Eagles looking for corners who can survive the slings and arrows of camp


Jim Schwartz is the defensive coordinator of the Eagles, but he might have wondered if he was actually the team’s cornerbacks coach when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday.

A transcript of the session provided by the Eagles shows that the first five questions that Schwartz fielded were about cornerbacks, which led Schwartz to quip that “we’re really staying on” that topic. Schwartz didn’t seem surprised, however, and said that “we’re sort of the same way as you guys” because they are “very interested” in what’s going on at the position.

Cornerback was identified as a potential trouble spot for the Eagles long before training camp got underway and coach Doug Pederson said the team is going to continue looking at possible additions to the position. As far as the guys that are already in Philly, Schwartz said the team is looking for the right mix of players to provide playmaking and consistency for the defense.

“We’re four days in, three days in,” Schwartz said. “We said it before. I’d love to have some continuity there. But, we also have to let it play. We have to be able to see who can survive the slings and arrows of training camp. There are going to be some situations that are bad.”

Limiting those situations to the summer would be the best-case scenario for the Eagles, but Schwartz’s comments make it clear that’s far from a sure thing.

8 responses to “Eagles looking for corners who can survive the slings and arrows of camp

  1. It may take another year to fully fix. Their draft picks will take some time to develop and a number one corner is not going to be cut from a roster in the next few weeks.

    Sidney Jones as a good chance of being a number one corner but he’s not going to be playing early this season if at all.

    Douglas may or may not turn into a quality NFL corner but it won’t be opening day.

  2. Philly should trade Marcus Johnson and a conditional pick (5th rd?) to the Chiefs for Phillip Gaines. Gaines is a solid CB2 and I don’t see them extending him after this year (And I think they have a 2/3 CBs better that are better than him right now). I’m tired of seeing the Kendricks for Fuller comments. Players on their second contracts are much more difficult to trade because of the amount of $ and the various offset languages used.

  3. They drafted Sydney Jones and Rasul Douglas but those guys are at least a year away from contributing so they just need Jalen Mills to not be terrible and find one other corner that can hold his own for this season. Patrick Robinson doesn’t look like that guy. Kyle Fuller has been a hot name. If Bears decide he’s not part of their future I think he’ll end up with the Eagles.

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