Wax museum needs Tom Brady’s help to fix “creepy” statue of him

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Tom Brady apparently looks better in person than he does in a new Boston wax museum.

The Dreamland Wax Museum features a statue of Brady, according to the Associated Press, but the replica has not gone over well with Patriots fans. It has been ridiculed online, with some calling it “creepy” and no one claiming it looks anything like Brady.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the museum acknowledged the Brady replica isn’t perfect. The museum explained the statue is based on a photo rather than Brady’s actual measurements.

To that end, the museum seeks Brady’s help. It invited the Patriots quarterback to “come by and sit in for a measurement session.” Dreamland said getting the replica perfect is its top priority.

Per the Associated Press, the museum had not received a reply from Brady, and museum officials probably shouldn’t hold their breath.

The only statue Brady likely cares about being accurate is the one in Canton, and he probably won’t mind sitting for that one.

21 responses to “Wax museum needs Tom Brady’s help to fix “creepy” statue of him

  1. If they keep whoever they have doing peoples busts for Canton I imagine that the horrific wax figure they have of him will probably be better likeness

  2. Hey …… some of you Boston boys, steal the wax statue. It will be classic and they will talk about it forever. Take pics or yourselves posing with said statue, then you can post them online decades later. Well, if you don’t get caught.

  3. Brady is too focused to take time to sit while they fix an oversized candle.

    The Patriots need Brady to have a good day at the next practice. The Patriots have a game against the Chiefs on September 7th.

    Just melt it down an use the wax to make a wax replica of Roger Goodell wearing a clown nose and wearing the clown nose t-shirt. And put the thing on a cart that is portable so they can have it on the sidelines during games.

    Roger Goodell deserves it making fools believe that someone let air out of footballs and for continuing to hide the PSI information from the 2015 NFL season. (how many years does it take to type a single press release?)

  4. Brady is pretty creepy, we don’t go to his house during Halloween for trick or treating..a lot of bad things happen to kids who go his house

  5. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

    Keep in mind that there are many forms of “creepy”.

    For instance… many people would find Brady’s ability to justify constant cheating to be creepy because most people know the definition between right and wrong no matter what the situation is.

  6. should be illegal to make any likeness of the toughest player in the league out of anything soft. needs to be metal or hard rock. Brady won’t have a bust in the HOF like everyone else; he’ll get a full size statue..

  7. Technical Editing says:
    August 3, 2017 at 9:34 am

    It would look better with a statue of a smashed cell phone beside it.


    It’s also funny when people make comments where it becomes obvious that they assume that the NFL was cheated out of having smoking gun proof when Brady wiped his phone. It’s obvious that some people lack the 2 working brain cells necessary to figure out that only one phone is needed to see all the messages that were sent between 2 phones.

    When the NFL already has the 2 team owned phones along with the printed phone logs that Brady provided it means that the was no unknown information related to communication on Brady’s phone. Just personal information that the clowns were so disappointed that they would never see.

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