Belichick enjoys throwing pads at quarterbacks

During practice earlier this week, Patriots fans enjoyed watching coach Bill Belichick throw blocking pads at Tom Brady and other quarterbacks. On Thursday, Belichick was asked whether he enjoyed doing it.

“Yeah, that’s good,” he told reporters. “I mean, look, if they can’t handle it from us, they’re in a lot of trouble. They’re going to get a lot bigger, stronger, faster, more explosive guys than what we have on the coaching staff. You know, we hit the receivers with bags and try to knock the ball away from them and make them catch through contact and make the quarterbacks avoid a rush and stuff like that. Look, if they can’t handle us, it’s going to be a long year.”

Handling blocking pads thrown by the middle-aged-to-technically-elderly is a breeze for the likes of Brady and his teammates. It’s unclear how much that will help them prepare for facing the much greater challenge that will come in five weeks, when the Justin Houston, Dee Ford, and Tamba Hali will be bringing shoulder pads along with the rest of themselves after Brady, play after play after play.