Seahawks’ Earl Thomas “feeling really good” after returning from broken leg


After breaking his leg in a game against the Carolina Panthers last December, Seahawks safety Earl Thomas took to Twitter to say he was contemplating retirement from the NFL.

As Thomas became further removed from the injury, the thoughts of retirement waned and he began to push forward in his rehabilitation.

“It was very difficult. I just tried to stay positive. I think I used twitter as a coping mechanism just to shoot my thoughts out there, but it was different and it was difficult,” Thomas said Tuesday.

Thomas was healthy for the start of training camp and has taken part in each of the team’s first three practices this week. He was eased back into practices during the offseason program but said he felt he was at about 80 percent at that point in the process.

He’s much closer to 100 percent now.

“I’m feeling really good,” Thomas said. “No issues yet. I’m just continuing on my maintenance and letting it take care of itself.

While training camps routinely paint everyone as being in “the best shape of their lives,” Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is particularly excited about how Thomas looks through the first few days of work.

“I told Earl this morning that he looks in better condition and faster than I’ve ever seen him since year one or two, Carroll said. “The last three or four years, this is the best he’s ever been.”

Getting Thomas back in the lineup is of vital importance. The Seahawks allowed just 16 points per game in the 12 games Thomas started. In the six games he missed – regular season and postseason combined – they allowed over 23 points per game.

In the meantime, Thomas will take it easy – well, as easy as he can make himself take it – to make sure he’s on the field for game in September.

“I’m just excited to be back out there,” Thomas said. “I’m not going to over-do it. I’m just easing my way into it and get a great feel for it, and let everything else take care of itself.”

12 responses to “Seahawks’ Earl Thomas “feeling really good” after returning from broken leg

  1. i have no respect for Thomas. From his couch last yr he cries that Brady and the Pats always have an easy road to the playoffs. Like Sherman he still hasnt gotten over the sting of getting abused by Brady, Edelman, Amendola and gronk in the 4th quarter of SB49. Then last yr when people tweeted how Brady and Pats abused him in that 4th quarter he shows what a wimp he is by saying he was playing injured. That is the coward’s way out, what a wimp

  2. Chancellor and Thomas are the best safety combo in the league. As a fan of the game you have to enjoy enjoy the way he brings it on every down but that whole contemplating retirement thing after he was hurt was downright bizarre. Thomas plays with kamikaze abandon laying the kind of clean but ferocious hits that knock other players out of games but when he broke his leg throwing himself around he came off kind of whiny. He’s a great player but that was a bad look, no way around it.

  3. That’s the best news Richard Sherman could have heard. He was exposed for the over rated player he is after Thomas went down. Thomas is the guy that makes that secondary go.

    And Pete Carroll is the whiniest coach in the NFL since Jim Harbaugh left. He cries on every play, running up and down the sidelines chomping on his gum.

    I believe nothing he says and will never forgive him for leaving his USC players holding the bag when he left.

  4. Sharon Rodgers and the Fudge Packers have beat the Hawks 2 out of 5 times since Russ, Sherm and Earl have been on the team. Neither of which game has even mattered or had playoff implications. Remind me again what happened in the NFC Champ game a few years back? Oh that’s right, your team epically choked. Kind of like they did last year against the Falcons too. Seattle has been to two Superbowls in the last 4 years! Greenbay hasn’t even sniffed one in 7. The only thing GB owns is a stadium that houses the fattest and ugliest fans in the league.

  5. irsaysneedle says:
    Aug 2, 2017 12:19 PM
    they could never stop the Pats in the 4th quarter anyway.
    They did it last year.

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