Rick Spielman hopes to have a quarterback quandary


The Vikings have two starting-caliber quarterbacks. But they don’t know who their starting quarterback will be beyond this season.

Sam Bradford, who was the equivalent a year ago of a spare tire thrown onto the axle of a moving car, remains under contract for one more year. Teddy Bridgewater, the tire that blew out violently last August, also is under contract for one more year.

It’s got the potential to become a conundrum for the Vikings, and G.M. Rick Spielman welcomes that outcome.

“I hope, at the end of the season, that we have that difficult decision to make because it’s better to have two high-quality players at that position than to have none at all,” Spielman told Gridiron-Magazine.com, before praising each guy.

“Think about what Sam Bradford had to do last season,” Spielman said. “He had never been around this team, had never heard a play call and didn’t know our system. For him to learn that offense and manage through so much adversity having only been here a short time was something that was really difficult to do. Watching him throughout the offseason in OTAs, mini-camp and now training camp — Sam has been phenomenal and we’re expecting a big year out of him.”

They’re also expecting, well, something out of Bridgewater this year.

“Teddy has been amazing as well,” Spielman said. “He has attacked his rehab and he appreciates football even more because it was taken away from him. That was an injury where people thought he may never play football again. His mindset has been unbelievable and he is showing determination to get back on the field as soon as he can.”

And that’s where this one continues to be potentially very intriguing. If Bridgewater, who currently is on the active/PUP list, heads to the reserve/PUP list when the rosters move from 90 to 53 on Labor Day weekend, there’s a chance his contract tolls for a year, putting him under contract through 2018 and, in turn, making the Vikings’ “good problem to have” a little less problematic.

In theory, that is. Because there’s a chance that a decision by the Vikings to not activate Bridgewater before the roster deadline will spark a grievance from the player and his union and, potentially, hard feelings between player and team. Spielman previously acknowledged the CBA quirk in vague terms during an appearance on PFT Live, but he didn’t definitively say whether it applies.

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  1. “In theory, that is. Because there’s a chance that a decision by the Vikings to not activate Bridgewater before the roster deadline will spark a grievance from the player and his union”

    If Teddy is truly Physically Unable to Perform (and everything with this injury seems to point to that) how can there be a grievance?

  2. It sound like everyone is having an “amazing” training camp for the Vikings. Looks like another off season championship for the Vikings. We will see how this “phenomenal” team does during the regular season.

  3. It seems like both quarterbacks are good guys and hard workers. It would be nice for them to both succeed, long term. That would mean, though, that one of them ends up on another team eventually, or that Bradford calls it quits in a year or two.

  4. Two things I got from Teddy’s news conference the other day:

    1. He’s going to be very cautious with his knee and make sure he’s completely healthy before playing again.

    2. When pressed by a reporter about his commitment to the Vikings, he said only that he wants to play football “somewhere” again. I thought this was somewhat telling.

    So, to me, it’s pretty clear that he’ll start the season on the PUP and the Vikings will have him under contract for 2018. I think it wold be very hard for the NFLPA to win any grievance just due to the severity of the injury.

    And while all this buys the Vikings a little bit of time, the price is only going up on Bradford and they may not have all the answers they need on Teddy by the end of this year. Hardly the long-term stability at QB that this Viking fan is looking for!!!

  5. Well, maybe between the 2 of them, they can finally throw more than 20 TDs? Ok, it would have to be over 2 seasons, but still, that’s some “high quality” quarterbacking, Alex Smith style.

  6. Well, if the Vikings are able to keep Bridgewater under contract for 2018, it would be to the teams advantage. Yes, Bradford played well last year, and hopefully that continues this year.

    That said, I’m old enough to remember the Randall Cunningham / Brad Johnson quandary. Cunningham was well into a long career when he came off the bench in 1998 and lit the league on fire. Faced with a choice for the coming year, Dennis Green opted to keep Cunningham and trade Johnson. Cunningham went cold in 1999, and was benched six games into a lucrative five year contract. Johnson went on to led the Redskins to the playoffs, and later the Bucs to a Super Bowl win.

    Here’s hoping Bradford (who is much younger now than Cunningham was then) keeps up his performance from last year. If Bradford fades, this becomes an easy choice for the Vikings, provided Bridgewater is healthy.

  7. Teddy destroyed his knee without even taking a hit. If he gets hit his broomstick legs may shatter like glass. After this season the Vikes would be wise to offer any team their choice of QB for a 1st round pick and press on.

  8. Hey analeye, Its so funny that we are in your head. I bet you dream of the Packers all night long.

  9. Quandary?
    With two classic underachieving quarterbacks, and a gaping hole in 2018, it seem more like a quagmire.
    The Barneys are on the hook to Bradford for 18 million this season, that’s just 1 million under what the Packers are paying Rodgers. skoLOL!

    With nobody signed to take snaps in 2018, (Are you seriously going to franchise Bradford?) and possible looming litigation, (From a QB with an obvious limited skill set) Spieldope has created himself quite a situation.

    He’s always addressing this problem from behind the curve.
    That’s why he continues to pay through the nose, overreaching with draft picks and throwing more and more treasure to try and fix this.

    But Hey, that’s alright.
    Just continue to stick your head in the sand and ignore it.
    It shouldn’t slow the Barney fans down from a season’s worth of whining about injuries and referees.

  10. Teddys contract will toll and he’ll ultimately resign long term. Bradford will have a monster year and the Vikings will franchise him and trade him to the highest bidder.

  11. I doubt Bradford has a monster year as that’s not what the team is built for but he did have a damn impressive outing last season. I was really surprised by his play and if any Packer fans think that was mediocre, they’re trolling.

    Speaking of trolling, why don’t you ever mention the Vikings ariani? You’re in our comments trolling the pack and in your comments trolling the pack. Do you actually care about football?

  12. the tiny minded cheezers still trolling . There REALLY isn’t anything to do in misconson except eat bons bons on the couch

  13. If Teddy’s truly not healed, and it hasn’t even been a year, the PUP designation would at least extend the QB decision regarding Teddy for a year. Clearly, both Teddy and the Vikings acknowledge he’s not physically ready yet. there’s not much the Vikes can practically do other than wait and see how he heals and how Bradford plays. No other NFL GM would act differently.

    And for the smug cheesers that claim Spielman is ill prepared, precisely how many NFL teams (other than NE) are now prepared for their starting QB to blow out a knee two weeks into training camp? If that happens to Rodgers, is the Pack prepared, or will they be deemed behind the curve with their head in the sand? Spare me. TT lucked into Rodgers and both he and his team’s fans have been living off the glory of that one-trick NFL MVP pony ever since.

  14. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Aug 2, 2017 12:36 PM
    Bridgewater is a trade bait at this point.


    For what, a Klondike Bar? He’s still on the PUP list.

  15. filthymcnasty3 says:
    Aug 2, 2017 10:45 AM
    Rick Spielman is a mortician.
    With that collection of walking corpses he’s collected for his offensive line, I would have to agree.

  16. Barring injury, I don’t see how Bradford doesn’t have the best season of his career this year. If that doesn’t result in a nice playoff run, I doubt he gets a long-term contract from the Vikings. This all depends on Teddy’s health, but if it looks like he’s going to be able to come back next year they’re going to give him the chance. It’s about winning games and this year is Sam’s opportunity to show he can do that.

  17. The problem with this entire post starts in accepting as fact, the very first sentence, “The Vikings have two starting-caliber quarterbacks”

    Do they? One has a knee injury that was so horrific that many doctors would advise ever playing again and that was before he posted two consecutive 14 TD seasons. If 14 TD’s is a “starting caliber” QB, then which team in the NFL doesn’t already have one? The other QB has his own long history of injuries but did manage to survive last season for the first time in a long time. So what did he do with his new found luck? He promptly tanked a promising 5-0 start to drop 8 games in the second half of the season and missed the playoffs, not that missing the playoffs is a big deal in Minnesota, its when they actually make the playoffs before anybody is shocked.

    So it would be a quandary if either QB were even in the top half of the starters but that’s debatable, even if the Vikings are choosing to pay one of them $18M a year to not lead them to the playoffs. Some bargain.

  18. If 14 TD’s is a “starting caliber” QB, then which team in the NFL doesn’t already have one?
    If I remember correctly Erin Rodgers had a total of zero TD passes in his first 3 years. Teddy wasn’t asked to throw the ball 50 times a game. Try watching more football than just the fudges.

  19. Bradford will have a great year, we will franchise him next year. Teddy will toll making him an affordable back up the next two seasons. Teddy takes over when Bradford fades, gets hurt or we decide to trade one or the other to get our #1 pick back. Spielman is right, it’s a good problem to have…

  20. Well, as a long time Vike fan, I hope he does, too. But, I can tell you right now it is not Sammy Sleeves. Best case, Teddy is able to return to form. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

  21. As I read the criticism I really wonder what the team is supposed to do? Bridgewater led Minnesota to a 11-5 record and the division championship the year before he was hurt, and looked great in the preseason before the injury. No one is saying Bradford is the next Brady, but he’s better than your typical journeyman. Maybe, way better. As Vikings fans, we don’t like it but realize events have forced the team into this position. I’m guessing Teddy’s contract carries over, and Bradford is franchised. Maybe then they can compete in camp. It isn’t easy for anyone.

  22. I feel Bradford is going to have a pretty good season- better than most expect. Good enough to get this offense scoring when it should. Cook in the backfield will help Sam a lot (keeping defenders honest and going out for a quick pass). A refreshed O-line should help him a lot. If players like Threadwell step-up- this offense could be somewhat dangerous. Dangerous enough considering the Defensive side of the ball. Can’t wait!

  23. This is Teddy’s team. Sam did a great job for us last season, but I look upon him as purely as a two year rental. Give Teddy this season to get back into the swing of things and then we can trade Sam to another team next season that is in need of a two year rental. He will be a valuable asset then.

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