Troy Aikman: Two games a week will be tough for Tony Romo

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Cowboys quarterback-turned-No. 1 FOX commentator Troy Aikman thinks Cowboys quarterback-turned-No. 1 CBS commentator Tony Romo has his work cut out for him this season.

Aikman noted that CBS is putting Romo on both Sunday afternoon and Thursday night duty, and Aikman said for a beginning broadcaster, that’s a lot to ask.

“The real disadvantage that Tony’s going to have is that he has two games a week to start the season off,” Aikman said on Lance Armstrong’s podcast, via the Dallas Morning News. “He’s going to be doing a game Thursday night, turning around and doing a game on Sunday night. It takes me a full week to get ready for one game. To try to do two games when you’re just learning the business that’ll be challenging.”

Aikman first worked as a broadcaster on NFL Europe games while he was still an active player, and when he started calling NFL games he was eased into it, first working lower-tier games and then working in a three-man booth before FOX eventually made Aikman and Joe Buck the top tandem. Romo is in a different situation, and Aikman thinks that will be difficult.

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  1. He’s right. But then, the current CBS NFL crew is not exactly stellar. They were better when they covered the NFC with Pat and John as the main crew and Brent, Irv, etc in the studio.

    Nantz is a golf guy and needs to stick to that.

    And the whole studio crew they have is really too many people, for one thing, and not the best analysis, for another.

  2. After playing the game for the better part of two decades, actually talking about what he is looking at does not seem all that hard to do for someone who naturally likes to talk. I don’t think fans care at all about the anecdotal garbage that prep time is spent on.

  3. I both read and heard the story: CBS Sports President Sean McManus was so impressed with Romo’s 2015 Super Bowl 10-minute-response-to-one question, he hired the guy. No test, no test games. You’re hired!

    How good is Tony gonna be? One game will expose Romo’s inexperience; two games a week is gonna embarrass Romo and when they “release” (errrrr: fire) Romo, McManus will be gone too.


  4. Rome’s going to bomb…it will be great entertainment. I say he ditches the booth during a TV timeout never to return.

  5. The executive incompetence at CBS in even putting Romo in the #1 role is astounding! Add to that that Romo has shown no signs of having the personality and disposition to carry off a role where an outgoing and engaging persona is required makes this particularly risky.

    There was no reason to rush him into the #1 role. And to Aikman’s point; even an experienced broadcaster would struggle doing two games a week.

    It’s baffling how CBS could mismanage something so bad. It’s almost as if they don’t want viewers to watch!

  6. He will throw a broadcaster pick in his most important game this season. He will be pretty good in his analysis throughout the game and then late in the fourth quarter, when Tom Brady makes a clutch pass to Gronk that scores a TD to win the game, he will refer to the great pass from Brady Quinn.

  7. Does anyone really give this much thought to announcers? If they’re truly awful it can be a little distracting, but it’s just not that big of a deal. Romo will do fine.

  8. Stupid comments error made me post twice because the first time it told me I had already posted the comment and wouldn’t post it. Rewrote and it posted both. 🤔

  9. I don’t doubt Romo could be a decent broadcaster, but I’m still very puzzled as to why they would put him in two prime time games a week right out of the gate without even seeing how he is. I’m sure he went through auditions and everything but I can’t imagine that’s anything like calling a live game.

    I don’t dislike Romo but I kind of hope he fails (at least at first) just because I think it would be fun to watch as it all unfolds.

  10. Okay, I’ll bite…why does Lance Armstrong have a podcast and why was Aikman on it? Dude was a dope fiend and fought it to the end all the while destroying little people without money or power in his path to trumpet his own cause and denials.

    I’m all for second chances but that is one guy who should go deep sea scuba diving without an oxygen tank.

    As for Troy’s comments, spot on.

  11. Anyone else thinks it laughable to think he is putting 40+ hours to talk for less than 2 hours of actual air time? All of those stats and anecdotes they regurgitate are given to them by support staff.

  12. To be a great broadcaster you do not need to be extraverted, which Romo is Not, and you do not need to be elitely smart, what you do need to be however is someone who has impeccable timing, great chemistry with your partner and someone who knows how to communicate what is happening in real time in a digestable way… I could go either way on Romo really..

  13. “Nantz is a golf guy and needs to stick to that.”

    Totally agree. And their studio show is bad. FOX’s pregame show is still good, but it was a lot better when it was the four core guys without Strahan, who adds nothing. He’s there for the NY audience, but the next insightful thing he says will be the first I’ve ever heard him say.

  14. I don’t like people that root for people to fail. So, I root for you to fail for saying that you want people to fail. I too wish that I would fail so I will be hypocrite. SAD!

  15. Troy Aikman = 7 or 8 concussions
    Tony Romo = 0 concussions

    I honestly think Romo’s eggs aren’t as scrambled and therefore he’ll be able to learn faster.

  16. I get it. Lance Armstrong cheated so he’s not allowed to have a podcast with guests like Troy Aikman on it? Don’t listen to it then. Freedom! Merica!

  17. Aikman is good but he was much better before Joe Buck turned him out.
    He used to call out BS calls by the officals
    Now he agrees with whatever the refs do.

  18. Then again, maybe Romo is smarter than Troy and is more of a natural. How about we actually let Romo to a game first before we all make up our minds how good he is or isn’t and how well he will or will not do going down the road.

  19. Aikman = Winner
    Romo = not so much

    Apples to oranges.

    Aikman won 3 Titles with Jimmy Johnsons teams. Romo got stuck with Jerrah, who isn’t even a wannabe Jimmeh.

    Its like comparing all of Belichicks disciples to Belichick himself. Pointless.

  20. Tom Brady – 97.2 career QB rating (3rd all-time)

    Tony Romo – 97.1 QB rating (4th all-time)

    Troy Aikman – 81.6 QB rating (54th all-time)

    Romo! Just terrible………………………….

  21. nhpats says:
    Aug 2, 2017 12:13 PM
    Aikman = Winner
    Romo = not so much


    Aikman- had a top 5 defense while he was winning.
    Romo- Not so much

  22. I may be wrong, but I think Romo will be okay.
    I’m just grateful to the Football gods that Phil Simms won’t be crappening up our favorite sport.
    We used to yell at the television to try to get Simms to shut up. Wrong names of players, wrong numbers, wrong descriptions of things We Were Seeing On-Screen!
    “Baw-Kawz” that was who he was: The Worst of The Worst.
    Romo could poop in the booth and it would be Fine compared to Simms.
    Still missing Ray Scott and Summerall and Madden…

  23. Aikman- had a top 5 defense while he was winning.
    Romo- Not so much

    Romo had a #1 defense one year and couldn’t do anything with it.

    That being said, ranking defense by yards allowed is stupid, until they change it to the team with most yards wins.

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