Von Miller thinks 30 sacks in a season is “definitely doable”


Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said recently that he thinks teammate Khalil Mack could get 30 sacks in a season if officials called holding “like they should.”

Mack brushed up on his pass rushing skills at a summit held by Broncos linebacker Von Miller this offseason and he was asked about the possibility of a player getting to 30 sacks in a season on Wednesday. Miller, who had a career-best 18.5 sacks in 2012, believes that it can be done.

“Thirty? I think it is [attainable],” Miller said, via the team’s website. “First off, you’ve got to come out — let me think about it. You’ve got to get 10 in that first month. You’ve got to get 10 your first month, which is doable. You get two-and-a-half, you get two-and-a-half the next game, two-and-a-half the next game after that. You might miss one game, but then you get two-and-a-half [the next game]. So then you’ve got 10 in five games right there. If you get three, two, three [in a stretch], it’s definitely doable.”

In order to pile up those numbers and eventually break the single-season sack record of 22.5 set by Michael Strahan, Miller says pass rushers have to maximize their opportunities when they get open rushes. It seems likely that opposing teams would do all they can to ensure those opportunities don’t come if a player gets off to the kind of start that Miller is talking about, but even the first part of the equation would go down as an impressive feat for Mack, Miller or any other pass rusher.

24 responses to “Von Miller thinks 30 sacks in a season is “definitely doable”

  1. Mack over Miller anyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

    Mack is excellent against the Run too, unlike Miller.

  2. I’ve seen Von Miller dominate in the biggest game there is. No way I’m taking Mack over him…and 30 is not possible. To do so, must average 2 a game and with the parity of talent and physicality in the NFL, it is not possible to do it week in and week out.

  3. Not a chance.

    Even Watt needed a 10 sack spot agasint the Jags and Titans to hit 20 and most recent big seasons hinge on piling on big numbers in empty late games.

    No team will ever be able to play enough garbage teams for 1 player to hit 30.

  4. People who say Miller isn’t good against the run clearly never watched him play. Because he is ranked top 3 against the run for his position. Seriously Mack lovers, watch some tape and not just look at the Denvers D run D ranking.

  5. if JJ watt was healthy and the team could score a lot so the other team was always passing… Even then it couldn’t be done. 30 is impossible until its not.

  6. I wonder how many times Derek Carr thinks he would be sacked in a season if officials called holding “like they should.”

  7. Von Miller carried the Broncos to a SB win dominating Brady and Cam Newton.
    Mack’s claim to fame is dominating Brock Osweiller.
    Until Mack can show he can dominate in the playoffs and carry his team to a SB win its Miller!
    Sorry Joe Galat.

  8. fatsolio says:
    Aug 2, 2017 7:15 PM
    It would be doable for one of the stars if officials actually called holding on a consistent basis.

    If officials called holding on a more consistent basis it would result in more penalties not more sacks. Offenses would still rather take the penalty and get the down back rather than the sack with the accompanying risk to the QB, possibility of a turnover, lost yards and wasted down.

  9. Not happening.

    Even if you find a way to get 20 in the first 10 games offensive coordinators are at some point going to start adjusting and throwing all kinds of help at you game after game and take their chances with one on one matchups elsewhere.

  10. The guy went from steroids to smoking crack…. Either that or he needs to be checked for CTE

  11. Myth: Miller carried the Broncos to the SB.

    Fact: The reason the Broncos got past the Patriots was Manning out playing Brady in AFCC game by scoring twice as many TDs.

  12. funny how sad and pathetic these raider haters are that they can’t even give credit where credit is do, Mack is the ONLY defensive player ever 2 make ALL PRO at 2 different positions in the same season. Keep acting like this kid isn’t the best in the league, when he is.

  13. Yah, I remember when Aldon Smith said that 50 was possible…worked out really well for him.

  14. Hilarious.. any article about Von Miller brings haters who come to say the most repetitive yet irrelevant things. The whole “Mack is better than Miller because ____” Is old. Until Mack actually accomplishes something like a playoff win then a Super Bowl, he is not on Millers level. I know he got a defensive MVP award but that gets your team nowhere. 99% of players would rather have a Super Bowl MVP award over a Defensive MVP award any day of the week.

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