Sam Bradford’s rare outburst takes down Mike Zimmer


We’ve never really seen Sam Bradford get too excited on the field.

And when he did, it could have proven dangerous to the sight of his head coach.

Via Kevin Seifert of, the Vikings quarterback was celebrating a touchdown pass in practice, and accidentally took down coach Mike Zimmer.

That’s potentially a problem since doctors have suggested Zimmer avoid contact as he recovers from eight eye surgeries. But he was also asking for it, literally, since he told players he wanted to see more emotion.

“I didn’t see him,” Zimmer said with a smile. “It was a blindside shot, but I told him a quarterback can never hurt me. . . .

“They have to show some emotion out there. I’m glad he did it. . . . I’ve been on [them] about not showing enough emotion when we make a big play.”

It’s good that Zimmer was able to joke about it, but the idea of Bradford being the guy to take him down is still strange to imagine.

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  1. Wow, lots of coaches preach the “act like you have been there before” mantra. Not knocking Zimmer here, but be careful what you wish for, as emotion after a big play often means a 15-yard penalty. Can’t get mad if/when that happens.

  2. Zimmer is a funny dude especially when you put his quotes to his voice. He sounds so fierce and husk when reading, but his actual voice is so darn light, I would say similar to Tyson if I was to give a comparison.

    But don’t take him lightly because of it.

  3. zimmer is the king of hyperbole so it is hard to know his exact tone when he asked for more emotion.

  4. Two things, you’re right in saying Bradford is going to be responsible for taking down Zimmer but that can’t really start till the Vikings are losing games in the regular season. In reality, it should be Spielman losing his job for drafting two 1st round QB’s and trading away another 1st round pick to get Bradford. How many playoff games has that won the Vikings? (I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with “hero”)

    And I can understand Bradford’s excitement, Touchdowns come at a premium even if its against his own 2nd string defense. Like the single guy at closing time, sometimes you have to take what’s there even if it’s nothing to brag about.

  5. They way things went last year, if this had happened in a 2016 practice, Bradford woulda poked out Zim’s good eye.

  6. Ok gotta post – the packers trolls literally must hit refresh over and over to be the first to post on every vikes article. This was a fun light hearted post but there you are. Just remember you are one player away from 7-8-1… and that was a few years younger. Not sure who you think next man up is for that. I also want to inform you guys that age does effect performance, it’s only a matter of time.

    Thank God Bradford showed a pulse, at times you worry he is walking around comatose and muscle memory just fired in! Tempered expectations but he wasn’t to shabby with what he had last year…

  7. Spielman needs to be fired. Let’s see – Christian Ponder, Teddy BW, passing on Derek Carr. This guy couldn’t find a QB at Canton. I like Bradford that was a good move, he has played well in 2 back to back seasons. Not to mention his 2016 draft class which at this point looks like a complete wash. Time to move on from this wannabe.

  8. The headline made me expect that Bradford went on an emotional rant directed at Zimmer

    The terrible writing of Darin Gantt strikes again

    God even his name is spelled wrong

  9. The players love Zim. Who can blame them. No one throws anyone under the bus with the Vikings. Can’t say the same thing about our ugly sister to the East. Keep trolling, Packer fans, you’ll disappear from social media a few weeks after the season starts, just like you did after dropping 6 of your first 10 games last year. Only brave when winning which means you’ll be cowards for the next decade…

  10. I love the emotion in practice

    Bradford will have a lot of opportunities to celebrate this coming season.


  11. Some people don’t have anything other to do than post negative comments on every article about the smallest event. Lame AF

  12. whatjusthapped says:
    Aug 2, 2017 8:56 PM
    Two things, you’re right in saying Bradford is going to be responsible for taking down Zimmer but that…blah…blah…blah….
    And it goes on and on and on. Seriously. How many hours does it take to for you come up with these long, drawn out, and very boring “takes” on Vikings football? For someone who posts as many comments as you do, one would think that you would actually be good at it by now!

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