s belief in Jesus–have fun partying with Satan in the Lake of Fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth–Satan’s teeth on your bones! Enjoy the party!

  194. What a complete load of Horse Sh!.
    Sherman is full of it clean up to his eyeballs.

    Kap plays one type of weak game and the NFL DC’s have figured it out and shut is down.

    How many teams play the type of offense he did when he didn’t stink up the joint??
    If you like him so much, you hire him.

  195. Is there anyway to get alerts sent immediately to my phone whenever the purveyor of truth and wisdom Richard Sherman speaks? In order to think “properly” I need his universal wisdom and all knowing knowledge to understand life.

    Thank you Mr. Florio for making his commandments, his truth, so readily available to me on a moment by moment basis.

    What I wouldn’t give to see just one person stand up to you bullies, you social justice tards, and tell his holiness to shut his pie hole. Sherman, just like Kaepernick is on his downhill tumble and in order to feed their desperate need to be relevant, they have to resort to giving florio, nbc, the evil food they crave.

  196. Would you be standing up for some white guy spewing racial insults or evening “Faint praise” of BLM??
    Didn’t think so.

  197. He opted out of his contract. He wasn’t released.

    I don’t think putting him on the Jets is suddenly going to make the Jets good. They’ll just be bad with a different bad QB. How is that even an improvement?

  198. cardinealsfan20 says:
    August 3, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    All the “he disrespected my flag” stuff is fake outrage. Kaepernick did not do anything that you should be personally offended about because you have no stake in the game. Go enlist in the military or become a policeman. Then you can be offended.

    I have done both. I served and fought… My son is currently in the military I’m currently in law enforcement and I happen to be black. I don’t believe I’m better than anyone,I’m just a guy.

    I didn’t like him kneeling . It ticked me off. I found it disrespectful. It Is his right to kneel. Just like it is my right to stop any support of teams he plays for or any company who officers him employment. Why is this a surprise to anyone. He was feee to make a choice so is everyone else. The owners are choosing not to have him on their team. The guy is an average QB. Some desperate team will sign him.

  199. I have not seen too many people post this
    His nfl outlook before Sept 2016 was so bad, that media in bay area were saying he may be released in the off season/once he passes his physical. He had lost his job to gabbert.
    Normally in a case like this it would have been easy for a team to drop/cut a player.
    But then Kaep started his protest, Now it became a PR nightmare for 49ers to take any adverse action against him.
    That must be one of the reasons he cant find a job.
    Now he says he will not protest the anthem, so lets say a team gives him a job.
    Imagine for whatever reason his play is really bad for this team/he does not meet team needs, they might want to cut him.
    Boom, he starts his new social agitation, now the new team cannot drop him either for fear of bad PR.

    Thats the real reason I feel he cannot find a job.

  200. Let’s look at some numbers. Start with 32 teams.
    Minus 1 team (San Fran) that doesn’t want him anymore.
    Minus (at least) 8 teams that have “Franchise quarterbacks and have their backup situation settled.
    Minus (at least) 8 teams that have drafted rookies in the last 2-3 years they want to build with.

    That leaves.. at best.. 15 teams that might have a use for him.

    Now, there are a couple reasons Colin Kaepernick is not in the league.
    1) He’s just not that good.
    2) The teams don’t want to have to deal with the media circus that would follow these players.

    NFL defenses have figured out Kaep.. play zone, have a LB spy, and make him throw the ball to success.

    “Football Only” isn’t just about what happens on game day between the sidelines. It’s also the camp and practices and the discussions with the press. And there are teams that simply do not want the distraction will happen the moment he’s on the roster.

    Any team that signs him is more or less guaranteeing he’ll be on the final roster, because they’d have to answer endless questions about why he didn’t make the team. Kaep knows this. There’s no incentive for him to work on his craft, to improve, because he knows once signed, he’s golden.

    Football teams don’t want to deal with the media circus that’d come with him.

    Think about this… Dallas has been known for years to be willing to take ‘at risk’ players, and they don’t want him. What does that tell you?

  201. Forget about the protests, the socks, and Che for a moment – considering his limitations as a QB, who would want him coming in as a long-term backup (say 4-6 games) if the starter got injured? He might be effective for a very short period (i.e. 1 game, but only if defenses had no time to set up a game plan for him), but not for a more extended period.
    Which offensive system would he fit well in?
    How well would he work behind the Seahawks OL, Richard? Russell Wilson is extremely elusive, and is able to keep track of the receivers while he is evading the rush. Kaepernick is not elusive – he is very poor at evading rushers, his strength is that he is exceptionally dangerous if he gets into the open field. But that is relatively easy for defenses to account for; just disguise their coverages and have someone assigned as a “spy.” And he has no clue what the receivers are doing.
    He also has not shown the growth potential for teams to use him as a backup, while grooming him to be the eventual starter. And at his age, that is especially unlikely to be successful. Defenses adjusted to him; he hasn’t been able to counter-adjust.
    Where he would work would be as an occasional sub/third string QB – bring him in a few times a game in situations where the defense is in a configuration that plays to his strength. Could be very disruptive, and would force teams to spend energy game-planning for it. Someone like Belichick would be great at using him in that role. But generally, roster spots are too valuable for someone who could only fill that role. If he could also be a 4th WR, that would make more sense from a personnel perspective, but there has been no indication that he has that desire or skillset.
    Now add in the distraction element – whether you agree or not with his protests, his presence would clearly be a significant distraction, at least for the first year.
    So which teams?

  202. Such a different America when we feel condemned for loving the flag and our values

  203. “Such a different America when we feel condemned for loving our flag and values”.

    That’s your problem, you “feel” condemned. No one is responsible for your feelings except yourself.

    Actually you’re not being condemned. Now you may be called stupid for not realizing that American values should include justice in a court of law for everyone, instead of being gunned down in the street. You may be called stupid for loving a piece of cloth while having no clue as to what the flag represents. But you’re definitely not being condemned.

  204. Kaepernick can’t read a defense, which in today’s NFL might be the single most important quality for a QB to own. That’s why he isn’t on a roster.

  205. Pig socks.

    He wore socks that depicted police officers as pigs.

    I think CK is a jackass, and while I don’t agree with him kneeling, it’s his right to do so and it didn’t make me hate him

    However, the pig socks did it for me. My wife, sister, and brother in law are all police officers, wearing pig socks was a direct insult to them.

    Ironically, I was raised to question authority, and I still do to this day. Even with my family connection to police work, I am still critical of police procedures I just do it respectfully.

    Plus, He never took a knee when he was starting, he did after after he lost his job.

  206. The comments are full of moronic people who probably never set foot on a football field and don’t know the difference between a will linebacker and a sam. These are the facts. In 2016, Kap ranked 17 in total QBR, which was ahead of Philip Rivers and Eli Manning and threw 16 touchdown passes against four interceptions. He also played with the worst receiving core in the NFL, shoot Torrey Smith is the quintessential No. 3 receiver and he was supposed to be the stalwart of the group. San Francisco’s No. 1 running back, Carlos Hyde, also missed a few games, and Kap played behind a shotty offensive line at best. Now I do understand most of you could never understand Kap’s stance because you’ve never experienced systematic oppression, or half of the struggles that African Americans in the U.S. face daily, so I’m sympathetic with a lot of you guys’ lack of empathy.The NFL isn’t going to lose money because a team signed Kap, shoot public opinion has never really mattered in the business of football, the point is winning games. There are no backups better than Kaepernick, he is better than a few of the league’s starters, yet you guys fail to acknowledge that. If you choose not to support a team because they signed Kap, then honestly you’re the problem and I feel sorry for the generations of clueless kids that you leave behind. People complain about athletes not using their platforms to stand up for what is right, well Kap did that and now you guys are upset. Also, the NFL isn’t going to miss your money, so your choice to not watch football only affects you. When you talk about role models in professional sports, especially for kids who have the gift to one day be a professional athlete, Kaepernick sets a great example and is striving to break down racial barriers that have hindered our progress as a nation. If someone who has millions of followers fails to use their platform for the greater good, then they are simply doing the country a disservice. With this being said, I hope some of you learn to value human lives more than a flag that symbolizes several different things to different groups of people and I Hope you one day learn to look at things from both sides of the coin. Have a great day. PS: There are plenty of veterans who support Kap’s approach and if you’re looking for proof just search the #veterans4Kaepernick hashtag on your handy dandy Twitter accounts. Cheers.

  207. youngnoizecom says:
    August 4, 2017 at 10:05 am


    Somewhat valid points. And I am sure this will get deleted.

    However, from a football standpoint CK is a read option QB, he hasn’t shown the ability to play under center and from the pocket. A team isn’t going to change the scheme for a backup QB, to ignore that is ignorant. It’s not the whole reason, but it’s certainly a factor as is the money he likely wants to ride the pine.

    in regards to your point saying that most of us can’t understand systematic racism. As a white guy, you are right I have never faced this. But I can attest that many, many non POC get incredibly frustrated when this is brought up. Quite frankly it’s almost impossible to have a conversation about race and race relations in America openly because it often turns into a one sided conversation and people are so afraid of making a comment that someone may stretch to turn into a prejudiced one and brand them a racist.

  208. Remember Richard Pryor’s routine about the pebble turds that won’t go away after a flush? Kap and Sherman.
    MSNBC or ESPN will have gigs for them eventually.

  209. I do appreciate your ability to see things from both sides of the coin. I’ll also say this, there really is no such thing as a read/option quarterback in the NFL, sans anybody that plays under Chip Kelly Under Jim Harbaugh, he operated mostly operated from the shotgun and did the standard three-to-five step drops and every team in the NFL has a whole bunch of plays from Shotgun, you don’t necessarily have to change the entire offense. You can pick and choose, and even confuse. And you are completely right, it’s pretty much impossible to have these conversations because unless you’ve undergone things yourself, it’s hard to even fathom what other people go through. Kaepernick is standing up for a voiceless community and has the platform to make real change. His efforts in the community are case in point. People always want athletes to be humble and use the gifts bestowed upon them to help others, and there are few better examples than Kap.

  210. So Sherman is right on the money calling out his own team–guess he thinks Kap would have been a better QB choice than Wilson? He’s right on the money suggesting players should have been blackballed because of unproven allegations with no charges filed and no evidence they’d ever committed a crime–um, isn’t punishing people without due process sort of what Kap is supposed to be protesting against? So Sherman is right on the money calling his colleagues trash and biting the hand that feeds him and suggesting everyone in the league (except, him, of course, is a coward in this thing)? Right.

    So … did I miss something? Was he out there next to Kaepernick on his knee protesting all the injustice in the world, risking his own NFL contract? Or is he just, as usual, running his mouth?

  211. If you choose not to support a team because they signed Kap, then honestly you’re the problem and I feel sorry for the generations of clueless kids that you leave behind. People complain about athletes not using their platforms to stand up for what is right, well Kap did that and now you guys are upset.
    __________________________________________________________________________________________Oooohhhh…You must be confused with someone else. Kaep SAT DOWN for what is WRONG. Disrespect and oppression for police officers is an epidemic that if corrected would greatly improve our society. Post an update when you remember the person you were actually thinking of.

  212. Wait…we’re talking about the same QB that was beat out by Blaine Gabbert last year BEFORE he started kneeling?

  213. Kap had the right to speak up to raise awareness of the number of blacks being killed by cops! Most of the beer drinking slobs here have never served this country and hide behind the flag as if they’re Patriots…my a$$!

  214. Kaepernick not playing has nothing to do with race he’s not any good and will not get better. Fitzpatrick is a better QB than he is and I don’t care what color he is. Mallet is playing at this time because teams don’t know how good he is yet. With Kaepernick, he’s had chances and you know he’s never going to be any good. Anyone that think this is about race is an ignorant buffoon. The ones that like to go around recklessly accusing people racism are the actual racist, because they are assuming someones opinion is based on their race. Yet I’m sure some of you hypocrites will ignore facts and believe whatever your puny minds want to believe!

  215. Marge Schott was forced out as owner of the Reds and banned from baseball for saying:
    Evil Dictator H had some good ideas.

    Colin Kaepernick has a bad reputation for saying:
    Evil Dictator C had some good ideas.

    A rich white owner treated the same as a rich black QB. Sounds like Dr King to me:

    ‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.’

  216. youngnoizecom says:
    August 4, 2017 at 10:05 am
    “When you talk about role models in professional sports, especially for kids who have the gift to one day be a professional athlete, Kaepernick sets a great example and is striving to break down racial barriers that have hindered our progress as a nation.”

    I hope you are being sarcastic in your post. You honestly believe a person who sings the praises of Fidel Castro while speaking out against oppression, calls police officers “slave catchers,” wears socks depicting pigs wearing police uniforms, and incorrectly teaches children about their rights, and then feels so compelled about his convictions that he doesn’t even bother to vote is a great example of a role model?

  217. This is complete foolishness and shows why Sherman is becoming irrelevant. The football only narrative is easy – Kaepernick’s game regressed in 2014 and he quit on trying to become better by 2015; his social stand promoting racial racketeers fighting against success by blacks (and everyone else) while character assassinating police about nonexistent brutality, Cuban-Americans by his support of international dictator Fidel Castro, and Americans in general about nonexistent oppression (discredited by HIS OWN UPBRINGING) is part and parcel of his laziness, sense of entitlement, and lack of accountability. His game in 2016 was garbage – zero read of opposing defense, locking onto one side of the field or the other, running around like Kassulke’s Chinese fire drill of Hank Stram fame, and insisting on throwing the ball with zero touch or particular attempt at accuracy. And the result is Blaine Gabbert has outwon Kaepernick in 2015 and 2016.

    Players weren’t exercising their rights, they were fooling themselves into treating people as the enemy.

  218. Let me attempt to retype the actual headline for this story in a fashion I’ve seen other times being used on this site:

    “Richard Sherman gets to the Heart of the Colin Kapernick Situation…Except he Doesn’t.”

  219. Kaepernick isn’t good enough to counter balance the hassle of having him on a team. Same thing happened to T.O. and Ochocinco and others who (for different reasons) were distractions for their teams. As long as they were good enough they had a place. As soon as they were only average then out they went. Also… even if you believe in Kaepernick’s cause, you have to admit his approach hasn’t been great. The socks incident was not the right approach at all for example. To me he comes across as selfish, not as someone that is trying to create positive change though peaceful protest. It’s very immature.

  220. The heart of the matter is those who love this country and enjoy watching a football game as a release on life gets sickened by a mediocre football player insulting the nation with a BS “stance” by kneeling during OUR national anthem. He’s had more “privilege” than most of us. I would not watch or support anything he’s affiliated with. End of story.

  221. I’m sick of the SJWs in our country crying over what corporate America “owes” them. Every time I turn around, someone is complaining about CK not having a job, or one’s entry level job isn’t worth $15/hour, or some bakery didn’t bake you a cake, or the coffee was too hot when you spilled it on yourself. Grow up! If you think the NFL owners are trying to keep a “boy in his place,” then I suggest you pony up the cash, buy a team, and then hire CK yourself. Until then, it’s not your money, and it’s not your organization, so shut up about it.

  222. I think Sherman is a smart guy…. but I disagree with him on this one.
    Suggest you look at this from a different perspective…. you’re an NFL owner, there’s a mediocre (at best) quarterback available that can’t read an NFL defense, locks onto a receiver, looks like a deer in the headlights in the face of a pass rush, has zero touch on his passes, that NFL fans (you know, the paying customers, the people that actually make the league possible, much less profitable) have organized boycotts against any team that considered signing him, (Seattle, Baltimore, Miami)…. would you sign him? If you’re answer is “yes”…. you won’t be an owner much longer… because you’re an idiot.
    Kaepernick was more interested in the attention he got as a protester, than improving as an NFL quarterback. If he’s so “great”… explain the 4 (FOUR) total passing yards game against the Bears last season.
    Keapernick KNEW he was done as an NFL quarterback, he was a one trick pony that defensive coordinator figured out, his numbers were steadily declining (exception of last season, even with the better QBR number, he finished 29th in the league).
    Kaepernick NFL career is over, and he’s the one that put a fork in it.

  223. Good article by PFT. One thing they did not mention is if you want a job, probably not a wise decision to have your girlfriend insult future employer (see picture of ravens owner she posted). How many of us, would publicly insult a CEO and then try to get a job with his colleagues.

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