Titans defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau: I ain’t going to do this forever

Dick LeBeau
Getty Images

While the Titans may not be looking to the future, past this season, Dick LeBeau is. He knows the reality is he’s going to be the team’s defensive coordinator long term.

LeBeau, a Hall of Famer, turns 80 in September.

You have to be realistic,” LeBeau said, via PaulKuharsky.com. “I mean, I ain’t going to do this forever, you know? I don’t want to stay too long, let’s put it that way. Who’s to say what that is? I don’t know. I’ve got a feeling I’ll know when it happens.”

LeBeau recently shot a 66 on a North Carolina golf course and had a hole-in-one, his ninth career hole-in-one, at a course in Kentucky. His mother lived into her 90s and his father to 88.

“The aging process sucks,” LeBeau said. “There is nothing you can do about that. I don’t even think about that. I hope Mike [Mularkey] doesn’t think about that too much.”

Kuharsky suggested linebackers coach Lou Spanos, who previously worked with LeBeau when Spanos was with the Steelers from 1995-2009. Spanos got experience as a coordinator at UCLA in 2012-13.