Did Eddie Lacy make weight this week? No one is saying

Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy recently said his weight “is going to be where it needs to be.” For now, however, no one really knows where that is.

In the days since Lacy was reportedly due to step on a scale for the third time under a contract that pays him $55,000 for each time he complies with the goal, no one has said whether he did or didn’t comply. In contrast, his agency proclaimed success when he complied with a 255-pound target in May and a 250-pound maximum in June.

This time around, he was due to be at 250 again, after six weeks or so of being left to his own devices. But apart from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll declaring that he’s “fired up” about Lacy’s condition, no one has said whether he made weight — and neither the team nor Lacy’s agency have responded to a request for comment from PFT.

Wherever Lacy currently is, he needs to drop to 245 and remain there in September, October, November, and December to collect the final $220,000 to go along with the $110,000 he’s earned — and the $55,000 that as far as the public knows is in limbo.

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  1. Coming from a big man that means he didn’t make weight. Because every time I made weight I told everyone I knew and nobody was paying me 55,000.00 dollars to lose the weight. I know it’s not easy but I would lose the 10lbs for 55,000.00 dollars…..

  2. I work at the McDonalds around the team’s practice field…I’m guessing he didn’t….lol

  3. It’s not just 10 pounds for 55K, its 10 pounds to help you keep your career going where you make millions of $$$ per year.
    Hire a personal trainer, you only need to do so during your active career which is several more years at most.
    Pay up 100K to make a few million.

  4. He’s your problem now Seattle. All the potential in the world, but he can’t keep his weight under control. The heavier and older he gets, the slower and more injury prone he will be.

  5. I really liked Lacy with the Packers, but the frustrating thing with him was his weight. He was great within 10 yards, but on the breakaways he didn’t have it. I get it, bigger backs can be successful, but that’s going to wear on his knees and cankles. I cannot stand the Seahawks, but wish him the best…except for week 1 (and if we see you in the playoffs).

  6. I don’t mind him heavy as we need him on short yardage. Historically, some of my favorite RBs have been the big bruisers. Okoye, Alstott, Bettis, and Beast are at or near the top of my list.

  7. As a Hawks fan, I’m really not concerned with Lacy’s weight. Rawls will be our feature back, as long as he can stay healthy. Procise for third downs. That leaves Lacy as the alternate for when Rawls needs a breather. Similar to how Robert Turbin or Christine Michael were at one point for Beastmode. Give the alternate a play or two, or use them to pass-block, then go back to your workhorse. Lacy’s gone after this one year contract anyway. I believe in Rawls (please stay healthy). Go Hawks.

  8. It says everything you need to know about Eddie Lacy that the Seahawks have to pay him $55,000 every time he makes the weight they want him to be at.
    I’m a Packers fan and Lacy was one of the biggest disappointments the Packers had because he never cared enough to get himself in shape. It’s a shame because he’s a fine RB when he is in shape and healthy. The problem is, he’s hurt all the time because of his running style and his failure to get in top shape.
    The Seahawks took a chance on him and it could be a home run or it could be a strike out. I expect to see the good Lacy when he plays against the Packers in week 1 at Lambeau. He’ll be motivated to run well against them. If I lived in Green Bay, I’d order a big dinner with all the trimmings and have it sent to his hotel room before the game. That would slow him down because you just know he’d eat it.

  9. Sad.. when he is 32 and out of football he will be 350lbs.. Guarantee it.. and maybe dead at 45 at 400 lbs.. Okoye, Alstott, Bettis, and Beast.. were in shape solid .. lacy is fat..

  10. So Eddie’s built like a cabbage; what’s wrong with that? You ever been hit by a fast-moving cabbage?

    More seriously, I loved this guy with the Pack and I hope he goes on to a long and fruitful career. He’s extremely witty and he just seems like an all around good guy. From what I understand, he was probably the most popular guy in the Packers’ locker room. That never hurts.

    And yes, it’s true. “Hulk smash.” The only way I’d try to tackle Eddie Lacy would be with a pickup truck; and even that would have to be a ratty one I cared nothing about.

  11. He’ll run like hell for several games. He will get hurt. His weight will balloon. This has been his pattern with the Packers.

  12. As a CFL fan I find Eddie Lacey gritty, slick with a hound dog’s nose for the end zone. His coach asked him to play so he went out on a bad ankle against Dallas instead of resting and it cost him and the team the whole season. Despite averaging 5.1 yards a carry last year, he is labeled fat instead of spark plug, igniter or a team first player.

  13. My prediction is that Lacy wouldn’t earn his weight incentives and finish the season with under 400 yards and out of pro football.

    There is a slight chance that the Vikings might sign him given their love for ex Packers but even then my prediction of being out of pro football will still hold.

  14. He doesn’t weigh more than the Donald (236). He, he. Don’t you hate political comment in sports?
    Seriously, Wilson hired full time trainers. Lacy should peel off some for his own trainer. (Pun intended.) Maybe RW should share?

  15. I don’t get the people who think Lacy will be a good short yardage back. He never was in Green Bay. He looks like a short yardage back, but so did Jared Lorenzen.

    A good short yardage back sticks it up into the hole. Lacy likes to dance and with bad ankles,a fat ass, and no burst he is more a liability than a battering ram.

  16. My guess is that if he made weight we would be hearing about it. The fact that no one is saying is leading everyone to believe he didn’t. That’s too bad. He is a good kid but loves his food. I can associate with that myself. The big difference is that he getting $55,000, roughly a month, to maintain a relatively simple level and occasionally lose another 5 pounds, where I don’t make that in a year. If someone promised me $55,000 a month to get to 250, 245 the next month for another $55k and so on, I’d starve myself if I had to and with all the working out that he should be doing, it shouldn’t even be a issue. Too bad, I wish him well, but I will be yelling feast mode week one.

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