Dolphins await results of Tannehill MRI


They’re still holding their breath in South Florida.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins are awaiting the results of an MRI on quarterback Ryan Tannehill‘s left knee.

Per Salguero, the knee was hyperextended. He possibly has PCL damage, which could knock him out for anywhere from two to eight weeks. The nightmare scenario involves a full tear of the ACL that was partially torn when then-Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell hit Tannehill low last December.

Tannehill and the team decided that the quarterback shouldn’t have full reconstruction, with a slightly torn ACL preferable to a full-blown ACL repair. If he now needs a full-blown ACL repair, he’ll most likely be out for the entire season.

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  1. Why does something like this have to happen to a good guy when someone like, say, Bortles is out there having a pedestrian career and really wouldn’t be missed by his team if it were to happen to him?

    Asking for a friend.

  2. We are devastated.. He was scrambling from Suh on a rollout, to the right sideline during 7on7.. Watched it happen live.. Training camp is open to the public.. Didn’t look good, we can only hope for the best.. PHINS UP

  3. Went through this with Teddy last year… Nothing like season your chances drop to almost zero before the season starts… hope its not season ending.

  4. And the Patriots’s trollop through the tulips to a first round bye just got that much easier. But, then again, they do have the Bills and Jets to deal with…*queue eye roll

    On a serious note – nothing but the best wishes for a speedy recovery for Ryan. It’s always sad news to hear of injuries, for the players and for their families. Get well soon, Ryan!

  5. Tannehill seemed like he was really coming along under Gase’s system as the season progressed last year, not over thinking it or trying to play like he had to do it all himself. Let’s hope this turns out to be minor and he is back soon. Good competition makes the season more entertaining.

  6. There’s grainy video of it floating around now. He bootlegs out and up the right sideline before planting the leg funny as a defender approaches and then collapsing on the ground out of bounds. Looked like something other than a hyperextension to me. (Of course, the noted football experts at BSPN also reported that it was the fall that caused the injury and not the other way around.)

  7. Cardinals started this by injuring him last year and now they will benefit when he is out and the Dolphins call about the availability of Gabbert.

  8. Headline should read, “Media anxiously awaits MRI to write Kaepernick to Miami stories”

  9. Sadly, he’s probably screwed.

    With the knee not fixed during the offseason, I would guess that what happened today was it finally blowing out.

    Even if it DIDN’T, it showcases that the knee likely eventually will. It appears his knee is unstable.

    Whatever steps they took during the offseason didn’t work, and now this soon into the season, this happened with non-contact doesn’t bode well he can make it through the season with contact.

    The longer this goes on, the more it likely impacts the 2018 season.

  10. at a certain point, which may be now, they will realize it was a dumb move not to have a reconstruction during the offseason.

  11. Tough break for the Dolphins. Matt Moore will likely get his chance to be a full-year starter. I could be wrong, but I think DeVante Parker’s draft stock will go way down, and it will affect Ajayi negatively as well…

  12. Call Cleveland and trade for Brock. He wants to prove himself and won’t cost much. Choices are slim and with a second chance he may prove out.

  13. I hope all the best for Tannehill. Seems like a good guy.
    BRIGHTSIDE – thank the lord this could signal the end of Florio constantly weeping
    about Kaepernick not being on a team.

  14. Hope he’s not hurt bad and have a lot of sympathy for Fins fans if he is. If they have to plug in one of the available sock puppet QBs its going to be a long season down there.

  15. Vikings fan here. Brings back awful feelings for us about this time last year with Teddy going down. Hoping for the best for Ryan T and the Dolphins.

  16. I would think Kaep or maybe even cutler gets a call… or how bout the former Cowboys qb. That would be really good spot for a guy like Romo to come in for one more shot. Good talent at the skill positions and a decent offensive line. The phins have talent on d as well.

  17. You hate to see a guy go down. I’m watching a bunch of my fellow NE fans rejoice that a normally tough opponent will now be an easy out. The reality though, is that Tannehill hasn’t been the strength of this team. He’s only marginally better the Moore (who played really well in relief last season). Miami will still be tough if Ajayi is able to pick up where he left off last year and that secondary starts helping out their front seven.

  18. rowdymon says:
    August 3, 2017 at 2:42 pm
    Call Cleveland and trade for Brock. He wants to prove himself and won’t cost much. Choices are slim and with a second chance he may prove out.

    16 4 Rate This


    miami can’t carry 40 mil in qbs in one season. they wouldn’t
    be able to field a full team that way

    please learn about the salary cap

  19. Nothing worse than having your season over before it starts. What a bad break for phins fans.

  20. just a heads up to the rest of the league……when you go mouthin’ the pats …ie that Miami receiver wingnut who said they were going 2-0 against TB12 this year ….or that espn reporter who spoke lies about TB12 ….he got throat cancer …then got fired…..don’t mess with TB12….karma

  21. Florio. As the self appointed representative for the readers of PFT I would like to propose a deal.

    – If Tannehill is out for the season, the Dolphins bring in Kap and he leaves without a deal…

    – Then there will be a moratorium on all Kap reporting until 1. He is signed by an NFL team or 2. Does something football or even sports related (like an arrest or picks up baseball)

    – Your PTF readers will cease posting harassing comments directed at you for the period of 45 days

    If we no response is given we’ll assume that you accept the proposed moratorium.


  22. Tylawspick6 – Browns would cover a large portion of Brock’s salary. Brock and Gase know each other well. It will happen if Tannehill’s injury is really that bad.

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